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    This topic is based on @MrRoflWaffles's interview with Jason Blundell on April 30th. In his video, Waffles asked Blundell several questions regarding Zombies from World at War to Black Ops 3 (mostly the latter) in an interesting lightning round game, where Blundell could choose to answer yes/no/pass. Most of the questions were very direct and the way Blundell reacts to them could easily determine a separate answer outside the ones he verbally says. Are there any codes/ciphers we are yet to find in Black Ops 3? Yes. Are the Origins characters human? Yes. Is the Mexican test subject's name Pablo Marinus? Yes. Do the Der Riese server passwords in Black Ops 1 terminal exist? Yes. Is Richtofen the bald man in the First Strike poster? No. Did the bald man in the First Strike poster come into contact with a radioactive beacon hence his baldness? Pass. Brock Russman? Pass. Are the alternative loading screens, such as the ones seen in DICE presentation and Comic Con trailer with the edited mail order form and Shangri-la sketches, canon? Yes. Is the Nuketown loading screen drill underwater? Pass. Have we ever played in Agartha? Pass. Are there any codes/ciphers we are yet to find in World at War? Yes. In Black Ops 1? Yes. In Black Ops 2? Yes. On January 4th, 1940, does RIchtofen teleport to Moon during the Black Ops 1 storyline for the FIRST time? Pass. Does this same date/event occur in the in Der Eisendrache's time period? Pass, and you'll never get the timeline from me. Was the Pablo mentioned in the Der Eisendrache's picture on Maxis' wall human? Yes. Is Soburo(?) Masaki Takeo's father? Pass. Does the Maxis in the Der Eisendrache universe know about the Moon base in Der Eisendrache? Yes. So there's a distinction between the knowledge of this Maxis versus the one in the Black Ops 1 story arc? Pass. Did we use the Summoning Key during the Moon easter egg? Pass. Is the Summoning Key thematically inspired by the silver egg by Kronos? Pass. Do we need to further investigate the significance of the water rocket in Shangri-la? No. Is Groph dead in the Der Eisendrache universe? Pass. Will we see more of the Ascension group? Yes. Do you take bets on how soon the easter eggs will get solved? Yes - friendly ones. Do you win often? I never won. Do the overlords mentioned by the Shadow Man control the Margwas (you can expand)? -long pause- Yes. Have we seen the full power of the Summoning Key? No. Will we see the full power of the Summoning Key? Pass. Will Dr. Monty's hidden agenda be revealed before DLC 4? Yes. Does the color of Element 115 change depending on which universe you're in? Pass. Is World War II ongoing during Der Eisendrache? Yes. Will World War II be ongoing during the duration of Black Ops 3? Pass. Are the codes in Black Ops 3 double-ciphered? Yes. Have we solved any of your hard ciphers in Black Ops 3? I don't know actually. Pass. Have we found any of your impossible ciphers in Black Ops 3? I don't know again. Do you have a way of tracking the easter egg completion and time, like a statistic? No, we have our own statistic though. Are Denizens returning in Black Ops 3? No. Did you hear about Banana Colada? Yes. Is it a silly idea? [REDACTED]
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    The latest update for BO3 is now live on Xbox one and PS4 and these are the patch notes for zombies: General Fixed a bug causing loss of functionality when activating a GobbleGum machine. Resolved a bug causing the wrong menu item to be highlighted when backing out of a Public Match Lobby as the client. Resolved a bug causing the wrong menu item to be highlighted when first entering Zombies. Resolved a freeze in Theater regarding the creation of clips that include the level shortcut event onShadows Of Evil. Addressed an issue where players would still be targeted after activating the “In Plain Sight” GobbleGum. Implemented various fixes for cases that caused a host migration to fail. Shadows of Evil Fixed a stability issue encountered while completing the Easter Egg. Removed the depletion of Beast mode during a host migration. Fixed an exploit allowing players to leave the playable space. Fixed a bug causing the Margwa to still target players in Beast mode or while using the “In Plain Sight” GobbleGum. The Giant Resolved an XP exploit regarding the Fly Trap Easter Egg. Added missing animations for Zombies that are affected by the “Pop Shocks” GobbleGum. Fixed a rare crash loading The Giant. Der Eisendrache Resolved an issue causing unsmooth movement for clients navigating while in low gravity. Fixed a rare bug regarding incorrect FX appearing on zombies while they are being consumed by the dragons. Addressed an exploit that allowed use of the Ragnarok DG-4 to avoid death during a rocket test fire. Zetsubou No Shima Resolved steaming issues on perk machines and spider web walls. Resolved a bug that prevented muting of other players on the scoreboard. Addressed several issues with spider pathing. Fixed various death barriers around the level. Fixed an exploit created by zombies getting caught on spider webs indefinitely. Resolved issues with electricity effects being stuck on a player’s screen after charging their shield with lightning. Resolved a crash that occurs when picking up the Skull of Nan Sapwe after a player had left a public game. Balanced Skull of Nan Sapwe weapon depletion and recharge rates. Fixed an issue causing the players to lose their weapons when picking up the KT-4 while using the Skull of Nan Sapwe. Fixed an issue causing the Skull of Nan Sapwe energy to deplete immediately upon activation. Resolved issue blocking players from buying perks after respawning from an imprint plant. Fixed instances of player being unable to pick up the KT-4 underwater plant ingredient. Removed exploit allowing players to jump on top of plants. Resolved an entity limit crash in split screen. Fixed an exploit allowing players to skip the Easter Egg boss battle and see the narrative in-game cutscene. DOA II Added new Create Public Game option for DOA II in the lobby. ROJ Guardian hitpoints clamped. Silverback movement speed adjustments. Speed reduced 3% Silverback more likely to use/chain special attacks. Siegechicken vehicle time out reduced from 40 to 30. Siegechicken vehicle added to Hangar bonus room. Chicken eggs health boosted. Fortitude now only gives Siege vehicles (SiegeBot and FIDO) a 1.75 time out multiplier, down from 2.0. Nuke pickup added to bonus rooms. Adjusted how enemy selects player targets. Reduced the Spider’s melee range. Reduced electric pole spawn count in a couple of arenas. Made adjustments to how electrical poles are placed and how they spread out. Be interesting to see if they have addressed the issues with the gobblegum machines in SOE, and the game crashing issue that was added to DOA2 in the last update.
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    In the most recent update, we Season Pass holders have received something special from Treyarch. The bonus includes: Black Market Bonus: ◦ 1 Weapon Bride - A Supply Drop bribe that guarentees a ranged or melee weapon ◦ Supply Drop Bundle - 10 Rare Supply Drops Dr. Monty's Factory Bonus: ◦ Liquid Divinium - 10 Vials of Liquid Divinium Also with the update comes the return of Contracts, that we previously saw in Black Ops. Completing these Contracts will yield rewards that include: a Bundle of 10 Rare Supply Drops and 1 Weapon Bride. On top of these updates, the Black Market has also been refilled with new ranged and melee weapons. These include: FFAR (FAMAS) Slash N' Burn (Axe) Skull Splitter (Melee Weapon) L4 Siege (Launcher) Several Taunts and Gestures What are your thoughts on these new updates?
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    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ndbj8s4hrfxzmts/One+in+the+Chamber.exe 1 kill = 1 bullet given in the magazine. This mod lets you choose between 8 weapons to use and you can toggle Verrukt Sprinters for added challenge. Quick revive is solo revive in this. The mod is for Der Riese only. I've seen One in the Chamber done as a competitive mode for zombies before in other mods. If you want this to be competitive, then whoever has more kills when you die wins I guess. I wanted a survival type One in the Chamber mode that mixes up the regular survival mode to make things more challenging rather than a first to so many kills wins mode. Once the weapon stops being a one shot kill things get interesting. Good luck.
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    Definitely the core mate, I've tried both on similar rounds and he dies so much quicker. Was this very recently as well or a while ago? He had much higher health for a while to begin with but one of the patches lowered his health drastically, since then I never ever fail to kill him before the trap runs out regardless of round. Also makes it ridiculously easy if you wait in the power-switch room just inside the doorway at the start of the round, then every time without fail he'll come down right next to the trap so you can run past is as he's landing and switch it on before the zombies start spawning in, always gets you nice and close as well :)
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    Update: During the live stream, devs from IW shared some info about zombies. Specifically that it's a separate universe from 3arc & SH, and that it's not connected to campaign. They also said that they love EE's, and will be incorporating them into the maps. On top of that, they have also shared the first Infinite Warfare zombies related image - which apparently is an EE towards either the first map or mode: Cheers to @BlindBusDrivr for the photo. and here is a higher def version: OP: According to CharlieIntel, Activison has confirmed that the co-op mode for Infinite Warfare will be zombies: Playstation will still be getting DLC first, so this means another year of living in the dark a month after release (at least for us xboners). Any thoughts on where IW will take zombies?
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    This thread is due for a major update since we have moved on quite a bit and I have alot more knowlegde about Nazis zombies than I did when I wrote this when I first joined... So watch this space... The Original Post:- The Locations France, Paris, the Eiffel tower As seen on the French chipboard. More experiments in a German occupied paris, perhaps a secret base under the Tower using it as the mentioned larger conduit. England, Beachy head, leading to Stone-henge as a larger conduit Maybe? Reminds me of the Flytrap. The light house in the picture on the English chipboard look a lot like Beachy head Lighthouse to me, what do you think?:- USA, Pennsylvaina The Chicora Event, Nevada, Area 51/Groomlake Millitary facility The Chicora In 1938 scores of eyewitnesses observed a huge fireball streaking over western Pennsylvania and making an explosive roar. This meteorite may have struck a cow as it fell into a field. The original meteor, before partially disintegrating, may have weighed 510 tons! Possiably containing the element 115 which the US government promptly moved to the Groomlake site, as stated in the radio transmission in Der Reise. The Germans no doubt had agents in the USA, as the radio clearly tells us in Der Reise, plus the Germans weren't afraid to venture into enemy territory, think Indiana Jones crystal skulls and how the Russians aggressivley invaded the Nevada facilty for the Alien corpse, put those soldiers in Nazi ss uniforms and hey, presto one step closer to nazi zombies in Groomlake, which of course later became what conspiracy theorists call Area 51. Russia, Tunguska Very similar event to that of the Shin no numa meteor, and the date referring to another event again very similar in Pennsylvaina USA, The Chicora In 1938. The Tunguska Event, or Tunguska explosion, was a powerful explosion that occurred not far from the Podkamennaya Lower Stony Tunguska River in what is now Krasnoyarsk Krai in Russia, at 0 hours 13 minutes 35 seconds Greenwich Mean Time around 07:14 local time on June 30, 1908! It is commonly believed to have been caused by the air burst of a large meteoroid or comet fragment at an altitude of 5–10 kilometres (3.1–6.2 mi) above the Earth's surface. Different studies have yielded varying estimates of the object's size, with general agreement that it was a few tens of metres across. Possiably containing the element 115 which the Russian government promptly moved to a unknown Millitary base. More reseach is need to pin point the Russian facillity. Unknown Location, Group 935 Facility Illuminati base, NeuSchwabanland, Antarctic Maybe? This is my weakest theory regarding Group 936, can't remember where I saw or heard this part, but I'm 100% sure I did hear about Group 936, I think it was in Illuminati code, and said something along the lines of "Group936 must not be exposed, at all costs" can anyone confirm this line? Group 935 is based at Der Reise which we know, however I believe the 935 project split into two separate Groups, 935 focused on getting the Vril working, and a by product of these experiments was the zombie outbreak, any reseacher or general would see this side effect as a potential weapon, a fire and forget weapon that you drop over enemy lines to annihilate the local population with minor infastructer damage. This is where Experiment 935 starts to go wrong as we have witnessed in Der Reise. However where did the Vril craft go? My best guess is they relocated to the Antarctic Nazi base, NeuSchwabanland. Please read up on this as it was very real indeed, the Americans sent a massive fleet to this base only to be turn back in a most humilliating fashion, the whole thing smells like a cover up, do your home work and you will see as I see. Germany,Uranverein Facility The German nuclear energy project in Nazi Germany, informally known as the Uranverein (Uranium Club), began in April 1939, just months after the discovery of nuclear fission in January 1939. The first effort ended in months, but the second effort began under the auspices of the German Army Ordnance Office on the day World War II began, 1 September 1939. The program eventually expanded into the following main efforts: the Uranmaschine (nuclear reactor), uranium and heavy water production, and uranium isotope separation. The zenith of the effort came when it was realized that nuclear fission would not contribute significantly to ending the war. In January 1942, the Army Ordnance Office turned the program over to the Reich Research Council, but continued to fund the program. At this time, the program split up between nine major institutes where the directors dominated the research and set their own objectives. At that time, the number of scientists working on applied nuclear fission began to diminish, with many applying their talents to more pressing war-time demands. The most influential people in the Uranverein were Kurt Diebner, Abraham Esau, Walther Gerlach, and Erich Schumann; Schumann was one of the most powerful and influential physicists in Germany. Diebner, throughout the life of the nuclear energy project, had more control over nuclear fission research than did Walther Bothe, Klaus Clusius, Otto Hahn, Paul Harteck, or Werner Heisenberg. Abraham Esau was appointed as Hermann Göring’s plenipotentiary for nuclear physics research in December 1942; Walther Gerlach succeeded him in December 1943. Politicization of the German academia under the National Socialist regime had driven many physicists and mathematicians out of Germany as early as 1933. Those of Jewish heritage who did not leave were quickly purged from German institutions, further decimating the academia. The politicization and purges, along with the demands for armed manpower, in time would all but eliminate a generation of physicists. At the end of the war, the Allied powers competed to obtain surviving components of the nuclear industry (personnel, facilities, and materiel), as they did with the V-2 program. Near Belarus, Ludwigsdorf village Evidence:- German corkboard top left corner. News paper cliping text translated "Die Bienen sind von ludwigsdorf verschwunden" To "The bees disappeared from Ludwig village" Ludwig is Maxis's forename as seen on the name plate near the bloody teddy paw print in Z-C. Coincidence? Perhaps, or maybe theres more to it. Research on the location also reveals a possiable concentration camp near by. Maybe Maxis had other facilities with Teleporters for Human testing not to far away? Makes you wonder what else he was up to. Something bad always happens if the Bees start disappearing. The castle 0f Wewelsburg 1603, a Renaissance castle located in the northwest of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Linked to GKNOVA6. More info will be added as it is discovered. Summary:- Ask yourself this, How many zombie outbreaks of this nature have been contained? I leave it to you to decide if what I have said here has any merit. Helpful hints, Ideas & correction to the information here is most welcome and will be added and adjusted as and when I see it. Thanks again for taking the time to read & respond here. Regards Snake.
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    Haha, my first thread. Awesome. Regards Alpha.

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