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    Chopper's Solo guide to SOE Rough video covering the first 8 rounds for @MixMasterNut Mix I'm sorry this is the best I could do! I've had to do it all over Teamviewer and it's not much fun editing a 30 minute video like that! Hope you enjoy the music, I was testing most of it for later videos. Hey guys, long time since I've had a chance to do this. I've been loving Shadow's of Evil. It's like a cross between Origins and MOTD, and working out Origins was one of my favourite things in the whole of zombies. Most of what you see in here might be common knowledge or parts can be found elsewhere, but I have a very particular way of starting this map after working out the best possible way to avoid too much tracking back and to have something repeatably consistent. Goals - round 20 (maybe 25) Completed and upgraded sword. Completed wonderweapon. Completed shield. Jugg, Quick Revive, Stamina, Mule Kick. Wonder Weapon, Ray Gun, Inferno + Blast Furnace. Setup for round 50 and above attempt. Repeatable strategy minimising backtracking and aimless wandering around. Everything you do has a clear goal and order. This might be anal, but on a map like this getting distracted can cost 15 minutes. That's all well and good when you are playing casually, but if you want to do a serious run there's a lot to do first and I find frustration leads to mistakes, which leads to game overs. Excluded Civil Protector. Activating Speed Cola and Double Tap perk. These things are easy to get later, getting the civil protector messes up a brilliant early round camping spot and the perks are completely useless for my strategy. Problems Everything on this map is a problem. No map prior to this has been as easy to go down on. Truly, I have never gone down as much as at the start of this one to single zombies. They are brutally fast once they start hitting you, and the stun affect you get from being hit seems to have been tweaked to really slow you down, and makes escaping sometimes almost impossible. I've gone down to Witches doing rituals, walking zombies whilst trying to kill Margwa; it's tough. Terms I don't know the correct names for most things, so I call them what makes sense to me. Witches - the keepers where you perform the rituals, and the guys that spawn after you pick something up. Margwa - pretty sure this is right. Balls - self explanatory. Flies - as above. Possibilities and limits You start with 3 beast modes, and get one additional per round. Unless I have missed something stupid, you can't hold more than 4. This is somewhat unfortunate as you can't stay in the spawn until round 3, taking advantage of the free double points and the drop that comes at the start of round 3. A lot of my time was spent messing around with this, and trying to decide what's best overall. There is a clear best location for Jugg, and for any serious attempt to get to 50 or above, it's incredibly important that it's in that spot. It makes a down on 50 a simple recover, compared to a shitfuck no jugg hoard up, in a damn tight area. 6 minimum beast modes required to get PAP open and the sword able to be started. Jugg would be included if it spawns at Waterworks. 7/8 beast modes required to guarantee Jugg in my location. Depends on skill level in beast, I need 8 but am working on the last one :) 9 beast modes required to access everything on the map. Locations It's hard to describe some of the areas on the map, and took me a while to get my head around. I class the map as having 10 distinct areas. 6 of those areas are the 3 districts split into 2. Each district has 2 loops within it, 1 loop per area. 1 area is spawn, 1 area is the rift and 1 area is PAP. The last is the junction. Spawn and ritual area 1. Junction - the area outside of spawn which leads to the 3 districts and down to the rift by stamina. Canals - Sewers. From Junction door, to doors leading to Hotel and train station. Canals - Hotel. Footlight - Drop off. Area from Junction to door leading to Parking Lot. Called Drop off as the perk machine has a brilliant drop off. Footlight - Garage. Area past the Drop off, cars everywhere. Waterfront - Red Room. I named this due to the red room which is behind the perk machine. This room also contains a statue. Waterfront - Gym. Once past the gate and heading down from the Beast mode on a table, I call it the gym. Rift - the rift. PAP - where PAP is. I'll cover these in more detail later. The gist is that the 3 districts are split by doors that can be opened and define the areas. Junction, spawn, The Rift and PAP are self explanatory. The guide This guide assumes some basic knowledge of the map, the beast locations and things to get done. You really need to maximise beast modes where possible. The downfall to not doing this is losing rounds and things becoming harder to do. The first 3 rounds are pretty much stab only. As they are all walking on these rounds it's not a problem. You also have perma Jugg. With the new knifing improvements you can avoid all drops by pulling back as you knife. You should do this ;) Round 1 The only way I start is by restarting until Jugg is in the Footlight district. As soon as the round starts I sprint to see if that location is Red after opening the spawn door. In an ideal world a max ammo would also be the hidden drop in the spawn room. For 100 I'd say that's essential too. Knife 5 zombies, leaving one. Beast mode 1 - Take the beast mode in the spawn and activate the following. Drop in spawn. Quick Revive. Ball in Spawn. Electricity meter straight ahead out of spawn for the pen. Grapple up above spawn, and sprint round to activate the first ritual door Pick up ball and pen, knife the keepers that appear. Pay attention to these! Perform ritual behind/above spawn. This gets you 500 points, which are important. You should have 1150 points now, open to first door to Footlight district. Beast mode 2 - Take the beast mode just as you enter the area and go round the first corner. Smash the crate holding the statue. Grapple above just past the crate. Run to the drop off and jump across to smash the little crate holding the ritual item. Jump back across and activate the Jugg machine. Activate the Jugg door. End the round standing by Jugg machine. Collect Ritual part. Collect Shield part. That's a lot to do in round 1. In the early rounds the more you can do, the better in beast modes. It can be very easy to end rounds by accident, and quickly you can waste beast modes and be getting on higher rounds than you are strictly comfortable on with the current setup. This leads to mistakes, which lead to GAME OVERS! I find a lot of this map is managing frustration, especially when you are learning it. Round 2/3 (sometimes round 4) At the start of round 2, you are going to have around 300 points or so, plus 2 beast modes. I am lumping these 2/3 rounds together because what you do is dependent on what drops you get, and how you feel. I lump it potentially to round 4 because you can play 2, 3 and 4 however you like and not waste any beast modes. Goals by end of round 4 Jugg and Vesper. Rift open from Footlight - Drop Off. 2 rituals completed and first Margwa defeated with Margwa Heart. 1 shield part. Stamina available (and possibly purchased) How I've been kinda doing it :) Round 2 Stab 7 zombies Open door to Footlight - Garage Beast mode 3 - Activate Beast Mode in middle of the cars. Grabble above Burlesque lounge Electric box to open lounge Jump off and sprint towards spawn Smash open Rift door in Footlight - Dropoff Shock and activate Stamina Tips Practise these 2 beast modes. They aren't too hard and make things much easier. There are 3 so far, and all can be attempted or trialed on round 2 (first 2) or round 3 (lounge and stamina) if necessary. To try the 3rd one you need to have completed the first ritual or used a *2 - you need to have gained 2750 points total to access the last one. If you stab all zombies on 1 and 2, plus board all windows you will have 2540 points. Some shooting in legs can take care of the extras but the starting pistol is damn powerful and easy to kill them with. If having trouble with stamina one, don't worry about it, same for the rift. Round 3/4 There are a few ways to chill in the Footlight district - I like by the perk machine and by the statue. Round 3 are all walkers, so stab away like crazy. Round 4 you will want either Jugg or the Vesper first. Are you more confident in your shooting or movement and 'zombie awareness'? I personally take Jugg first, as I'm comfortable shooting a few bullets in the head, and stabbing the runners on round 4. I prefer getting the Vesper 2nd too as the more ammo you have in it, the better. Before ending round 4 you need to have gained 3750 points over rounds 3 and 4 to have both of these. It shouldn't be too much of a problem, just make sure when you stab zombies to pull away from the drop. End round 4 Keep a zombie or 2, preferably undamaged entirely. It makes the next part easier. Go to the lounge and perform the ritual. Be prepared as a Margwa is going to rock up now. The reason I like buying the Vesper after Jugg, is then I will likely have more ammo in it which is nice for the next part. When you finish the ritual the zombies will respawn - it's great to get a crawler before Margwa arrives. Sometimes the zombies are slow enough that you can take out an eye before they appear. The idea is to have him sprinting around so you can gain distance from him, and he can get distance from zombies. With a crawler, this isn't such a problem but with a runner it's more difficult. What I tend to do is run around the lounge, using the stairs to create a basic loop. Eventually you will have a clear shot at him with the zombie behind you, get that first eye done when you can and then he is sprinting. Once he gets his jog on, basically run away from him towards spawn. Keep turning around with some distance to him and using patience he really is no problem. I like to take out the flies immediately on destroying an eye, as they are a nuisance. You will be on 3 beasts at the end of round 4 doing it this way. Extra for round 4 If after doing this you have 1000 points to spare, open the Waterfront. All the next steps are planned to be in the PAP area at the end of round 7. Depending on games they maybe done at slightly different times or rounds, but with careful consideration they can all be done by then. Round 5/6/7 One of these rounds will be a flying boss round. I don't like doing things with the flies, as they tend to die when you perform rituals. I also find them incredibly irritating, without being dangerous. If I do things on these rounds, it's generally going to be at the start of the round. Goals by end of round 7 PAP open Sword rituals made ready - Egg collected Entire map open excluding train station areas from perk locations I'll list an example of what I do on what rounds, but it maybe different depending on points, your preference and when the fly rounds is. Round 5 You need to use a beast mode to not waste one. Have opened Waterfront - red room - 1000. Beast mode 4 - Enter beast mode at entrance. Grapple above perk machine area. Zap perk machine. Sprint past perk machine and smash open crate in red room containing statue. 180 turn, sprint back past the perk machine and go straight ahead and zap gate opening the perk machine. End the round if it's flies, try to perform some of the round 6 stuff if it's not. Pick up shield part. Round 6 Open Waterfront - Gym - 1250. Beast mode 5 - use beast mode on table above that gate you just opened. Grapple straight opposite Beast mode. Grapple again opposite where you land. Knock the crate off containing the belt. Jump from this location back to the table where you got beast mode. Sprint past this table, and down towards the gym Turn left at the bottom and smash the door to the gym open. Perform gym ritual. You now need to consider where you are at. If round 6 was the flies, consider leaving the Gym ritual until round 7. Doing the ritual with flies can end rounds, which is really bad :) Next steps - some during 6 if possible, otherwise during 7 Take train from Waterfront to Footlight (have left 1 zombie!) Look out of the right hand window, you will collect the first 2 red symbols. I've been pausing and writing them down. Arrive at Footlight, the majority of the time there will be a zombie spawning behind a window. Keep him there to wait for the train to recharge. Take the train towards canal when ready. Look out of the right hand window and towards the end of the journey you will get a 3rd symbol. Arrive at canals, in an enclosed area. If you have the money, open the 1250 door too. Beast mode 6 - go into beast mode by the big crate containing the statue. Smash the crate Run around to the front of the Hotel (the pink room area, think it's a hotel?) Grabble above the hotel, drop down, turn left, down the stairs, zap the gate open. If you are a hero, and have opened the 1250 gate it's possible to open the next perk location and activate the machine. I always get the machine, almost never get the door open. You only need it for the shield playing my way, and you can buy your way to it from the train station anyway. Open the 1250 door from Canals - Hotel to Canals - Sewer. Beast mode 7 - Take beast mode right next to the entrance to the Sewers from Spawn. Run towards the hotel and when you go through the arch drop down to the left. Smash open grate/crate for the ritual key. Smash open rift area Continue forward and head to the right on the fork. Past the stairs, there is the electric box to open the grate to access the ritual key. Collect key from sewer and go to the hotel to perform ritual. Defeat Margwa in the same way you did earlier. Enter the rift from the sewers. Beast mode 8 - take beast mode in the rift right next to the wall with the sword symbols. Smash crate. Enter symbols. Zap Widow's Wine. Zap Mule Kick. Zap open door above Mule Kick leading to Stamina. Open PAP door. Place all 4 worms. Start PAP ritual. Kill Margwa. Good to disco! So we could in theory have a very good game from here. PAP is available as is the rift for training. What I now tend to do is just chill in the rift for 4 or 5 rounds, building some points, waiting for the pods to bloom and preparing for what's next. To complete the swords it's ideal to have the wonder weapon with you. Training the rift It's tough to describe what to do in here tbh. When you have lots of zombie experience, it's a fairly straightforward area with 2 ways to run. My preferred method is to just circle infront of the eggs. I'm comfortable doing this but there is definitely some more advanced hoarding required. There are some blindish turns required, and a lot of direction changes. The idea is to get an entire hoard and then take them out with the trusty Vesper. Once this gun is PAPed, it becomes ridiculous. The alternate method which is used when the Margwa is around is to run a clockwise circle around the entire rift area, excluding PAP. Again, this does require a bit of dodging and has some tight spots through some of the tubes but with a little practise it's manageable. For right now I'm going to leave this guide as it is. I have been working on later gameplay and am still tweaking parts of it. I will include a video of me playing to round 12 or so for anyone interested in wasting 25 minutes or so of your life. I wish I was better at formatting so this looked a little nicer. I believe all the information is pretty concise, and lays out a map and path to be able to get to PAP without too much hassle. I'm 99% certain that that is the majority of people's issues, how to actually get going on the map! When it takes a good 20 minutes to get going, it's incredibly frustrating to either waste time or keep going down trying to do things at the wrong time. I hope this helps. Cheers, Chopper
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    I think it was just a bit jarring to have all these characters on the map that speak a lot suddenly turn silent as soon as really interesting things happen, do these characters really have nothing to say while they are seeing ghosts with swords, fighting a tentacle man in a suit and killing a giant worm with a train? And the only things that were really solved before release were the pap and swords which I don't think should count as easter egg steps really, looking at origins step 1 is getting and upgrading the staffs which is way harder than getting and upgrading the swords and then origins went on to have 7 more steps while shadows had 2 more after that point It all just feels off and not as good as some of their other work and it's made worse by treyarch promising so much from it
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    Haha trust me, the Vril-ya and Hollow Earth stuff is very much in play. Ever since Der Riese!
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    I think it's clear that sometimes a star studded cast is not the best option. Chances are, they did all the mo cap and recording vocals long before they had the map finished, and the Easter egg steps fully fleshed out. The price of getting the actors back in the studio was not feasible, hence the jarring silence @LiamFTWinter was talking about. Also that Destiny reference is spot on, "I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain". Please, the Richtofen I know had just as much on the line, and not only had time to explain - but also make recordings of himself explaining! And talking about monkeys stealing spleens! We've waited 3 years, and to be honest I'm satisfied with what I've learned from the excellent Giant radios. But to be tempted with such potential, I can only hope there is more. Unless we are waiting again until DLC 1.
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    this easter egg was easily the most disappointing ever no quotes from any character once you've opened the pack a punch not even the playables, we get an interesting character like the shadow man and he stops talking once you activate the easter egg nothing to really figure out, it was all just trial and error and making the game harder rather than actually solving anything, keep in mind we were on the final step on day 1 and the only reason it took us until now to solve this step is because there was no direction in anything we had to do, no riddles, no quotes, nothing 4 steps total and 2 of them were charging an egg in the most simple ways possible wasn't this supposed to be the biggest easter egg ever? what happened? and then the ending gives us something destiny got a lot of heat for by giving us the "I have no time to explain" excuse, where did the story progression go? this and the giant both felt underwhelming with easter eggs and they both felt like ways to set up DLC
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    It's a shame-today, to avoid spoilers, you literally have to go dark. Watching NGT last night, it was irritating all the people who were trying to exploit to tell the team what they didn't want to be told. It's like people think that, regardless of what means they utilized to garner their knowledge, they have the one-up on you because they know it and you don't because you are trying to get what you paid for out of the game, and attempting to enjoy what was created for you, and each other loyal fan. Also, the people who spread secrets and as much info as they possibly can before anyone else like they will be recognized for it. Why is it so hard for people to just enjoy the game and the teamwork the way it was meant to be? It's always been about figgering out the riddles. That's the beauty of it. okay, getting off my soapbox now.
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    Hey guys, Tac here, and this is a thread about the new Black Ops III terminal, Omnipedia. I've spent a lot of time in the terminal and am here to not only present my current findings, but ask the community for their findings or ideas on what to do! Be mindful that if I have any orange text inside a quote describing a file, it's my own doing, not the terminals. Introduction To access this feature, you must complete the first two or three missions in the campaign (can't remember which), and it's known as the Data Vault. You'll enter the Codex and see the following home page (because of scrolling, I've had to photoshop the two images together): First and foremost, you must understand the controls. You cannot click anything other than the links provided to you in a given post. The link that you're in the vicinity of will show as orange, whereas the others will be blue. The search bar at the top? Can't use it, unfortunately. I stumbled upon a blog ran by a woman named Tara, who focuses on technology. She had the following two blog posts that contained the words zombies, though I don't think much can be drawn from them: After each mission in the campaign, I went to the terminal to see if I may have unlocked something and I hadn't. Then, during a mission, I picked up a collectible (think 'intel' from other games, except they're objects, such as vases). I went back to Omnipedia and noticed that these collectibles are stored in what's known as your bookmarks, which you can access through hitting your right bumper. Each collectible can be about anything and everything, from an Egyptian hat to a bottle of alcohol. Here's an image of what the bookmarks look like (bottom third of page): *POTENTIAL CAMPAIGN SPOILERS* I completed the campaign and it unlocked a few more bookmarks, one of which was a dossier on a character from the campaign: . Nova 6 - Extensive Research Memo 1 . Nova 6 - Extensive Research Memo 2 . Nova 6 - Nova 6 and MK Research 1 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ To: Branch Chief Philip Cox [DoS&T] Per my request, can you have your team pull the reference files below related to the Nova 6 special research project? . Ref file 589201 . Ref file 572818 . Ref file 898223 . Ref file 098421 . Ref file 372891 /*POTENTIAL CAMPAIGN SPOILERS* After this, however, I found something that everyone should agree is of value. In the very first image of this post, I'm hovering near "Data-scrape of the week" and upon entrance, things get interesting. It shows what appears to be a forum named "Fortean News Network" (Fortean meaning "of, relating to, or denoting paranormal phenomena") and while I originally saw the binary in the header, it wasn't until @BlindBusDrivr started talking about it that I figured I'd translate it: The first line obviously can be comprehended, but the rest is.. Nonsense. I don't know much about ciphers so I won't make any comments about that, but perhaps it's something to look into. Additionally, I added all the code together into one long string and translated it (for fun, because I don't think it's actually one string) and that is what the bottom line is. Now, onto the actual content! There is a post by a user named Thread Count (his only post, actually). The post itself isn't too interesting but if you go to his profile, it says his location is "New York City, United States" and his bio says "I lurk in the shadows." Also in his bio are two links, one of which is titled "The Truth Depot." When one opens up this "Truth Depot," they're presented with plenty of entries regarding the CIA. However, in the comments, one "ElGiganteX4" (which is literally "The Giant" in Spanish, mind you) posted the following: When one clicks on the link, the following pops up: For some background, "Druon or Druon Antigoon (xx_DA_xx) is an underground Belgium based hacker collective that was formed around 2030." When you click the link, it takes you to a page that says the following: Obviously, very interesting stuff there! But it gets better. Going into the leak they gave yields the following page: Now, for those of you wishing to look into these numbers, I don't believe they are anything substantially important. In the terminal, it says that Druon "sprang into notoriety in 2037 when they leaked information stolen from the CDP's central databases showing that they were dealing with the NRC several years before the NRC became signatories of that Mutual Defense Pact." In an email dated February 12, 2037, a CDP Lieutenant sent an NRC General an email saying to "expect transfer of 1.4B KES to account #090501090603." Obviously, same numbers, so I believe that they are related to Druon's leaking of this information rather than anything about Zombies. Of course, I could always be wrong. One could easily ask why, six years prior to that email, Druon would have that number. Additionally, if one turns those numbers into coordinates, they get two African countries (Nigeria for North/East and Guinea for North/West), which is peculiar because the NRC stands the Nile River Coalition and the payment was in KES, or Kenyan Schillings. Possible Buried connection in some distant, weird way? Therefore, it's always possible it has to do with zombies, but as of now, I'm going to say no. EDIT: @Rissole25 informed me that if you take away all zeros in the numbers, you're left with 951963, which is also the birth date of one Raul Menendez (September 5, 1963). As the founder of Cordis Die, a group that Druon clearly admires, it's very possible they'd make reference to him. However, seeing as his birth date has come and gone, it's uncertain exactly how Druon could be 'joined' on those numbers. Now, lastly, I was informed today that there is something secret about the terminal. In the top left hand corner of the data vault is a rotating S, and when resting on it, hold all shoulder buttons and then press Square then Triangle (PS4) or X then Y (XB1), which will unlock the following menu: Credit goes to Ron_Scottznbrgr on /r/codzombies for posting about it. Now, you may not enter a code over 9 digits long (starting at 10, it freezes up). Having verified it myself, the term MANIFEST has been used and worked to get a large amount of Fabrication Kits in the campaign. However, it doesn't appear that there is ever an indication that you entered a correct code, so that certainly makes things interesting! I've entered loads of zombies codes and nothing appears to have changed in Omnipedia, but I'll keep you updated with what's new!
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    I find the lack of EE discussion, most disturbing. But anyways, I figured I'd post up the steps to the EE this far. 1) Collect the summoning key in spawn by breaking the marked box while in Curse mode. It is on the back of the truck next to the power meter. 2) Retrieve each special item and perform a ritual in areas closed off by the electrical staircases. The item locations are as follows: - Lawyer pen in the middle section of the map How to obtain: - Deputy badge in the Canals How to obtain: - Hairpiece in the Footlight District alley How to obtain: - Boxing belt in the Docks alley How to obtain: * Practice this step several times. The goal is to open up every single thing you can, namely the Cthulhu statues. You thank me later for doing this early on. The ritual sites are at the furthest section of each area. You must go into Beast mode, find a place to grapple somewhere, and follow each unique path until you can charge the volt meter to open the staircase. [Note: the only section that does not require grappling to access the ritual area is the boxing gym, as it only requires you break the door.] 3) Activate the rituals with the correct item and survive long enough until the sacrifice is done. You do not need to kill the Gatekeepers. 4) Take the gateworm. Once all four have been obtained, use the rift (portal inside marked walls) to go into the subway. A wall should be opened up opposite of the Mystery Box spawn and lead you to an open, red room. This is the Pack-a-Punch room. 5) Place two gateworms on the front sides of the room. Then wall run on the sides of the room to get across, placing the last two worms on the newly formed ledge. 6) Activate the table in front of the room and survive until the event is complete. Much like the ritual step, just run around avoiding enemy contact. Once completed, you will see the Shadow Man in his true form. * All of this can be completed as early as Round 3. You will want to act efficiently and quickly to make the Easter Egg significantly easier as you progress. Obtaining the Ancient Swords 7) To progress further into the Easter Egg, you will need the ancient swords. Start by taking the train from the Docks to the Footlight District. If you are facing the direction of which the train is going, go to the right windows and look out them the ENTIRE train ride. You will see two glimpses of cuneiform code glowing red inside the building windows. These can easily be missed so be sure to jot them down (as the images change per game, but not the locations). There are a total of 2 on this ride. After you found those, take the train from the Footlight District to the Canals, following the same procedure. This time, only one cuneiform symbol will be seen. You should have all three symbols in the correct order. 8) Go down into the subway and activate Beast Mode right next to the Mystery Box spawn. Here you will see the blank arced door now displaying several red cuneiform symbols. Accurately zap each character you found in the correct order to access the hidden sword room. 9) In regular form, take the egg from the sword holsters. You must now charge the egg four times in four different locations by killing zombies. Remember those Cthulhu statues? There's a reason why you broke them; the egg must be placed on each statue and obtain 10 zombies per section. The locations for the statues are in the same areas where you obtained the ritual items. The egg will glow once it's done on each statue. 10) Once the egg has been charged fully, take the egg back to the sword holster in the subway. Obtain your sword. 11) But we're not done yet - now you need to upgrade your sword. In order to do that, you must go to your character's ritual table. Here you will see a spectral Gatekeeper who offers you another egg. There are four glittering red circles around the map that you probably saw after completing the previous Shadow Man step. Simple drop the egg on the red circle and kill the Margwas that spawn. You must do this once per round at each location. 12) Once each spot has been handled, go back to your character's ritual table and the spectral will finally give you the upgraded ancient sword. Enjoy. Finishing the Easter Egg 13) Go into Nero's apartment and along the front left-side bookcase you will see a book on the floor. Hold the action button and you should see it begin floating in air. 14) Back into the subway, you will see a misty flag. Pick it up and the round will suddenly change into a meatball/insect round. With the flag, you must go to each area of the map and place down the flag a total of two times. When placed, the Shadow Man will appear three times as the other enemies [no zombies] try to destroy the flag. The best solution to making this step easy as cake is to call out the Civil Protector. It will do a hella dank job protecting the flag while you focus on stopping Shadow Man from putting a spell on it. The flag will stop charging when a "ding" is heard and it starts pulsating red. Do this an additional time at the nearest location while collecting a Max Ammo for each successful charge. When fully charged, take the flag back to each character's ritual spawn and the spectral will take the flag, thus becoming a full-fledged Gatekeeper. Repeat this a total of four times, once per round. I strongly suggest doing this step at the end of every round to avoid spawning in too many zombies. Additionally, let the Civil Protector break down before you take the flag back or else it will destroy the leftover zombies. The Margwa gun helps greatly during this step, and the Ray Gun is a must-have to get rid of the Shadow Man here and later on. 15) With all four Gatekeepers finally active, make your way back into the subway. Before heading into the Pack-a-Punch room, make sure you're heavily equipped with a good arsenal, the Zombie Shield, and something from the Gobblegum machine to further protect you (invisibility for 10 seconds is such a lifesaver). Awake all four Gatekeepers as quickly as possible to begin the next step. (If you don't do this quick enough, Shadow Man will lay a spell and put all the Gatekeepers back to sleep.) 16) If all four Gatekeepers are awake in time, they will destroy the Shadow Man's shield, making him vulnerable. If you have the Ray Gun, it will make this following process easier. Shoot the Shadow Man, and keep an eye out where he will spawn next. He tends to zip side to side, with each teleportation giving you less time to shoot him. Eventually he will back into the front of the room and above the ritual table. Activate the ritual, which kills Shadow Man and absorbs him into the Summoning Orb. 17) At this point, a giant gateworm will appear on top of the ritual table before vanishing. Here you will find yourself in unlimited Beast mode [note: if you are not then you must continuously pass through white mists scattered across the map to stay alive]. In the Junction - which is the middle of the map - you will see the giant gateworm hovering where the crane is alongside four Keppers. Each player must go to the three stain stations and shock the power box that may be located at the top of the roof before entering the rail car. If done correctly, you will notice the track glowing blue meaning it's been electrified. Do this for all three stations at the Waterfront, Footlight, and Canal Districts. Once all three are power, active the train to pass through the Junction. Either run back to the Junction or have someone there ready to shock the 3 Keepers who seem to be in a sleeping state. Once the rail car hits the giant gateworm (or immediately prior to it) the Keepers must be shocked. After they have awakened they will do their ever-so-popular magic trick and the Easter Egg will be completed.
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    Character Quotes Dr. Edward Richtofen ================================= 'Tank' Dempsey ================================= Nikolai Belinski ================================= Takeo Masaki ================================= Radio Transmissions
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    Nobody has tried to play this game ? Without considering the gameplay. After "nazi_zombie_factory" and "zombie_cod5_factory" it's "zm_factory". This added to the wall and another. This on two others walls. Teddy Bear The "hanging man" has no longer the Illuminati texts beside him. Text added above the Maxis office. There appears to be a logo. This text is no longer in the same place and there are many blended human footprints. This year in real life, someone discovered a nazi train full of gold near Breslau(now Wrocław). The blackboard is a better quality, but it has changed. There are still several things removed, replaced or added.
  11. 1 point
    I doubt the Margwa masks are anything more than cosmetic, same with the silly and pointless donut tripmines. As for the Giant EE, there is already 2 small ones that offer side quest style rewards and with no first step in sight I cannot see there being a proper EE on The Giant to be honest. I always assumed it would be us waking the test subjects but I have seen nothing in-game that could start the process and no narrative from any of the characters suggesting we need to hurry and do so. On the topic of the SoE EE. I have several issues with it. First one being that it seems to be 4 players only. Why are we going down this road again Treyarch? After MotD and Origins I was hoping to see the end of these ridiculous 4 player EE's, and with Mob being possible with 2 players and Origins solo I had high hopes the campaign team were going to seriously deliver this time around but no, here we go again with the ridiculous player capping. I doubt I will ever do this EE more than one time despite the semi-decent reward because I don't play 4 player games very often. My second issue with it is the fact that the campaign team have literally just reused all the mechanics from MotD and Origins again. Is this the new EE trend? Killing zombies in multiple spots around the map with a little bit of trial and error thrown into the mix? More stupid steps that don't make sense and are not story driven? If this is going to be how EE's are throughout all the maps then this season is going to be just as bad as the BO2 season was. Stop making us fucking kill zombies in EE's steps. We do the side quests to get away from the killing them so why are you so lazy as to lack the imagination or creativity to make steps that don't require a zombie soul to power some random, stupid bloody artifact!?! Did the people who made all these artifacts back on ye olden times not figure out another method of powering mystical objects outwith using the souls of the undead? Jesus Christ... My last issue is the swords. They are absolutely terrible. Never try using one is higher rounds unless you can't be bothered playing anymore because it's ultimately going to cost you your game. I loved the idea of them before the map came out but having actually had a chance to properly mess with them I can safely day I doubt anyone will ever seriously use them in a high round game. All this aside I love the map. Easily one of the best zombie maps to date. Great visuals, brilliant atmosphere, fitting music and ambience. It's a fantastic map to get us started with only let down by the horrifically bad EE and rubbish sword. Also not a fan of the bizarre second PaP features. WTF are they all about!?! Garbage aside I give this map 8/10
  12. 1 point
    This is what hangs me up. The whole "we retain our consistent consciousness through alternate dimensions, timelines etc.." I imagine it may be explained, but I'm not holding my breath. At some point you chalk it up to "it's a video game and you must suspend disbelief". One things for sure, they pay attention to the theories, and the people proposing the theories pay attention to everything. It really makes for phenomenal content.
  13. 1 point
    Well it does seem apparent that Blundell's vision for zombies and EE's is not "complete the EE and get one big reward" but rather the "each EE step gives you a small but useful reward" a la Origins. Problem with this is there's no motivation to ever do the EE again if there's no grand reward. I've done the Moon and Shangri La easter eggs dozens of times. Never completed any of the BO2 EE's more than once besides Mob, which was unintentional as a teammate just did all of it on his own without telling us lol. Anyway, @Hells Warrrior i have to disagree about the training spots, I think the ritual areas are all good training spots, as well as the rift/widows wine area. Wish there was a more viable camping strategy as well though, as not everybody likes the constantly running in circles option of zombies. I think all zombie maps should have a spot where you can camp and make it to 30. not necessarily any higher than that (buried was a little too easy to camp) and you can still train if you want to go for really high rounds Overall i'm still really liking the map, I LOVE the atmosphere and the jazz noire vibe to it. sledgehammer needs to take a lesson from treyarch on how to make a special and unique atmosphere in a zombies map.
  14. 1 point
    If you are with Nvidia, some graphic cards can enable Performance Boosters in the Control panel, it helps me siphon out the crap stuff even when I don't need it. If not you should really find out what card you have and the size of your video ram. I'm no expert but there is a way to get good performance on your game, by optimizing it via the Steam launcher. I used to play DayZ a lot and everyone I knew got terrible performance for the game, but they figured out a way via Steam to optimize your start-up settings so it uses up a dedicated amount of your Ram, without the changing sporadically and causing leakage like this. This may look like an extreme way to fix your game, and I don't even know if it works with Call of Duty. Anyway, if you're desperate this could work. Go to your Steam and right-click your Black Ops III in the Library, Go into your Game's Properties and find the "Set Launch Options" option and a box will pop up. These are the things you can type in that I found when trying to optimize DayZ: Do what you can. If it doesn't work, well, at least you tried something. For me with a lot of games it helps in the long run. Hope this helped mate.
  15. 1 point
    Forgive me, I'm not entirely sure how the coding works. How did this give away what was needed to complete that step. As for the point about all the wasted space, I know exactly what you mean. There is a rather peculiar green light inside the Boxing Gym. If a Lil' Arnie is thrown in this spot, the first time the jar doesn't shatter. Instead it just floats straight up in the air, any thrown after that shatters like normal. I did try to find other spots where this occurred but being in the early 40s wasn't the best thing to do. Again I'm going to mention it, but WTF is up with the Book in Neros Lair. That's still there once the Quest is completed?!?! The new perk Widows Wine wasn't used for anything. The Civil Protector has no use other than helping you & Reviving you. We still haven't figured out the proper way to Upgrade the Mar-Astagua. Finally the Margwa Mascot Heads you can get are just there for aesthetic/cosmetic purposes. One final thing I'd like to mention has to do with something in the Footlight District. If you go up on the balcony to where you jump across to knock down the toupee, and look towards the Tram there's this clear globe that just seems really really out of place. I'll try & get a screenshot of it in a bit.
  16. 1 point
    Bottom line, SoE is the following. A decent map Piss poor for training spots Easter Egg "concept" appears to have been well thought out but "poorly" implemented Character quotes awful Shittiest Easter Egg yet (beats Tranzit) No reason exists why the game files could not have been encoded, no reasons exists why the game files are named poorly. If you want to know what they are, you comment them. /** This is the boss step to EE **/ /sounds/fhewvhoehveorvheorihveo.mp3 Now the comment /** This is the boss step to EE **/ is contained within the scripting and not visible as it "should" only be retained in the dev files, on disc it should be encrypted which is easy to do. For being 2.5/3 years in the making, it's just shite tbh. What's the point of the docks? One sacrifice and then no point to it, same with all 4 sacrifice areas - where is the thought process, where's the mindset of using the entire map, you don't make it huge and then nothing.
  17. 1 point
    I'm theorizing that the summoning key and the artifact from moon are one in the same. Same all-powerful object, different timeline... Both look the same, both are charged with sacrifices, four to be exact, and are used on similar looking round panels.
  18. 1 point
    The artifact mentioned in The Giant is definitely the Summoning Key from Shadows of Evil, no doubt about it. I'm hoping that completing the egg does something to help the search for a Giant side quest, though I have my doubts about that. I wouldn't make any broad assumptions though, as you imply he may not be doing this "for the good" anymore, since we simply have no idea what's happening. We'll certainly learn in time!
  19. 1 point
    The majority of it seemed to be solved before the game even came out. 5 days before release. And it still took nearly 7 days to actually finish. So you could almost say it took nearly 2 weeks to solve. And that was only by looking at the Fast Files. Treyarch must be pretty disappointed by that. 2 & a half years in the making, only to be spoiled by looking at the coding. Though it must be frustrating not having any character dialogue for the best part of it. Complete opposite to the spoon fed dialogue from Maxis, Richtofen & Samantha in BO2. I have been enjoying this map though for some reason. I never played alot of Origins when it was released & never got into it because I felt like it was all of these monotonous tasks to set-up. Probably not too different than SoE tbh. haha The Soul filling jars on Moon was very original, They have used that too many times now.
  20. 1 point
    I found a little tip for when you are looking for the symbols in the windows to get your sword. The Canal symbol can be seen on foot. After unlocking the first door to the canals, go left up the stairs, and continue to the top of the second set of stairs. Now turn to the right and face the Silence is Golden sign. Look above the sign and you can see the circular window with the symbol. Jump to get a better look.
  21. 1 point
    It's disgraceful and not what the zombies community is/was about. getting files from PC game to "solve" is a no no, it's all about thought process, trial and error and working together. It's not a legit attempt, having it handed to you on a plate. Why are the files on PC not encrypted? Shame on you Activision/Treyarch.
  22. 1 point
    It's annoying that it was solved this way but at least I can appreciate that Treyarch made an EE that people couldn't fully figure out within the first couple of days without using the files from the game. That's what I was hoping for anyway. The hunt for the main EE is always one of the most exciting parts.
  23. 1 point
    Guys... It's really not that bad
  24. 1 point
    Hey Folks, as peak season is upon us I wanted to revise this classic @GRILLPSA. We will have many great additions to our community very soon. However sometimes a few nogoodniks will find their way into our sanctuary. The best course of action is to utilize the report button. Let the staff handle it. Easy peezy lemon squeezy. Remember there is a difference between guiding and moderating-Be a @Lenne-show them the light, but don't chastise for not being compliant. Happy Slaying!
  25. 1 point
    Trolls come. Trolls go. There's no need to fuel their ignorance, don't encourage their arrogance, don't respond with fire - just simply, ignore. The only way to kill a forum troll is to completely ignore them. They thrive on attention because secretly, they are attention whores. This has been your friendly neighborhood GRILL with a PSA.

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