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    Shoutout to the fine folks over at /r/CODZombies and of course @LiamFTWinter The scraps found in Der Riese have been pieced together to make the following picture! To me, the immage appears to be the KN-44 inside of what appears to be a box, within a ball. The smaller circles around the outside of the main picture appear to look like Suns, and the planets that orbit them, with some random other schematic designs around the outside. Blueprints appear to be designed by one "Dr. Monty" (Gobblegum/perk inventor it seems like). To me, this appears like some type of schematic for either wall guns, or the PaP. No real reasoning behind that other than it's the only thing that really makes sense :0. EDIT: It appears there is more than meets the eye with this particular document. Speculation, like the following, seems to insist that it is hinting at how many dimensions we are currently dealing with. (From r/CODZombies user bigthagen87) " For what it's worth, the two cube's shown are 4D cubes, or hypercubes. The figure in the bottom left is an unfolded hypercube. Edit: Furthering on this, this suggests 4 dimensions. So, the four drawings of universes in each corner could be some kind of clue. The one in the top left could be one dimension, with two universes. Edit2: Same would go for the bottom right - two universes, one dimension. " Let's hear your thoughts below!
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    here's the higher quality version
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    Shadows of evil! Tips, Tricks and Points of Interest Tips and Tricks ( Note, more tips and tricks will be added as I find the best ways to deal with them. Do you have a tip and trick? Feel free to comment with anything that works for you. RITUALS Tips and Tricks Monsters and Beasts Tips and Tricks Training Guide Tips and Tricks Gadgets and Weaponry Tips and Tricks Moving around the Map Tips and Tricks Using GobbleGum (Coming Soon) Misc Tips and Tricks Surviving Glitches Tips and Tricks Points of Interest Mastering Shadows of Evil Tips and Tricks
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    This is very good stuff. I agree with the analysis generally. That is a tesseract for sure. Hypercubes represent dimensions within dimensions or hyper-dimensions. The blueprints (in my opinion) seem to be representative of "non-euclidean geometry". Here is a simplified video explination I just found on Youtube. They even state at the end of the video "A kind of geometry where breaking the rules is the basis." If a multiverse does exist, it could be considered "Non-Euclidean" and "Hyper-dimensional". This is just my initial thoughts though. (link if embed didnt work) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvs_gTrP3wg
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    Exhibit A: As you can see NUMEROUS points in the trailer were used for the opening cutscene, however many more were not. You don't just make all those extra scenes for nothing. I purpose the giant has a hidden easter egg ending or at least ending cutscene. Just a recap of what we know so far (easter egg steps): Furthermore, there's a way to unlock a secret perk, which will either be Deadshot Daquiri or Stamin up: (Steps to do so) This is odd, because I've seen games with both. However I've never seen 2 games where one was able to get a perk bottle from the mainframe and have both deadshot and staminup at the same time. There could be coding behind this, or there could be only one of those two perks on the map at one time, we don't know. There may be a way to unlock the other perk, but we don't know what it could be yet. All in all, I don't think Der Reise (The giant) is done yet. KEEP HUNTING FOLKS!
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    Great work +1. I love this kinda stuff Treyarch puts in, they really go the extra mile.
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    I believe you're referring to what Widows wine does for your knife, rather it gives you a spike with (i assume) spider venom on it :) Check it out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txdp7zs1I-E
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    Just don't harvest them @Rissole25 & over time (rounds) they will change colour. The more that you don't harvest, the better chance there is at getting the Margwa part on an earlier round. It would be good to note in the OP, at what rounds they change to Red & then to Purple. (if there is consistency or is something else a factor?)
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    42 in co-op last night. We could've went further but I got tired and decided to not using Monkey Bombs to revive my teammates. It was just an accident.
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    I will beat this though, wanna try get at least 40.
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    Dalek just found a secret panel by holding down RB RT LB LT on the data vault then pushing X and then Y. Maybe this has something to do with it?
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    12....I had a girl come over and she wanted to split screen. She's lucky she makes up for her gaming scrubbery with other awesome traits. The real game starts tonight after work, no distractions!!!!

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