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  1. Thank you so much friends! Glad I now wear those robes, really means a lot. Thank you so much for the nominations!
  2. I 1up this. I just like to kill and survive. Not spend an hour getting everything open to then start going for high rounds. Classics are the best.
  3. Welcome buddy. Hope you are enjoying your stay!
  4. Thank you all so much for the nice words. I’m getting better, becoming stronger. You guys are awesome and I can’t thank you people enough!
  5. I appoligise I’m late, but any who - Welcome Friend!
  6. I would be up for it! Done it many times. Direct message me for my PSN. :)
  7. So for anyone who knows me on here, I’m sure you may have noticed that I’ve not been around as much the past month especially. A lot has been going on lately and it’s just been a rollercoaster ride the past few months. Sadly early on Friday morning at 01:30 my nana (grandmother) passed away after a long fight. The past months since Christmas were a real struggle for her and we all thought she would have pulled through in the end but very upsetting to us it didn’t happen. She did put up an amazing fight and she was such an amazing woman and we were very close. It was like a mother/son relationship. Not going into detail as I have only recently started to become more accepting of it and getting myself back on track, I would just like to thank the community for being here as one of my sort of escape places where I could go and let my mind ramble on somewhere else to get my head off it. The year that I have been here has been amazing and I couldn’t thank all of the members enough for so many things. I will hopefully be more active over the next couple of months and also hope to be starting up a YouTube channel soon where I can finally get to making good strategy guides and such for the community. Thanks to everyone also who reads this and understands and accepts my inactivity and for being here. Much love. <3
  8. Thank you very much guys! It's very humbling. There is so many people on here to nominate, it's the hardest part of every month honestly... I'm going for @anonymous @RadZakpak @RequixEclipse @Lenne You guys always post great stuff / are always active and the people I see around here to most! Been having a rough time lately and you guys have cheered me up. :)
  9. There goes my hype for an early release...
  10. Very true mate. Things need to change and we shouldn't be having these problems in our modern society. I am from the UK buddy. 27 degrease celsius over here today and I'm feeling the vibes too! Only thing is I'm stuck at work lmao.
  11. It's totally not like me to often post in this part of the site but I feel like I need channel my emotions somehow. Last night I just finished a TV Series on Netflix called 13 Reasons Why. If your not familiar with the storyline let me tell you a little about it. If you do feel free to skip by the next part. 13 Reasons Why is based on a school girl that goes by the name of Hannah Baker. Hannah moves to a new school and being the new girl she finds it hard to fit in. Hannah soon makes some friends but later finds out that they only end up hurting her and mistreating her. To make a long story short, Hannah gets bullied, made fun of, gets story's made up of her and also sexually assaulted. Hannah gets to the stage where she simply can't take anymore and comes to the stage where she decides to leave everything and take her own life. Clay, a boy who was her friend and her secret crush is destroyed when he finds out the news but that was only the beginning. Before Hannah decides to take her life, she makes up 13 tapes of voice recordings and each tape is one person/reason of why she decided to kill her self. Clay is ends up recieving the tapes and the full season is him basically listening to the tapes and him wanting to take action on the people that helped take away Hannah's life. I won't say much more as I don't want to waste the full story but I really do recommend watching it as it is very moving and a rollercoaster ride of emotions. A disclaimer I must say is that the story is really really sad as you can imagine and there is a few scenes of where Hannah was sexually assaulted and also the scene of her killing herself is on there too. Personally I had to turn away because I was so emotionally attached to her that I really couldn't see that. Hannah cried for help and no one could see that she was and it all mounted up to the point where she couldn't take it anymore. It makes you think, if you know or think you know anyone who might need help but is secretly hiding it, then talk about it and help them because you could save a life just like Hannah's could have been saved. For me being a guy I really never thought I'd feel anything like I did especially someone who's pastime is to kill loads of zombies lmao but it really got me. Ending this on a good note. Give it a watch, keep tissues beside you, and learn the signs that could help you save a life. The good thing was that the story wasn't real but these things do happen in real life. Be nice to people, learn to help and give positivity and just overall be a good person to people even if you don't know them. Trust me, it's a scary place when you get down that road. Having personal experience with things close to this it's really not good and I'm so glad that I had that one person who made sure I was okay and stayed by my side through a lot of things. Enjoy the rest of your day guys and girls and have a fantastic weekend. Be happy! :)
  12. Hiya mate. Welcome to CODZ! Hope you have a great time here dude and I hope you find it very enjoyable! If you would like to play some ZC add me up on PSN: ohWolfyHD Looking forward to it!
  13. I really think that each map should have some sort of symbol like the Summoning Key / Gateworm beside the maps name to show that you have completed the EE for that specific map. Sure, it's not a major or badly needed feature but I think it would be nice and would be a neat little feature. It would be really cool as well if by competing all of the ZC EEs, you would get a sweet Calling Card or Camo for completing them all. Just some cool little features that I think a lot of people would like!
  14. Damn. You caught me out! :p
  15. I would like them to take it back to the more simple maps. Really bring it back to the core game mode that it once was. Don't get me wrong, I would still like PAP etc but even if they brought out some maps that weren't so story based and revolved around doing so many quests just to unlock PAP or special weapons. I really liked the ranking system in BO3 and I hope they bring that back next time around! :)

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