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  1. Sorry dude I'm PS4 / PC. But hey, if you find anything just let me know and if you wanna have a chat about it feel free to message me buddy!
  2. I have a lot of faith that it is. When I get home later tonight, I will do the main EE up until I need to press the button then I am going to do a bit of exploring and see if I can press or shoot something to trigger a step. I don't see why they would tease him in images before the map was released and not put him in the game. We should get a group of people together and try to solve this one out!
  3. I am going to have a look at this tonight and see if I can find something! :)
  4. Congrats buddy. I found this one tricky too. Especially as I couldn't find anyone to play with, I had to do it all by myself and the bombs were such a pain but I got there. Have you finished all the EE's now or have you got some more to do? :)
  5. I'll be on it soon friend! ?
  6. We all knew it would happen. We knew Call of Duty would take a step too far and cause the community to collapse. It's been like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. On the run up to Infinite Warfare, the community took to social media to express their feelings about the whole "futuristic" Call of Duty and how they didn't like it. But by the time BO3 was finishing the game was already made and ready to be put into BETA. Now don't get me know, IW as a whole is a good game in my opinion. I feel like the whole community voice is what makes others dislike the game as they feel like they have to be part of the group. Infinite Warfare is by far not my favourite Call of Duty game but I do enjoy it and I really cant complain about the zombie mode either. Speaking about zombies - It's not Treyarch so I wasn't expecting an amazing zombie mode but I was expecting something better than AW's zombies and they have definitely done that. Lee Ross, one of the main peeps for IW Zombies, is constantly active on social media and replying to people in regards to things zombie related. He isn't just replying to YouTubers but also the small part of the community who don't do YouTube and who just take to Twitter / Facebook to post things about the mode. Really, I couldn't ask for more. Sure, the mode is sort of cartoonish and doesn't have that much of a scary feel but again its different developers with their first try at this. The mode has zombies, easter eggs, WW's and so much more extra things such as the arcade and it is its own little thing. I played a lot of Zombies when the game first released and I really didn't find much of a problem with it. To be honest, the game still has enough players to fill the servers but no where near what BO3 still has active playing the game. Especially on PC it can be super hard to find people sometimes. Without the community, COD would break apart and that is why both sides must meet in the middle. It's hard to reach everyone's expectations but I think so many people don't give things a chance. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course. My final opinion is the heart of zombies lies with Treyarch. I am happy to play any other Call of Duty Zombie modes to certainly give it a try but I don't see anything breaking Treyarchs mode. When IW released it's trailer, the community went ballistic and as you probably know the video got more dislikes than likes. I think also this eruption of disappointment before the game was even released led to a lot of people not buying the game or giving it a try. So in conclusion - Fan disappointment, opinion and not enough communication led to the low player count and quiet servers on a game with good potential. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I have nothing against that. This is just how I feel IW is so quiet and why a lot of people seem to dislike the game. On the plus side of things, if you do enjoy IW Zombies - DLC 2 will be out soon!
  7. Yeah man. If I find anything, I'll let you know! :)
  8. No one else was mentioned and you hear Kevin asking where Jay went in some quotes. There must be a way to get him!
  9. Something I really haven't had time to search on was this. I might give it a go during the week at some point. I do believe he will have some part in Rave.
  10. It could be Jay. I know there is no proof of him actually being in the game but he was seen in many of the pictures that were taking during the motion tracking of Rave when Kevin was acting. Would he pretty sweet if we could unlock him to play as too. :)
  11. Yes!! Super good job. I can't wait to get my title. :)
  12. Welcome to my ultimate guide to Rave In The Redwoods. I will try to cover as much as possible and the thread will be updated regulary to keep it as acurate as possible. If you would like anytjing added then please feel free to comment below. I hope you enjoy the guide. Note: This thread is currently not finished and is posted early so that people can see the parts of the guide that I have already added. A lot more detail will be added and also new sections to the thread overtime. Thank you. Contents Use Ctrl+F to use the find function to skip to certain parts of the thread. Introductiom Turning On Power Building The Boat Pack A Punch Unlocking The Vlad Upgrading The Vlad Memory Charms Bear Lake Challenges //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// INTRODUCTION Rave In The Redwoods is the second IW Zombies map to be released. The map is set in Bear Lake Camp where a massive rave is going on. The map has a dark and scary horror like theme to it and it also has a its own boss named The Slasher. The map also contains a new wonder weapon called the Vlad, which is a explosive harpoon gun but to get your hands on that you are going to need to do some steps to unlock it. The map also features 4 new melee weapons which are the spiked bat, golf club. axe and machette. All good for fighting through the waves of zombies. The map is also slightly bigger than Zombies In Spaceland and has a lot of unique areas. You have the Bear Lodge which is the spawn / starting room. The Mess Hall, The Cabins, The Mine, Recreation Area, Adventure Course, White Tail Beach and also Turtle Island. Each areas has its unique items and also holds perks and weapons. Unlike Zombies In Spaceland, when you spawn on this map you have no starting weapon. So it is up tp you to find one until you make enough to get yourself a weapon. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// TURNING ON POWER From the spawn room you will have the option to open two doors. One will be inside the cabin and one will be outside just on the balcony. You want to open the door inside the cabin just right of the fireplace. Once you open the door you will be outside. You want to follow the path ahead which will lead you to the Mess Hall. Continue through the Mess Hall and once you reach the other side you will be back outside again and sitting out there will be a camp fire. Here there will be two doors that can be opened. You want to ignore the door to the right of the Mess Hall just as you exit it and walk up the stairs leading you to the other door that can be opened. Open that door and continue on ahead. Once you continue ahead, you will now be at the cabins. We are almost at the power switch now. From the cabins just keep walking straight through and past the camp fire that is there and open the door right in front of you. From here walking a little forward and take a left and you will enter the mine. Just as you enter the mine you will need to open one last door. Open the door and continue through sticking to the left. Now simply follow the mine all the way to the bottom where you will find the cellar. In here right in front of you will be the power switch that will power the whole map for you and also a little mini game you can play once the power is on. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// BUILDING THE BOAT To build the boat on Rave In The Redwoods you will have to pick up three parts. Here are the part locations Part #1 - You can find the first part in the Recreation Area. You will find it right beside Quickies leaning against a stand. Part #2 - You will find the second part above the spawn room in the room that has Tuff'Nuff inside of it. Just to the right as you enter the room Part #3 - You can find the final part in The Mess Hall. It will be lying beside a bin in the middle of the room. Once you have collected all the parts, head to the docks at White Beach and now the boat will be accessable. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// PACK A PUNCH To be able to access Pack A Pucnh you will need to have built the boat alread. Before we can get access the PAP, we will need to collect 2 film reels which are really easy to find. Film Reel #1 - Right outside the docks where boat is located, lying on the ground just before you get into the door where you can ride the boat. Film Reel #2 - For the last reel, ride the boat to Turtle Island. Once you get off, head right up into the house and when you enter turn left and ext the door that takes you outside to the zipline. As soon as you exit that door, you can find the film reel lying on the ground to your right. Now you have the two parts, take it to the projector in the Cabin. It will be sitting on the table in the middle. Just add the reels and now you have access to Pack A Punch. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// UNLOCKING THE VLAD To unlock the Vlad you must have already built the boat. To start, ride the boat to Turtle Island and enter the cabin. From entering the cabin, just slight ahead and to the left will be a door with a bucket of sausages in it. Look down at it and hold Square or X to pick them up. Now head back to bear lake cabin and make sure you have a Rave pouch in your inventory. To do the next step in one you will have to be fast. You now must enter rave mode and throw sausages at deer heads and then shoot it while its floating - that will drop purple symbols that you must hold Square or X on to pick up. There is 3 in total and here is the locations. In the spawn cabin at the back. In the Mess Hall, in the middle and to the left it will be hanging on the wall. The final one you will find behind a zombie barrier in the cabins. Here is a video guide that will show you much better. (creds to queen) Once done, head to the spawn cabin and go over to the cabinet that the bows are chained up in and hold square or X to unlock them. Now you should have the Vlad, good job! //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// UPGRADING THE VLAD Upgrading the Vlad can be a little tricky at first but once you have it down you will be able to do it every time. For the sake of helping you guys out more, here is a full video guide on it as it can be trick to explain in text where everything is specificaly. (creds to grizz) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// MEMORY CHARMS Here is all of the Memory Charms in Rave In The Redwoods and where to find them and their abbilities. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// BEAR LAKE CHALLENGES Here is a list of all of the challenges in Rave In The Redwoods. These work similar to the Neil challenges in Zombies In Spaceland and reward you with items like the rewind grenade etc. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  13. I love you man

  14. I see you took my advice ;) Welcome back mate - Can't wait to get back to playing zombies with ya again. Train the little one up too :p
  15. Any chance you could update it to support IW Zombies mate? Thanking you in advance

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