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  1. Here is the ultimate guide to Rave. Without needing long posts explaining everything here is a map put together by Hootiii, creds to him. The guide shows you absolutely everything you need to know about Rave. I hope it helps fellow ravers!
  2. Requesting Prestige 1 Medal - 100 posts + 1 month Thanking you :)
  3. Welcome mate. Hope to see you around the site :)
  4. Feel free to add me on PlayStation. PSN: ohWolfyHD Looking forward dude! Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  5. Welcome to CODZ friend. You have really great stats and it looks like you put a lot of time into the game. I hope you stay active and that I see you around sometime! :)
  6. So Brian Bright has tweeted out an image not long ago on a twitter saying "The Motheship! Who wants the funk?" This could be the first leak towards DLC2 for IW. The ending cutscene for RiTR gave us a pretty good idea on the year / theme that DLC2 is going for but this has just added to it. I'm not going to say to much about it as this is all we have for now but I will leave the image below and leave the topic up for discussion. What do you guys think?
  7. Here is a simple text guide on turning on the power in Rave In The Redwoods. I decided I would start making these guides as Xbox and PC users are almost about to get the map so I thought I would fill up the forum with some information for them. So let's begin! From the spawn room you will have the option to open two doors. One will be inside the cabin and one will be outside just on the balcony. You want to open the door inside the cabin just right of the fireplace. Once you open the door you will be outside. You want to follow the path ahead which will lead you to the Mess Hall. Continue through the Mess Hall and once you reach the other side you will be back outside again and sitting out there will be a camp fire. Here there will be two doors that can be opened. You want to ignore the door to the right of the Mess Hall just as you exit it and walk up the stairs leading you to the other door that can be opened. Open that door and continue on ahead. Once you continue ahead, you will now be at the cabins. We are almost at the power switch now. From the cabins just keep walking straight through and past the camp fire that is there and open the door right in front of you. From here walking a little forward and take a left and you will enter the mine. Just as you enter the mine you will need to open one last door. Open the door and continue through sticking to the left. Now simply follow the mine all the way to the bottom where you will find the cellar. In here right in front of you will be the power switch that will power the whole map for you and also a little mini game you can play once the power is on. So there you go! You now have the power on in Rave and your ready to get loaded up to slay some zombies.
  8. Hello everyone. This is just a quick guide on how to find the two hidden songs in Zombies in Spaceland. Hope this helps a few people out! Modern Warfare 1 Easter Egg Song To hear the first Easter egg song, look for Employee of the Month Boards. A Teddy Bear photo will be pinned onto one of these boards. Shoot it and another Teddy Bear photo will spawn on one of the other boards randomly. Check the location below. You’ll need to shoot 3 Teddy photos to get the first song. Employee of the Month – Teddy Locations: Spawn Area – In the ticket booth where the Quick Revive (Up n’ Atoms) is located. Astrocade – Go up the right stairs to the upper level and look in the zombie spawn window on your right. The board is on the wall across from the window. Journey Into Space – Near the doors to Rover Rampage, look for a zombie spawn window with a bloody message (“All Dead”) — the board is on the wall opposite the window. Underground – In the breakroom on the maintenance tunnels that lead to the Kepler System. Underground – In the very first room you reach when going into the underground from Kepler. Turn right and you’ll see the board on the white wall. Underground – In the second room you reach when going down into the tunnels from the Kepler System. From the stairs, turn right at the bottom and look in the ‘Employees Only’ room. The board is on the right wall behind the movie posters. Kepler System – Up the stairs and turn right at the Chromosphere. Cross the bridge and look in the zombie spawn window on the left. The board is on the opposite wall. Hyper Slide – At the top of the slide (that leads back down to Cosmic Way) look for a brightly lit employee room behind a zombie spawn window to the left of the slide itself. Polar Peak – Behind the counter to the right of the roller coaster ride boarding area. That’s all 9 locations. Shoot three bears and a remixed version of the Modern Warfare 1 theme will play. Modern Warfare 2 Easter Egg Song These are all of the locations that I know of. They may be more but this covers most of them so if you are missing one, just have a look around and I am sure you will find the missing one. Teddy Bear Locations: Through a gift shop window in Cosmic Way (Pack-a-Punch Portal hub) In a cavern visible from the bridge linked Cosmic Way to Polar Peak On a chair in a ruined office in the underground maintenance tunnels Top left corner of the prize display case behind the Astrocade counter On the concession cart near the Tuff Nuff perk On the railings in the Polar Peak roller coaster boarding area. On the railings in the Kepler System’s upper level, near the Mystery Wheel In the Polar Peak gift shop near the cookie display shelf On a ledge above the Portal Peak teleporter. On a balcony in Journey into Space, above Moon Shakes Inside the bathroom window near the Tuff Nuff perk In the underground maintenance arrow, on top of a yellow ladder Thats it! You should now have the two bonus songs and also the trophy I Love The 80's will pop up. Congrats!
  9. Both excellent replies. The thing is, I remember back in BO1 when zombies really started being more than just that extra game mode, everyone I played with always said. " I hope the next COD has zombies " It was always the hope that it was always going to be in the next game. I loved Extinction. It was different and it was its own unique thing that wasn't like anything else we had seen and now that we are getting more zombies, it's all becoming cluttered up and we are now having people no longer enjoying it. People screamed for revelations to be a combination of all the old maps and once people got to play the map all they could do is complain about how poorly it was done which makes me agree with Infest on that it's the community that is dying. Me personally will always have love for Zombies wether it's 3ARC or IW or any other developer. I know if I want a true good story I can play 3ARC and when I just want to have fun and not stress so much about the storyline I can play a less serious and more "fun" zombie mode with IW. It's a real shame as I love the community to death and it has been home for a while but I just wish people would see the two sides instead of giving things hate because there favourite YouTuber doesn't like the map. Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  10. So before I begin, I just want to say that I wasn't sure how to name this topic so I will leave it as it is and that also everyone is entitled to their own opinion so please no arguing lmao. So the big question that seems to be going around everywhere just now is "Is Zombies Dying" I've seen it on Reddit, on YouTube and also on twitter. So let's discuss it. My opinion is NO Zombies is not dying in any way what so ever. Although I do see problems with it. As we know, Trearch are by far the real deal when it comes to zombies. They have the staff, they have the expericance and they have the talent. But this year we had Infinity Ward's attempt at Zombies and it just seems like no one is that interested. Not a lot of people like change so this also may be part of the problem. I personally feel that the whole "Zombies is dying" thing has came from IW Zombies as it is not to treyarchs standards but at the same time you have to remember that it isn't Trearch that is making the game and also IW have made its own zombie mode which isn't trying to completely copy Trearchs. What I think the big problem for many people now is having Zombies for a second year in a row. It's getting repetitive for them and they and simply getting bored of the same old stuff again and especially when it isn't to the standards they want. It's just like multiplayer. So many people don't even play the new COD multiplayers as they are just the same thing but with boost suits etc which isn't to their liking so they play the old ones. I actually like IW Zombies and I think they have done a good job for their first attempt and also I am liking the story so far. It's unique, simple and fun and gives me hours of fun. The EE hunts are great too and it's overall good for me. What is your opinion and do you think that Zombies is dying?
  11. Yeah I kinda see that. It's a shame because it is a good game if people give it a chance and get into it. I played way too much BO3 and I am level 1000 on it so their isn't much for me to do over on that apart from helping people do the EEs. Thanks dude!
  12. So after being away for so long it was good to come back to zombies. Since I was waiting on the new map coming out I was grinding Spaceland to get back into the swing of things and was around level 57. Now that I am addicted to zombies again, I have completed the Spaceland EE multiple times and have now completed the Rave EE getting myself to level 100! Here is my stats so far and also the level 100 level icon!
  13. Leave your Highest Round on RiTR below and share your high round tips too! My Highest Round is 38 so far. Simply ran a train over on turtle island with my upgraded crossbow and it worked like a charm :)
  14. Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great holiday season and new year and that you are all well. I've had such a busy few months and have been working away from home thus not being able to find the time to post but I am now back to my normal routine. I also got my first car so that's pretty cool. Im glad to be back and with the new DLC coming out for IWZ I can't wait to get back into posting and helping you wonderful people out! Sorry for the inactivity You guys rock !

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