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  1. My exact thoughts. It's been Zombies after zombies and I was actually getting excited at either something new or a mode like spec ops. Im excited for the campaign too. It will be the very first mode I play as soon as I get my hands on it.
  2. That's right! Forgot to include it. :p Interesting article.
  3. Frederick Barbarossa is the man that we can see in the photos in the document that we unlocked using the Call of Duty Clasified website. From what I can find using the internet, here is what we can put together to find out more about this character. Frederick Barbarossa was a Holy Roman Emperor from 1155 until his death. He was also elected the King of Germany on the 4th March 1152. He then became the King of Italy in 1155 and was crowned Roman Emperor on the 18th of June that same year. He was also later crowned King of Burgundy on the 30th June 1178. He was named Barbarossa by the northern Italian cities and the name Barbarossa means "Red Beard" in the Italian language. Barbarossa's death was caused by him drowning in a river called the Göksu River. But this is where things get interesting... According to a King in the mountain Legend, he is in fact not dead. The Legends says that he sleeps in a hidden chamber underneath the Kyffhäuser hills. There was a phrase that said "when the ravens cease to fly around the mountain he will awake and restore Germany to its ancient greatness" Could this legend be the reason he is in these pictures? The fact that it says he is pretty much undead makes it very interesting. I really like that quote though especially the part about him awakening to restore Germany to its ancient greatness. That just puts so many thoughts into my head that I'm bursting with enthusiasm to see what this guy actually has to do with the storyline - if he actually does that is. Could he be some time of great leader and could he also be the zombie that we seen on the reveal image? What is your thoughts ?
  4. Updated thread with complete steps on solving the cipher! @Nesus
  5. I am now sadly regretting buying IW now. I enjoyed Zombies In Spaceland, it was fun and had some new features that made the game a little more fun. Then when Rave in The Redwoods released, they said it would be "scary" and "horror themed" and it turned out to be the exact opposite. I must give it to them, they have done well for there first attempt and it is much better than EXO Zombies but I am just tired of it being so easy. I have so much hope and excitement that Nazi Zombies will be a true horror experience and will bring back that love that I am missing from Zombies at the moment.
  6. Already SH games have been really sneaky. The image that they showed earlier on at the reveal of WWII for nazi zombies seems to include a hidden cipher. The letters can be seen just under the zombies helmet on the left side. These have been solved to read as the following. IUFDJ BHLOP JMUBA Official steps on solving the cipher Step 1: Head over to callofduty.com/classified Step 2: You will be taken to a page where you have some sort of type writing machine in front of you. This is where you will input your words. Step 3: Input the word IUFDJ into the machine and then click on the little white switch just to the right of where your letters where inputed. You will notice that the letters will spin and stop on ANEWH. Step 4: Next input the word BHLOP and click on the little white switch again. The words will spin once again to reveal the letters ORROR. Step 5: Finally input your last word JMUBA and click on the white switch. Once the words have stopped spinning you will get your final letters that are RISES. Once you have completed all of those steps your screen will dim down and you will be taken to a page with a document on it. Click the document to open it and you will be greeted with two images. One showing a character named Frederick Barbarossa. Now if we look at all of the letters we where given when we spinner the machine it reads ANEWHORRORRISES This one is pretty easy to tell that if we split it up it clearly says A NEW HORROR RISES. It also gives us a set of coordinates. These are: FORM - YMF - 212514 12123 131 These take us to the Dunkirk Battle. Thats the little quick and easy guide on solving the zombie helmet cipher. I hope you guys can have fun with this and hopefully even find more little clues within this new page!
  7. Your a PC guy too? Awesome! Will need to get a party going once release comes! ^^ Cheers for the link, will check it out mate.
  8. Honestly in my opinion AW Zombies was just horrible. They tried so much on copying things from Treyarch that the mode was so poor. IW zombies is somewhat better but it's not all that good to be honest. Now a full on horror zombies mode with a fresh new story and characters would be awesome. I'm really looking forward on seeing what they will bring to the table!
  9. I must say, I think this will actually bring back my love for multiplayer, also the story. I can't wait to get my hands on this as soon as I can to see if they have nailed it. We still have E3 to look forward to aswell for some gameplay action!
  10. Yes I know we have a discussion thread up already, but I wanted to keep the zombies side of things seperate as there is so much to talk about. So it's official - Nazi Zombies has been confirmed for WWII. When watching the reveal, my girlfriend though I was having some sort of fit when actually I had just seen the first glimpse of the zombie image that they showed. Now we know it's confirmed it's time to discuss it! So feel free to use this thread as a complete place for discussing all things WWII Zombie related for now until we get our sub threads. The one thing I have to ask is will the game mode be round based, or will it be some sort of story mode similar to Nightmares mode in Black Ops 3? Leave your thoughts and questions below!
  11. I am super super super super excited.
  12. I understand your opinion but I think that the reason there is a better chance of remastered maps instead of new is because remastered maps are a more demand than new content. A lot of people will want remastered maps so they can play there old favourite maps all in the new engine and updated graphics and then they have the excitement of new content in the following Treyarch CODs to come!
  13. Agreed friend.
  14. As far as we know just now, WWII will include a third game mode but we have no idea what it is. Well the big question is, could it be another zombies mode? Well Cameron Dayton who is a creative director at Sledgehammer might have slipped up on telling us what the third mode could be. If you have a look at the picture below, his twitter bio reads: "Creative Director at Sledgehammer Games - putting Guns, Zombies and Grit into the next Call of Duty - Author of the best-selling cyberpunk novel, Etherwalker" Yes, that's right "Guns, ZOMBIES and Grit" Although if you go to his Twitter page now, his bio reads different. It now says "Guns, Gore and Grit" zombies has now been replaced by Gore. With this happening I can only think that Activision or someone from SH has asked him to take it off as it would be revealing the third mode super early. What do you guys have to say about this and would you be happy with another year of zombies? Me personally would rather have a Spec-Ops mode if zombies this time around is going to be anything like the EXO Zombies mode in AW but I guess we just have to wait and see...
  15. Don't forget that the WWII reveal is today at 6pm GMT. You can tune in at callofduty.com and if you can't make it there I am sure the official Call of Duty Facebook page is live streaming it too! I'll update the forum if we get any exciting news.

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