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  1. If you reply to this... You are awesome for being active on here. +1 Cookie :shout48:

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  2. The Final Reich reactions thread

    I could write a book about how much I am enjoying it. Though, it is very much the same as most other z-modes, I still really enjoy it and love the grind. Wish we had different looking prestige emblems though, sucks we have the same as mp but with a color change. Anyways... I LOVE IT! :)
  3. The Final Reich Highest Round

    Updated the thread leaderboard, GG guys! @ZombiesAteMyPizza!I'm coming for your record ;)
  4. After a lot of grinding, sweating, dying, stress and fun, I finally completed all the challenges to unlock The Mountaineer character on WWII Zombies. The challenges are Survive 20 waves without opening any doors in The Final Reich map. Survive 20 waves without opening any doors or going down in The Final Reich. Survive 25 waves in the Prologue mission. Survive 25 waves without going down in the Prologue mission. Survive 25 waves without unlock the secret room in the Prologue mission I must say the hardest one of these was the Survive 25 waves in prologue without going down. It gets very difficult and with the mal being so small, it just gets too crowded! I plan on making a thread soon that will show everyone how to unlock these characters and also what they look like. If any of you guys need some help then feel free to comment below! :)
  5. The Final Reich Highest Round

    Post your highest rounds in The Final Reich here and share your tips and strategies to help others out! The Final Reich Leaderboard @ZombiesAteMyPizza! Round 63 @Blurryface Round 59 @Dannyh929 Round 54 @Majestic Round 52 @XPGDarkside Round 32
  6. The Final Reich Power Guide

    Unlocking the Bunker & Turning on power When you spawn and open up your very first door, the first thing you will need to do is find 3 Pressure Valves around the map. Once you enter the Village Square you will notice just off from the middle of the area, a generator with 3 hoses coming out from it. These hoses connect up to 3 Valves which need turning on. To find the valves you can simply follow the hoses from the generator the the valve location. After finding one, you need to hold the ‘Interact’ button until you see the dial hit 60 accompanied by a ‘Green’ light. Since it can take a while to hit the 60 mark, try to clear the area before attempting the step. All 3 Pressure Valves are located in the following locations: Valve #1 – Left of the Armor Station in the Village Square Valve #2 – Left of the Bunker Door in the Village Square Valve #3 – On the Riverside, Down the Slope Once you are done with all 3 Pressure Valves, you need to proceed to the Bunker door to find a Grenade Turret. At this point, you need to interact with the Grenade Turret to cause it to blow a hole in front of it. Blowing a hole will cause Flaming Pests to emerge out of it. Deal with them and jump into the Tunnel. Once inside, interact with the generator to open the gate behind you and access the Bunker for 1,250 Jolts. Doing this will also turn on the main power supply. Side note: Sorry for the lack of video guides. I currently don't have a working computer/laptop to use to edit and upload my videos but hopefully I can get one soon! :)
  7. Medal Request Topic

    Can we have some new medals for WWII, pretty please with a Panzer on top? :)
  8. So who is getting WWII on release?

    Can't wait then mate. Let me know when you get it and we will get on and slay some zombie ass!
  9. Just wondering how many of you wonderfull people will be getting WWII tomorrow/tonight and will be grinding the game. I used my last days of holiday to take next week off to get to play a lot of the game so I am looking forward to playing it. Would love to get a little team going aswell and discover all of the EEs and grind out the levels. Looking forward to seeing you all on there! :)
  10. WWII Zombies: Pre Order Bonus Animated Zombies Camo

    There will be plenty to keep you busy! :)
  11. I've been playing WWII Zombies... (AMA) (Potential Spoilers)

    No worries bud!
  12. I've been playing WWII Zombies... (AMA) (Potential Spoilers)

    #1 Yes there is! #2 I got to round 24 last night where I then killed myself with a grenade. Whoops! #3 Yes I have. It's all right infront of you and there is so much to discover. I feel like what I have only just found is only the start in what could be a huge story.
  13. I've been playing WWII Zombies... (AMA) (Potential Spoilers)

    Without going into too much detail to waste it for you, my answer is yes to all three of your questions! :)
  14. BEWARE OF SPOILERS IN COMMENTS :) Yesterday around 5pm GMT a patch released for PS4 (atleast) that alowed anyone with an early copy to access the game for the first time. Apart from owning the digitl delux edition of the game, I also managed to get my hands on a hard copy and with this patch releasing it finally let me on to play. Straight away the first thing I went to was Zombies and everything about it is just so awesome. The sounds are fantastic, the gameplay is good and I actually like the menu layout too. The HUD could maybe have been done a little better but I'm not one to complain about little things like that. I wont go into too much detail here, but if there is anything you would like to know then feel free to comment below and I will answer your question. This is going to be a great year of Call of Duty Zombies!
  15. After almost a full year of grinding, fun moments and a lot of exploring, it's time to finally say bye to IW's Zombies. I honestly really enjoyed Zombies this year and even for IW's first try at the mode it was absolutley fantastic. The maps were fun to play, the general gameplay was good, easy to understand and get a hang of and even the easter eggs were up to scratch. Over the year I managed to grind to level 999 which was the highest possible level. I also completed all of the Easter Eggs, Directors Cut Easter Eggs and also the final Super EE Boss Battle. I then helped so many people with the eggs and level grinding and had such a fun time playing it. Now with only a week to go, the WWII hype is on and I can't wait to see what they have in store for us. Still a little dissapointed that there has been no Zombies gameplay trailer or anything like that yet, but it will add to the surprise when I finally get on to play it. So to round things off here, IW Zombies was great and fun and kept me busy enough through the year. I really dont have much bad things to say about the full game either apart from the fact that I didnt really enjoy the multiplayer. The campaign was okay and I enjoyed the side missions. I'm hoping we will get to see another season of IW Zombies again in the future nd hopefully they will have some more new and fun stuff for us!