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  1. Glitch or not?

    Must be a glitch as the only way to play as special characters is by inputting a code before the game starts and for Willard you must also complete the super easter egg. You got lucky ;)
  2. Who has been here since nacht

    Myself. It's been a long but amazing journey and I've enjoyed every moment of it. :)
  3. Director's Cut Mode

    Director's Cut is a special mode that you can unlock by completing all of the 5 IW Zombies Easter Eggs. You must completed Spaceland, Rave, Shaolin, Attack and Beyond solo or co-op to unlock this hidden feature that opens up your zombies experiance even more. Director's Cut can be activated in the main menu of zombies mode by pressing R1 on your controller which will display and red star with "Directors Cut" going through it. This mode gives the player many perks when playing any map in Director's Cut, so lets go through them. Spawn with $25000 Spawn with all candy perks. (Perks stick when player dies and respawns) Double PAP instantly available. (No need to do quest to unlock) All weapons in the mystery wheel will be PAP level 1 Wonder Weapons will also appear in box. (No need to buld them) Larger XP Bonus When playing in DC and upon completion of the maps main easter eggs a piece of the Talisman spawns which can later be used for the Super EE Boss Fight. A special animated calling card of Mephistopheles and a camouflage tited "Director's Cut" is awarded to the player upon completing all of the easter eggs in Director's Cut. Willard Wyler can be played in Zombies in Spaceland once the player has completed all of the easter eggs in Director's Cut and defeat Mephistopheles by inserting the code Left, Left, Down, Up, Up, Right with the D-Pad. Definetly worth the time for this amazing reward and if anyone is needing help with the eggs then feel free to give me a message and I will help you out!
  4. The Beast From Beyond Mega Thread

    I wouldnt want to waste it for you now woul I? ;) In all seriousness I would highly recommend that you get the game even though its late. Zombies is so much fun and the story is extremely enjoyable and has you gripped. Different maps have different playable characters such as Elvira and David Hasslehoff. Zombies was good this year. If you get it, let me know dude! :)
  5. The Beast From Beyond Mega Thread

    If Admins could please make The Beast From Beyond own forum please that would be fanzombtastic! @InfestLithium @Lenne @Spider
  6. Hello everyone and welcome to my last Mega Thread of the IW Zombies Series. I know I still have Attack of the Radioactive Thing to finish off but I promise it will be here soon. I hope you all enjoy my last mega thread for IW Zombies and I hope it helps some of you out! Note: This Mega Thread is still in progress and what you see so far is only a small part of the final thread. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Easter Egg Steps Step 1 Activate Power and place 4 Floppy Disks into N31L in Spawn, obtain the Floppy Disks by doing the following: 1 - Dropped by the Pack-a-Punch-spawned Phantom 2- Left of Pack-a-Punch Portal 3- Obtain the Entangler, navigate to the Red Hallway near Bang Bangs. Entangle the Floppy Disk and shoot it toward the grate at the back. Locate and obtain it near the Zombies spawns around the Hallway. 4- Obtain the Entangler, navigate to the Med Bay, Entangle and shoot a Space Helmet at the Green Monitor in the back-right of the Room. The Forcefield will now open, the Floppy Disk can be found on the desk straight ahead. Step 2 Locate the Paper Scrap around the Map that matches the Symbols on your 4 Floppy Disks. Once located the order in which you need to insert the Floppy Disks into N31L is top-to-bottom on the Paper. Once entered correctly N31L will become Angry, activating Traps and Doors located around the map. Step 3 Obtain the Entangler, navigate to the Theater near the Brute Cutout and Entangle the Button on the wall. Carry the Button to the 'The Beast From Beyond' Poster in the Theater Arcade. If done correctly the Button will teleport and no longer be on the original wall. The Button will now be located on the bottom-side of the Desk in the Force-Field Room near Med Bay. Activate it. This will activate a 4x4 Grid of Dials in the Med Bay, you must solve the puzzle to turn all Dials Vertical. Step 5 Upon completion of the Step 4 Puzzle N31L will be temporarily Hacked, you are now on a timer to Entangle his head using the Entangler and take it to an unknown location? These are all the known steps so far. Thread will be updated when new steps are found. (Shoutout to everyone on Reddit helping out) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pack-a-Punch Obtain 3 Satellite Pieces (Video coming soon) In a corner opposite to Trail Blazers in the Cargo Bay To the right of the Blue Bolts perk machine Outside the theater to the right of the KBS Longbow on top of a car Navigate outside of the facility and place the pieces on the catwalk to the Pack-a-Punch Portal. Note: A Phantom is spawned when the Pack-a-Punch Portal is deactivated, or you are kicked out by the countdown timer. Double Pack-a-Punch Shoot open the Electrical Box across from the Proteus Wallbuy, hold square to obtain the Alien Fuses Place the Alien Fuses on the Sasquatch Cutout in the Theater Obtain the Film Reel from the counter of the Concession Stand in the Theater. Navigate to Pack-a-Punch and place the Film Reel in the Projector. If done correctly clips of Zombies in Spaceland will begin to play. Obtain the Entangler and navigate to the Theater Screen, activate the Theater Screen Trap and shoot the Entangler at the Screen to pull a Brute Helmet out of the portal. Once the Trap is finished the Helmet will fall on the ground and can now be carried using the Entangler. While holding on to the Brute Helmet, navigate to the Brute Cutout in the Theater. Place the Brute Helmet on the Cutout and activate it. If done successfully the Brute Helmet will zap the Alien Fuses on the Sasquatch Cutout. You will now be able to obtain the Charged Fuses. Navigate to the Pack-a-Punch Machine and install the Alien Fuses. Once complete you will be allowed to Double Pack-a-Punch your weapons.
  7. Going on holiday soon!

    Been to Lloret da Mat. Fanstastic place and i hope yoy enjoy it! Glad you enjoyed your holiday friend. And thank you very much!
  8. Going on holiday soon!

    20 days from now and me and the missus will be off to Spain for 2 weeks of (hopefully) sunshine. Getting away from the wet Scottish weather couldn't sound better lmao. So yes, we will be away for 2 weeks spending our time in a place called Majorca. We head out on the 26th of this month so only 20 days from now and I'm pretty excited. This year has been one of the worst for me and just to get away and chill out for a couple of weeks might do me the world of good. I am hoping to be taking my Playstation with me as trying to pull me away from Zombies is almost impossible so I will hopefully still be able to play and get on. Is anyone else going away on Holiday anytime soon? Let us know! :D
  9. Hello all! I was just browsing the forums and realised that no one had posted about one of the pre order bonuses for WWII that includes a sweet zombies mode camo for your weapons. At first, when the image was first released, SHG didn't actually say that the camo was ZM only at the time and this sparked up a lot of hate as many players didn't want the camo to be put into the MP or Campaign mode as it would ruin the look of the games WWII theme. But after a lot of 'not so nice' tweets, SHG then came out and said that the camo is for WWII Zombies only. With that being said, does this mean that weapon customization will be available in WWII Zombies? I think so now. Here is an image of the Pre Order Bonus Camo. What do you think of it? z
  10. 2017 Zombies Olympics

    Registered! Can't wait. Those movie posters sound good
  11. 2017 Zombies Olympics

    Hoping to give this a go. Not had much time latley to fit in zombies but hopefully this is something that I can take part in and to bring myself back to zombies!
  12. Ww2 beat thoughts

    Only problem I had with the beta was that I felt the maps were way too small which left the SMGs to be the best to use gun. Every game consisted of almost everyone using SMGs and this meant guns like the Assult Rifles and Snipers were at a disadvantage and made the other weapons feel weak, but so far really happy with the game.
  13. Ww2 beat thoughts

    Beta was great. Really enjoyed my time playing it. Can't wait until November 3rd now to get my hands on the Campaign and Zombies!
  14. My WWII Private Beta Review

    So the WWII Private Beta finally came to us on Friday and what a weekend it has been. It didn't completely go to plan as my cars brakes decided to give up on me so not a good start to my Friday but the weekend got better. I spent so much more time than planned playing the beta and I can honestly say, well done sledgehammer. First of all, the game is still in beta as we know so we're going to give it a little space and time but for the first beta of the game they have absolutely nailed it. Such a big difference in gameplay and over all satisfaction. The 3 maps were really good. The only thing I had a problem with was how small they were and that didn't really give us the best advantage while using snipers but the new war gamemode and map made up for that. All of the guns were usable and good. ARs felt amazing, SMGs melted up close, LMGs were outstanding and longer ranges, especially on their bipods. Shotguns actually felt good and useable as well as the snipers. Another problem I came across was the fact that the game just seemed very SMG friendly. Everyone used them, hopefully with the addition to new and bigger maps this will make people use other guns. The new menu is very clean and nice. A problem i came across with it though was that you can't actually tell if your friend has joined your party. The only way of seeing is going into your party settings and make sure his/her name is there. I also really like the ability to pick character faces and I also love the Divisions idea instead of create a class . I will be playing it again next week in the open beta where more things will be added which should be even more fun. But for the games first beta, it is very good and steady game. The servers were fantastic. Never lagged or got disconnected once. The level was capped at 20 then was raised to 25 which gave us a few extra items bit nothing too big. I can't wait to see what zombies will be like as for only playing a still in beta and very small part of the game, I have been very happy with the outcome. If you have any questions to ask please feel free to ask me anything and I'll try and answer the best I can! :)
  15. Zombie TCG (Ultimate Guide)

    Awesome post buddy. I love these cards. Trying to get the Mrs to play with me but she would rather play the actual game lmao.