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  1. This one was in the first (W@W) version mate.'
  2. Fun little quiz that I stumbled upon! You have 12 minutes to type in the names of as many Gobblegums as you know. The list is up to date with all the Zombies Chronicles Gobblegums, there are 63 to name in total. https://www.sporcle.com/games/ChunkyFunTimes/all-gobblegums-in-black-ops-3-bo3-zombies-chronicles-copy I got 71%, or 45/63. I was kicking myself over some of the ones I couldn't remember somehow. Post your scores!
  3. Map: Kino Highest round: 54 then had to quit due to lack of time Players: Solo Strategy used: Firetrap room Gobblegums used: Alchemical, Reign Drops, Shopping Free, Immolation and Cache Back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAjpql4uRZg
  4. Yeah, a few times I've bought the 100 Divinium packs when they've had the deals on cause it works out like £15 and it'd take ages to rack up 100 Diviniums. Given that I've actually put a lot of money as well as time into getting them I'd rather not lose them! Buying them like that still works out 15 pence per gum, so I'd rather not throw them away when I have the option to save them.
  5. Yeah, I mean, if you're playing with randoms then you've gotta expect quitters, especially what with people not wanting to lose their gobblegums. I personally try not to quit generally, but if it looks like a game is about to be over I'm guilty of getting out of the game to save whatever gumballs I've used. Even if there was some sort of quite statistic, I play on PC and I always just click the "airplane mode" button to disconnect anyway cause it's pretty much instant then. This can all be avoided by playing with friends, and even when I'm playing with my friends we all dashboard when it's game over time. If Diviniums weren't a) So time consuming to farm relatively little, and b) expensive to buy, then this sort of thing probably wouldn't happen.
  6. Yeah, I've been abusing this one all over the current x2 Divinium period. 2 diviniums every 5-10 minutes including restarting times and everything, doesn't get much better than that!
  7. Thought I'd post this YouTube video here. The gameplay was pretty crap tbh and I could definitely shave a few minutes off of this by playing better and getting just a little extra luck during the first 10 rounds. But hey, less than 4 minutes off being a world record which I'm sure I could cut out with a better game using this strategy, so I'll be having another attempt at some point soon.
  8. Same mate, I've only played Origins a few times. Same with all the Black Ops 2 maps really, too much messing around for my liking (Mob of the Dead doesn't seem too bad on that front and I'm always saying I'll get around to learning it one day lol). But yeah, Origins is one of the most popular maps but it's just one of those maps where you take so long getting set up, not my cuppa. I've started to abuse Gobblegums, pretty much! Any way I can find with them to make my gameplay easier or faster, I'll use them. I of course came from the old days where I started playing on W@W, so I definitely don't need them by any stretch, but I suppose where I've got so many I just use them and dashboard when I've finished my game, assuming I don't die lol.
  9. I know what you mean, I mean if I played exactly the way I used to play on BO1 then I'd get farther easier because there would be a lack of ammo problems. Dunno though, I feel like the way I used to play back then is totally different to how I play now, and I'd start getting annoyed at the slow speed of the rounds if I used the same strategies I used to use lol. Not at all to say I'm finding Kino hard, just noticed that some things have gotten easier and others have gotten harder. Still going for a round 100 on it soon though and I fully expect to get it.
  10. It's weird, suppose it's just how people perceive things a lot of the time. I've played every zombies map there's ever been and started playing in the W@W days and Kino is up there in my top 5 in terms of maps I've played the most. I just feel like the nova crawlers are a lot more aggressive and faster spawning this year for some reason, though after playing again today I definitely noticed the slower zombie spawns. I prefer the smaller maps too, though I think it comes with the territory because it seems that the larger maps also tend to be the kind of maps that have you running around for ages and doing loads of things just to build weapons, open PaP and stuff like that - Shadows and Zetsubou being prime examples, can't stand those maps.
  11. Kinda weird, cause I've done a solo game on both and I found the opposite to be true for both maps. On Kino it seems like I was almost getting screwed over quite regularly by the nova crawlers being sneaky and they seem to have sped up, whereas they were very easy to manage on Black Ops 1. On the other hand, running by the Flogger on Shi No Numa used to be really hectic on solo on Black Ops, but with the Chronicles version I was running that area with Dead Wire and got to round 50 pretty easily.
  12. That's pretty much what I was on about lol, only a handful of posts per day = dead. Even when Black Ops III was in season it wasn't much better, whereas the YouTube and Reddit communities are booming since DLC 5 was announced. Not that I'm bigging up the Reddit Zombies forum, which I see as a cancer to the community XD
  13. You make some very good points that a lot of people have probably never thought about :) I think I said before that I don't see Jason doing an interview for CoDZ because, let's face it, this forum is DEAD compared to what it used to be. If he did an interview for a forum it'd probably be the zombies Reddit I'd imagine.
  14. Wunderful Surprise: Increased chance of getting a rare weapon from the Random Box. So basically, the chances of getting the wonderweapon, specialist grenades or a Ray Gun from the box increase dramatically. Best on a "Lasts for X amount of rounds" basis.
  15. Looking like 4pm UK time for Steam users.

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