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  1. Very high round and proof for medal

    When I saw the title I was thinking round 200 lol. 41 is decent but it's not a "very high round" by any stretch mate especially on Revelations even for co-op, GG either way though
  2. Medal Request Topic

    Bump also.
  3. Crazy glitch on moon? Mechanical saw like object

    Yes mate. It's an excavator.
  4. Crazy glitch on moon? Mechanical saw like object

    Please tell me this is a troll
  5. Point Hoarding Guide

    Totally relate to this post. I mean, I'll co-operate when opening up the map and PAPing and stuff and I won't be totally selfish and I always try and make a revive where it's sensible or sometimes even if it's not as I like a challenge... but just like a real zombie apocalypse when you're teaming up with strangers, you've gotta look out for number 1 - your teammates will almost certainly be doing the same. Public games are one of the occasions where I actually love Gobblegums. They allow me to become totally self-reliant when I'm in a lobby of newbs. There are gums which allow me extra points when newbies are 'nading my kills or getting nukes at inappropriate times and costing us all points. There are some maps where it's hard to get certain perks without co-operation from your team, and in times where people just can't seem to pull it together you can fall back on gums to get what you need. Self Medication makes for an equivalent to Quick Revive in solo, so on the rare occasion that I do go down, I'm not relying on anyone to revive me, and it also allows me to go for risker revives when newbs get downed in the worst possible place. Some could argue that it's ruined the teamwork element of the game, but IMO they're wrong - bad players and selfish players have always existed, and will always exist regardless of what changes come and go.
  6. Medal Request Topic

    I'm requesting quite a lot lately it seems, sorry admins! Also just noticed I've been here for well over a year -Be a member at CoDz for 1 year -Opened a career total of 1,200 doors
  7. Medal Request Topic

    I have an idea also. We currently have a medal for completing round 100 on all Black Ops 3 maps: "In The Beginning" - Reach beyond Round 100 on all Zombies maps. I also think a round 50 on all maps medal also be a great idea. It's a hard challenge in itself!
  8. Medal Request Topic

    In to request another! - Survive a total of 500 rounds.
  9. Medal Request Topic

    In for a few more! The first two are upgrades of one I already have, the last one is a new one. -Kill a career total of 300,000 zombies - Gobble up any Gobblegum 250 times. - Play in Zombies for a collected 10 days.
  10. Medal Request Topic

    In to request a couple medals: Richtofen - Reach round 50+ in Co-Op Zombies -Earn 10 CoDz medals (I'll have a total of 10 once the one above is added!)
  11. 50 on any map is good. Unless you use Power Vac a lot, my 7 year old nephew got to 46 on Nacht using my Power Vacs XD
  12. Round 100 On Ascension

    Tbh I swore I'd never do another round 100 attempt after getting several on Black Ops 1, but it's so much faster these days thanks to Gobblegums and being able to camp more. First ever round 100 I did was on Ascension on BO1 and it took me about 14 hours, on BO3 it took me 4 and a half. Moon is also a very quick map if you use the Tunnel 11 strategy everyone's using, can be done in less than 4 hours. Same with Revelations and Shadows.
  13. Round 100 On Ascension

    Just for fun. Didn't use any newbie Gobblegums like Power Vac or Round Robbin'. I camped the spawn the whole game and it's a very easy strategy. I skipped monkey rounds with Nukes in the earlier rounds and after that let them take some perks, only keeping ones that they couldn't access besides Quick Revive later on (Jugg was locked away and I used Reign Drops to get it). I had a very stupid down on round 85, got too cocky and dived for a Death Machine and got trapped. Other than that, no real problems, though with this down and Jugg being locked away I went until round 97 without Jugg, I was trying to spam the machine for Reign Drops but I wasn't getting Jugg from it which in a way turned out to be a blessing, as the spamming also meant spamming some Alchemicals and stuff which meant nice fast rounds.
  14. M1911 and Ak74-u now available on Zombies Chronicles

    Yeah apparently they've added attachments onto the AK and the Galil rather than not putting them in weapon kits. Lazy!
  15. M1911 and Ak74-u now available on Zombies Chronicles

    The AK isn't in the zombies weapon kits, just FYI