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  1. Zombies confessions

    On solo, all the time. On random games, I do try and just play until everyone quits or I get bored and leave.
  2. Zombies confessions

    I'm also guilty of not bothering with EEs. I did all of them in Black Ops 1 thanks to my friends being into them at the time, but those friends no longer play. I do however love the Moon easter egg and have done it with randoms several times on Black Ops 3, but I've not done a single BO3 easter egg otherwise.
  3. The Final Reich reactions thread

    It's good. Better than IW zombies, that's for sure, but it still doesn't hold a candle to Treyarch zombies for me. The vibe was a step in the right direction, zombies are supposed to be scary and WWII has it right. That's something that Treyarch has lacked in many of its recent maps. Sledgehammer's community support has also been shockingly bad, quite frankly, whereas Treyarch do actually listen to the community. Gonna take a LOT more to convince me that Sledgehammer can compete with Treyarch, at this point - I've not even bought the season pass yet, that's how unconfident I am in Sledgehammer as it stands.
  4. The Final Reich Highest Round

    I'm going for my own record as well Attempting 100 at some point.
  5. The Final Reich Highest Round

    Crashed on round 63 solo Here's a bit of footage from 58-60, I liked these few rounds as it shows everything I do in Brenner rounds and the boss rounds also. If you turned off all other sounds apart from Olivia's voice when you're in the saw trap room, it'd sound like porn
  6. What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    I wanna see a zombies campaign where you reply the entire zombies story in campaign style. Can't see it happening of course, but it's a nice idea I think.
  7. What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    We will almost certainly see some remasters of old maps, the community went nuts for Chronicles and always do for remasters of old maps. You can pretty much guarantee that a remaster will come as a pre-order or special edition bonus with the game when it releases, they've been doing this since Black Ops 1. It wouldn't mean they wouldn't be able to work on new maps, the remastered maps would be additional. Eisendrache is probably the most highly-rated BO3 original map as well.
  8. What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    The remaining BO1 and 2 maps all remastered and a return to a somewhat believable storyline.
  9. Very high round and proof for medal

    When I saw the title I was thinking round 200 lol. 41 is decent but it's not a "very high round" by any stretch mate especially on Revelations even for co-op, GG either way though
  10. Medal Request Topic

    Bump also.
  11. Crazy glitch on moon? Mechanical saw like object

    Yes mate. It's an excavator.
  12. Crazy glitch on moon? Mechanical saw like object

    Please tell me this is a troll
  13. Point Hoarding Guide

    Totally relate to this post. I mean, I'll co-operate when opening up the map and PAPing and stuff and I won't be totally selfish and I always try and make a revive where it's sensible or sometimes even if it's not as I like a challenge... but just like a real zombie apocalypse when you're teaming up with strangers, you've gotta look out for number 1 - your teammates will almost certainly be doing the same. Public games are one of the occasions where I actually love Gobblegums. They allow me to become totally self-reliant when I'm in a lobby of newbs. There are gums which allow me extra points when newbies are 'nading my kills or getting nukes at inappropriate times and costing us all points. There are some maps where it's hard to get certain perks without co-operation from your team, and in times where people just can't seem to pull it together you can fall back on gums to get what you need. Self Medication makes for an equivalent to Quick Revive in solo, so on the rare occasion that I do go down, I'm not relying on anyone to revive me, and it also allows me to go for risker revives when newbs get downed in the worst possible place. Some could argue that it's ruined the teamwork element of the game, but IMO they're wrong - bad players and selfish players have always existed, and will always exist regardless of what changes come and go.
  14. Medal Request Topic

    I'm requesting quite a lot lately it seems, sorry admins! Also just noticed I've been here for well over a year -Be a member at CoDz for 1 year -Opened a career total of 1,200 doors
  15. Medal Request Topic

    I have an idea also. We currently have a medal for completing round 100 on all Black Ops 3 maps: "In The Beginning" - Reach beyond Round 100 on all Zombies maps. I also think a round 50 on all maps medal also be a great idea. It's a hard challenge in itself!