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  1. Welcome to the forums ZombieProfessional :)

  2. Der Riese Missing Zombie? how did we miss him?

    Happened once, not long ago. I heard the zombie litrally everywhere (and I swear, I heard 2 zombies... sound is messed up on verruckt, and der riese) after 10-15 mins he showed up from somewhere, I don't know where he was. I got a glitched zombie once in BO shoninuma (you know, these glitchy W@W zombies, stuck on a window shaking his head like a retard). Very rare in BO1, for me at least
  3. BO's Verrückt's Wunder Weapon

    Winters howl is crap man. Even as backup gun, plain shit. I got some Idea spinning in my head: Wouldn't it be awesome if all the wonderweapons in BO1 are randomly on all maps? I mean if you start verruckt for example, the game randomly decides which wonderweapon is on the map (just one of course), so (with luck) you could get the waffle on verruckt, the thundergun on five, the babymaker on kino. Hehe.
  4. Is the EE solved yet?

    There is no EE on kino. I still wonder why, but there is no EE.
  5. Max Ammos from Wunderwaffe kills

    I tested this, you can get Max Ammos (and only max ammos afaik) from electrified zombies... I don't know why but the chances for a max ammo is really, really high when the zombie is running and electrified. I got 3 (yes, three) max ammos at once from a horde... crazy man. Is this intentional or some sort of bug?