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  1. Ok, so I was playing Origins as Dempsey and I was about to hit the box, first a scoripion evo, then dual five sevens, everything was normal until I got a raygun, what he said after taking it made me raise an eyebrow, he said "Oh, I've seen this before, I think it was in a comic!". Now if you don't remember, the weasel from MOTD was a comic book artist and actually drew the raygun, this right here shows that Origins and MOTD are in the same universe, and SOE is in the same universe as MOTD, meaning Origins and SOE are also in the same universe, please write below what you think this could mean, thanks for reading . P.S in Origins near the fire portal you can hear 1930's-40's swing music, I guess the devs were teasing SOE a while back XD

    After countless grueling hours of research, I have come to a final conclusion, the new creature is in fact, a gift certificate to Ruby Tuesdays. I'd like to thank my mother, my father, Gary and Brock, my sister's cat's dog's fish's cousin's brother's uncle's police cheif's russian defector's Lenin's clone's one eyed shark's aunt, and of course, my great grandfather who works at Treyarch.
  3. Multiverse Of Zombies

    Great video as always, we talked a bit about the multiverse in the chat room yesterday and I wanted to add a few things if that's ok. So first off, we came to the conclusion that the child scene actually takes place in Aether rather than the actual Origins universe, this is why both Sam and Eddie are both there controlling the NO4, we don't quite understand why it's set up like a board game, but whatever. The second thing we found is the teleporter can in fact cross dimensions, thus creating a single dimension composed of the others, so pretty much the multiverse you talked about. Lastly we all agreed that SOE was in fact a bridge between the new timeline and the afterlife timeline. One thing I have to say about the events of Verrukt, if you look at the power switch you'll notice Peter's hand is missing meaning we may be able to save him, you can find a thread about that in one of the sections of the forum, I forget which one. Everything else seems to be perfectly on point, this is most certainly the best theory we have so far. BTW we came up with some names for the universes if you want to use them in future videos. Universe 1 = Original Universe 2 = Afterlife Universe 3 = Aether Universe 4 = Nuverse or New universe Universe 5 = Multiverse
  4. Small things you may have not noticed

    Ok so, RADAUSTIN27 said the symbols were actually like the power boxed from MOTD, and the weird squid monster the guy turns into is an updated version of ghost mode, sounds about right to me, what do you guys think?
  5. Shadows of Evil breakdown

    That would actually be pretty cool, maybe one of the Jazz clubs will have a long line of perks
  6. Shadows of Evil breakdown

    Ok, so HYPE! S of E looks absolutely amazing! I'm in the middle of breaking down the trailer so here's what I found so far, please help me add to the list, thanks! Weapons - Black Ops 3 basic weapons, what appears to be a British sten gun, a 38. special, the hells retriever in the form of a sword? Fire breathing riot shield , very big grenade of some sort, demon arm things from darkness 1 and 2? Perks - I didn't see any perk machines, but I did see a few "Dr. Monty's" bubblegum machines, one was glowing red (Jugg?), one was glowing purple (PHD?), one was glowing yellow (Stamin Up?), it also appeared to have a few other effects, one similar to zombie blood in origins, one could have either given the guy a power-up, revealed hidden power-ups, or granted more power ups, one made the character explode into a ball of fire killing every zombie around her and possibly teleporting her, and one turned the guy into the weird squid beast thing. UPDATE 1: I just found out the purple gumball has a quick revive symbol on it Characters - A mobster, a magician, a prostitute, and a street fighter. Boss zombies - What appeared to be a bug/sea creature of some sort, I think it could be the swamp monster that killed Gary and Brock, but that's a long shot. It looked like you had to shoot off it's heads to kill it and after, it spawned little flying bug things. Extras/Easter Eggs - I saw a few of those cuniforms we keep seeing, my bet is they're part of the EE, also there was a sacrifice much like the one in COTD, also probably a part of the EE. That's all I have so far, please feel free to add to the list
  7. A closer look at BO3 zombies.

    ​Speaking of the "Only the Cursed Survive" poster, I think we might actually play as a form of cursed humans, maybe you have some type of dark magic that resembles the cybernetic arms seen in campaign and multiplayer, it's a little bit out there, but it's 3arc so you never quite know, also note that the "cursed" man's eyes aren't lit up yellow like the zombies, meaning he's either a playable character or a new boss. As for death cards, they are definitely a possibility, perhaps they play in with the new level up system, maybe they do things like give you better chances of good weapons or "perma perk" like effects from BO2.
  8. A closer look at BO3 zombies.

    Alright, so we've pretty much confirmed the zombies are in fact Germans, maybe nazis, geared up for colder warfare, awesome . Now idk if anyone else remembers, but in Black Ops 1 there was a level in which the player takes the role of Reznov and leads the Russians to Fredrich Steiner, a nazi scientist who experimented with NOVA 6, after he is found and captured *SPOILERS* he double crosses you as well as your friends and they turn on you and kill a few Russians + Petrenko with NOVA 6 gas, this level takes place during winter and the Germans are dressed very close to how they appear in the 2 second video, I'll put some screenshots from the level below. Anyway this leads me to believe the map might take place on the abandoned Nova 6 ship or near the Artic German bases throughout the level
  9. A closer look at BO3 zombies.

    So there isn't much to talk about at first sight, but I figure if we go in depth enough we can reveal some pretty important things about BO3 zombies . First off I have to mention the uniforms the zombies appear to be wearing, they seem to be Russian/German/Finnish winter uniforms, this means two things, the map will be in a snow based environment and it will take place somewhere between the 30's to the 40's. Now I have two theories, 1.The map will take place directly after Origins, not in Eddy and Sams imagination, but in real life, in the Maxis estate. My second theory is you may be in the future and all the time travel bs placed a certain group of survivors in an area filled with undead zombies, similar to what happened in Buried/Die Rise. Please feel free post your thoughts and speculations below
  10. 5 maps on release?

    ​I meant different maps, those maps are just TranZit for lazy people XD
  11. 5 maps on release?

    I've been thinking about how zombies is gonna be with 3arc having an extra year and all and I came to the conclusion that not only will it be more developed, but we also might be getting 5 maps on launch day Think about it, it only takes them a few months to make a map, so they could easily include the regular amount on release, plus DLC maps in the future giving us 9 maps by the end What do you guys think?
  12. Welcome to the forums ZOMBIESLAYER10 :)