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  1. The Flesh

    I've been wondering about the Flesh, and I agree with what's been said in that it's a shame they didn't go any further with that particular group. They may yet be explored in the next game, but Bo2 to me felt like a filler, Mob of the Dead offered something that really piqued my interest and made me wonder in Weasel would play a pivotal role later on. I could be wrong there. It also suggested the possibility of a 'devil' as prior mentioned in Five, and many previous maps. The Flesh could perhaps be sacrificing people to this 'being'. Other than that. what else do have to go on.
  2. Welcome to the forums STOTTINMAD :)


    It's possible that Nacht could be a source of how the infection began in America. As it was during WW2, could be the Germans had managed to infiltrate deep into America and in a test unleashed the element 115 upon that area. From there it spread. It's a possible theory but I doubt it.

    It's in a cornfield where else is better to hide a secret base of sorts. Possible German infiltration I think.
  5. My previous post was a little rushed sorry. It was just stating that i'm kind of thinking the bus driver was built by those working for 935 or was built by Richtofen possibly before he went into the pyramid. Again until release, I have no telling if I'm right. Why I mentioned the eyes. Just thought I'd rephrase it a little, as it made barely any sense my last post.
  6. The mention of the bus driver and his anger 'kind' of and speak with literal surety that this would be the case, that he is in fact a product of Richtofen or if 935 were in Tranzit at one point. They built, and as he is a machine, his alliegance could be unknown to us. It could be that later on as more maps come out once the game is released, that he takes us to a 935 outpost. Alternatively, I also see this bus as a human trap due to it being quite confined. Agree or disagree up to you, someone on twitter disagreed and I listed my reasons, he still hasn't replied. Just one final note isn't his eyes 'blue'.
  7. Take a ride on the TranZit Bus! Delivery 8. New footage.

    Most likely used for climbing to normally unreachable places, if it was a buildable item imagine turning it into some kind of spear or something.
  8. What do you think?

    The zombies look badass, their mechanics have improved a lot from the looks of it.
  9. The Ultimate Zombie Media Thread - Origins

    i was just reading through the transcripts before and at the mention 'shields' is that relating to Der Riese, just if it is, my theory on there being a shield around the facility was kind of right. I think. Anyhow as for the trailer, it seems I've missed much speculating, the tower of babel seems interesting, and I've found something else The Irish Ulysses (http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=v4rsTDbiS6MC&pg=PA53&lpg=PA53&dq=ulysses+tower+of+babel&source=bl&ots=SViHQhBO58&sig=DGwpEB6oa8DqCkYwJfl2MLd4RXQ&hl=en&sa=X&ei=u3FlUMzOIZDI0AWf2YGoDg&ved=0CCMQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=ulysses%20tower%20of%20babel&f=falseA small extract from the ebook - An archetontic structure is the work of an Architeton, a 'master builder'. Structures, buildings, towers, are recurring images in Joyce's work. In Finnegan's Wake a controlling metaphor is the Tower of Babel, and in Ulysess we also find the recurrent image of the tower. Goidels (http://www.eupedia.com/forum/showthread.php?26446-Origin-of-the-Goidels-in-North-West-Germany) Seems to relate to old Gaelic languages and as such the Celts. Their origin is rooted in North West Germany. And Seem to relate to 'Bell Beakers' probably not important, but the German origins is certainly an intriguing thing. Now I've found a Irish Hero called Goidel Glas and once more relates to the Book of Invasions, and is mixed with Genesis from the Bible. Goidel is apparently the originator of the Gaelic language. This is also happening during the chaos of the Tower of Babel Finnegans Wake Wrote by James Joyce and near impossible to read. He also completed worked on Ulysess. I've found a pdf file - http://www.pooter.net/archive/avalon/joyce/Wake1.1.pdf The Book of Invasions There is also a mentioning of the Tower of Babel in here. References to other towers Martello Tower O'Hara's tower in Gilbatrar.
  10. Tombstone

    Theres seems to be a similiarity between this tombstone and the way packapunched weapons look. Could be relating to Satan. A sign of his imminient rise to power in the Aether, hopefully using Richtofen as his puppet. I apologise if I'm wrong, just reminded me of a Alphasnake post on satanism that's all.
  11. What do you think?

    Better go and get the wooden planks. We going to need them and I'm not talking about boarding windows. I would love to see melee weapons take a more unique role even if its like one use or something. You got no ammo. Whack them in the head and run for the bus. Also can you imagine how awful it would be if you missed that bus. Turned around and then knew even before they reached you.
  12. What do you think?

    It was exactly what I hoped. It looks more challenging and best of all scary.
  13. Big things I noticed in the zombie trailer

    What if the thing controlling the bus is more or less spectral. Powering more or less through its ghostly powers thanks to the Aether and its new controller Richtofen.
  14. The Mustang Update

    Awesome, and that has given me hope.
  15. The Mustang Update

    I'm on the fence with premium, probably won't bother with it, as paying to do things, is just not me. Not that i'm against it in anyway of course, the donations you'll recieve will help keep this place alive. Not that I don't like medals idea, the reward just don't seem to match the them of this sire, surely there must be a way to bring back brains, even if it means starting from square one.