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  1. I eata one too many a pizza....

  2. That picture gif tho

  3. Happy Thanksgiving from your unlovable Tattoo :) bring on the food coma!

  4. Dummkopt

    You're Banned!

    Banned for being the biggest ghost lady I've ever seen.
  5. Dummkopt

    Tranzit hate???

    l'm with you, good map. There are plenty of maps that could be considered to be bigger than they seem, only for the fact they are not trainable, and going back, its been pretty fun defending the bus in mid rounds, I used to never survive on the bus lol. But I can easily navigate through fog no matter the round as long as I keep moving forward, and have galvaknuckles.   I think most peoples gripe was, and still is that Trazit was made out to be something it isn't. I know I was expecting a campaign style experience with lots of story and in all honesty, the original four to be returned to Earth somehow to continue on. It reeks of being unfinished, so being let down over that also weighed heavy on how people viewed it.    At first I was unhappy with the map, now I enjoy it more than some other maps on BO2, once I adjusted to the direction Treyarch was taking the game it wasn't so bad. Terrible easter egg, great map, plus EMPs are just fun lol   I had no idea the game could crash from training in the fog, was this solo or mp? 
  6. Dummkopt

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    This is Tattoo247, I couldn't sign in at home for some reason so I made this secondary account. Your overlap begins at 2:52:40.   If I notice anything else I'll edit this, even better the second time through, I wish it had been laid out this simple from the beginning.     EDIT: I just finished it, everything else was great.
  7. Welcome to the forums Dummkopt :)

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