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  1. Middles Ages Zombie Map Idea ("The Plague") with concept art

    This is the coolest idea for a zombies map I've heard in a while I've only got afew addition. -The Dragon should be a zombie and work the same way as the robots in Origins, only instead of crushing you he burns you. -The Easter egg would then involve defeating the dragon with all the staves -The Characters should be the 04's ancestors -With them being the 04's ancestors it would explain their immunity to 115 as well as the hidden photo from origins. -Blue eyed zombies? -Can only get modern weapons from the box -New Dragon themed Wonder Weapon -Brutus type miniboss, every few rounds all the zombies will revert to Round 1 stats but only give off 10 points when killed, once this begins THE WITCH will spawn. WALL BUYS -Steam Powered LMG's, just LMG's with a steampunk style. -Dynamite launcher, a basic grenade launcher. -Cannon Gun, this gun would effectively fly through hordes of enemies. BUILDABLES -The Broadsword, the Sword would be a 1 hit kill up to round 20 but only has 50 uses before it breaks and must be replaced PAP'd it'll have infinite uses be much faster and be 1 hit kill up to round 45. Will edit this post as I come up with more ideas...
  2. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    It appeared as though Treyarch has heard your prayers!
  3. What are you listening right now?

    Shitty remix lol I like the original more
  4. You're Banned!

    You're banned for not liking turned as much as me