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  1. ZA TRAILER IS HERE! (In dutchlands)

    TFW you're on Xbox and PC. :| Ah well, I'll have custom zombies to give me my "new" zombies.
  2. Let the Awakening begin!


    In my honest opinion, I've noticed the campaign team managed to set a great atmosphere and managed to give a decent backstory to the characters. In Mob of the Dead, we knew a lot more about the MOTD4 in one map than we ever did about the TranZit 4 in 3 maps. Their backstories were simple (criminals, all apart of the same mob, etc) unlike the TranZit 4 who were confusing as hell. Broken Arrow ring a bell anyone? Hell, even Brutus has more known about him than "The Giant" in Buried.
  4. A horrible year for France.

  5. Shadows of Evil Jump-Scare EE - Zombified Richtofen

    Somewhat related to the same topic, but has anyone found a jumpscare in The Giant yet?
  6. I hope DLC works perfectly.
  7. Shadows of Evil Jump-Scare EE - Zombified Richtofen

    Maybe a hint to what'll happen at the end of BO3 zombies maybe? Wouldn't be the first time a game I've played has shown the ending at the beginning.....
  8. Shadows of Evil Jump-Scare EE - Zombified Richtofen

    That is honestly weak. :\ I wonder why they did a zombie Richtofen though? The other 2 jumpscares in CODZombies were seemingly random things.

    My predictions for the years: Beginning of 2016: "We are proud to announce Nuk3town is free for everybody!!!!" Summer 2018: "Nuk3t0wn 2918 available for everyone who pre-orders Black Ops 4!!!" Beginning of 2019: "Nuk3t0wn 2918 available for everyone!!!"
  10. The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    @Rissole25 I saw that video the other day and couldn't stop laughing at how cheeky the fat boy was. Offers to help them with their project. Doesn't, spends 3 hours on THEIR Xbox, swears and abuses them when they ask him to leave! How fucking cheeky. And hilarious.
  11. So people found zombie audio files on the PC beta..... :P


  12. Black Ops III Beta - Your Reviews / Newsletter

    It has been 3 years and this issue STILL exists! Incase you didn't get the joke: Join a random match, you're shoved on the losing side with everyone who barely knows how to work a controller.
  13. Evidence for TranZit being in the 60's: * The TranZit bus being heard at Round 4 on Nuketown Zombies. * If Nuketown is linked, the map we play on is the destroyed version of Nuketown from Black Ops 1, which was set in the 1960's. Evidence for TranZit being in 2025: * The Driver is way to advanced for 1960's technology. * The weapons we use are from the "future" era of the Black Ops 2 campaign, in both Nuketown and TranZit.
  14. MOTD Jumpscare EE is Nero?

    I was browsing the COD Zombies subreddit when I saw someone post this image with the title "There is a slight resemblence, what do you think?" http://i.imgur.com/H3TfH21.jpg Many people generally accept the "guy" in the jumpscare image is Russman, or no one/nothing of significance. But after seeing this, I can see a resemblence... What do you think? Credit does to Reddit user TheResort.