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  1. Most of my 360/PS3 friends weren't going to get this anyways, but the few ones that did pretty much canceled that plan. I feel bad for the 360/PS3 players, but honestly I think it's a sacrifice that has to be made so COD, as well as next-gen, can move on. Old consoles just can't support new games anymore.
  2. Nothing Is M-Possible: About to release my first mixtape

    Here It Is! I finally dropped it a couple of days, and have received positive reviews from around my local area, and even sold around 45 hard copies (so far) If anyone is down to give a review, that would be awesome! Hope ya'll like it!
  3. Nothing Is M-Possible: About to release my first mixtape

    I will, thanks for the enthusiasm, it means a lot! I made sure to be very lyrical and open on this mixtape. I do have a couple of banger-type songs, but I made sure that they fit in to the grand scheme of the mixtape, and that there was wordplay because I didn't want to compromise the integrity of the project. I'll be sure to post a link once I'm done mixing it. Yeah, it's been a while. A lot of it was just working up to the level to make something I can be proud of, and I also used to have a lot of doubt. Cause even though it's my first project, I didn't want to make something that I'd be embarrassed by, I wanted something that I can enjoy myself. And I appreciate the respect, it means a lot.
  4. Homosexuality / Marriage

    So when did you choose to be a heterosexual? Not trying to be patronizing, as I would never criticize someone for supporting what the holy book of their religion states. Just genuinely curious as to when one would make the choice to be gay or straight. I know for one, I never chose, I was naturally attracted to those of the opposite sex. I feel that I didn't have to choose as I never had those temptations to be gay. I feel like gay people have the temptation of being gay, just like I have the temptation of lust. I guess I kind of believe that perhaps we all have temptations, some of us have different ones, and its kind of like a lifelong test from God to see how much faith we have in him.
  5. I know I've said it a million times, but in just a couple weeks, I will finally be releasing my first musical project. I have spent the last 2 years diligently working on my first mixtape, (it'll be free) writing hundreds of songs, and even performing a few times. I recorded the majority of it this summer, and I am currently working on the mixing process, which is tricky, but it has to be done. Now you're probably wondering what this project is called. I have called it "Nothing Is M-Possible" because I feel that it describes me in a couple of ways. For one, it can be taken as it sounds. Some of you may not know, but my rap name is M-Possible. Growing up, I've always had a lot of self-doubt, and have dealt with depression multiple times. I really touch on this side of me a lot, because there have been many times where I felt that I was "nothing." Another way to take it is "Nothing Is Impossible." During the last year, I really started turning my life around, accomplishing a lot of what I thought I never could. I got everyone in my area to respect me for once. I'm really trying to push the message that despite whatever odds you may face, it is possible to overcome them and achieve your goals. Onto the tracklist, I worked extra hard to make sure every song serves a purpose, and flows really well with the rest of the project. Due to this, tens of songs were thrown away. But hey, you do what you have to. 1. Nothing Is M-Possible - The opening track, I discuss how my life has changed in just the last year, and I shed light on what my depressed mind-state was like. 2. Schuzzie Life ft. D.Rho, Kole Spell - An ode to the independent label I have built with my musician friends, this banger celebrates the good life. 3. Your Year - A chill motivational song urging listeners to make 2015 "your year." Wordplay is abundant on this one. 4. One Day - Featuring a reggae-sampling hook, this record is about wanting to change the world around me and help out those in need. 5. Like Yeah - Every line contains some sort of wordplay. Asserting dominance, this song is about not taking "no" for an answer, in terms of achieving your goals. 6. Way I Feel ft. Brett Poulton - Probably the catchiest song on the tape, this song is basically about how well I'd treat a certain someone if I had her lol. 7. Inside Out - Taking a look back at how bad my depression was, this sad tune is about how I've had suicidal tendencies, and luckily, never acted on them. 8. Pay Homage ft. Fudge - Dedicated to those who treated me like shit but are now trying to act like friends, I remind the leeches around me that there's only one person I'll pay homage to. 9. Got Dream$ - Indulging on my lust for a lavish lifestyle, I examine the "dreams" I have and things I'd like to obtain. 10. The Dark Side ft. Triggar8 - Extremely old-school, this song is about those that continue to hate me, and it's basically me releasing my anger. 11. Interlude - This one basically bridges between "The Dark Side" and "There Will Be Tears." 12. There Will Be Tears - Directed towards those who are currently depressed or lacking confidence, I do my best to try to remind them that while there may be tears, there is always hope. 13. (BONUS) Like Yeah Remix ft. MattyIce, RP McFly - A rework of "Like Yeah", this song is probably the most lyrical one on the tape. 14. (BONUS) Supernova ft. Kole Spell, D.Rho - Recorded in the summer of 2014, this was one of my first decent songs, and it's basically just all of us "going hard." I am so excited to finally be releasing in a matter of weeks, and it's so crazy seeing people hyped up for it. If you're interested, or have any questions, just comment on this thread lol, I'll be sure to post links once I release it. I appreciate all support and such, it's crazy that I'm going to finally be able to share my life with the people around me in a unique way, and I really got to work with some talented people during its creation.
  6. Homosexuality / Marriage

    As a christian, do I believe it's a sin? Yes, yes I do. I believe it's a temptation that some people have, just like some people are tempted by greed. However, do I believe they should be denied the same rights I enjoy? No. This isn't a theocracy, and besides, it's legal to divorce, which is clearly a sin. You don't have to approve of an action to approve of it being legalized.
  7. Looks dope until the tentacle monster lol. I'll give it a chance, it definitely beats TranShit. Collectors edition seems dope as well. I really hope the game ships with more than one map tho.
  8. www.jimmyzielinski.com

    I'm kinda sad cause I like Jimmy and his cryptic-ness and how he connected with the community. I hope for the best for BO3, and maybe I'm strange, but I really liked Die Rise, Buried, and MOTD but didn't like Origins or TranZit. The story sucked for the most part on BO2, but MOTD did good with its own story and atmosphere.
  9. PS4 to get DLC early

    It sucks, but we shouldn't blame Treyarch. Blame Activision. I'll still get the game though, I never contributed too much to the theories, and if rumors are to be believed, we'll have a decent amount of maps on disc. I have faith in Treyarch on this game, as long as they don't make garbage maps like TranZit or Shangri La that is lol. I don't really care about campaign or MP either, though I know the game will take a hit because of the competitive scene having a preference of Xbox.
  10. It's Official: CODZ Will Be At E3

    Have fun! I bet it'll be amazing, oh and make sure to tell us about the playable demo that is supposed to be there!
  11. ​Took me a second to find but lol
  12. I'm back

    Thanks everyone!
  13. ​Exactly. Most MP players I know aren't even purchasing this game because of it being futuristic, which I say is stupid to do, but they're leaving COD behind nonetheless. Players hated Ghosts, and AW split players up, with half of the fanbase enjoying it, and the other half hating it and abandoning it. Some people had hope with BO3 being a Treyarch game, and being current-gen only, but now that's gone. To be honest, this is probably going to be a rocky launch for COD, and if this game isn't good, COD will probably have 1 or 2 more games before being done for.
  14. I'm back

    ​Thanks! It's nice to see the site all upgraded and stuff by the way!
  15. I'm back

    There appears to be many new members since I left, so I'm not sure if everyone will remember me, but for those that do, I'm back. And if you didn't, well I guess this is an introduction lol. Anyways, I disappeared because my music career has been taking off locally, and I've been devoting most of my time to recording and performing. However, I want to stay "in the loop" for Black Ops 3, and I miss the old days so I have returned. I won't be extremely active, but I'll post when I can, and hopefully, once I purchase the DLC for AW, I can get into that discussion also. Hope everyone's been doing fine. Oh, and I have a map idea I've been working on for a while that I will probably post in the coming months for those that are interested