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  1. Murdah4Hire

    Tranzit hate???

    I had it happen to me on multiple occasions both solo and with a team.First time it happened I thought my disc may have been dirty or it was something on my end but it was the game. With a team I was kicked from the game and solo I got an error code message or something like that. It wouldnt crash instantly but after about 7-10mins of training in the fog I would get kicked . To be honest I havent tried doing this since around the time Die Rise came out when I stopped playing tranzit on a normal basis. So maybe they fixed it(which I doubt) but I dont play tranzit enough to care anymore even  if they did.
  2. Murdah4Hire

    Tranzit hate???

    I didnt mind Tranzit as much as other people I accepted it for what it was. The thing that pissed me off was the damn fog I managed to run trains in the fog w/ knuckles for the denizens and the game couldnt handle it and crashed on me multiple times so running trains in fog was not a strategy I could use when playing with a team or solo.
  3. Murdah4Hire

    Galvaknuckle Room Glitch (now patched)

    So now that this has been patched is it safe to call if a "glitch"? Will the leaderboards be reset? My round 79game bearly puts me in the top 6,000 seeing as ppl who cheated used that glitch got past 100 with ease.I know treyarch doesn't want to take the time to watch every single players games back to see who got to a high round cheating and who didnt.
  4. Murdah4Hire

    Galvaknuckle Room Glitch (now patched)

    Only people who will use and abuse this are ppl who have never been able to achieve high rounds legit as someone who has earned my high round on die rise(76 suicide) i would have no problem if treyarch erased the leaderboards for die rise just once and put a few new spawn points in that area because its dumb how ppl never have to move and just shoot in one direction to get to a high round now. If its not a glitch it sure as hell is cheap and requires 0 skill.

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