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  1. What Is Your Favorite Persistent Upgrade?

    Figured I would just quote you since you said what I was going to say myself.
  2. Why can't I get a decent match?

    Have to strongly disagree with all due respect. The last 4-5 games I played were alll with people who sounded like they were gonna play a decent game because they communicated and had mics. Not to mention they sounded like they had a plan so I a played (multiple games with multiple randoms) thinking to myself well maybe it might work. Nope the people with mics have no issues with dashboarding or leaving game when things turn sour for them. Over the course of 5 games of origins never had 1 game(starting with 4) go past round 14 without it turning into a solo game. This game is heavily filled with quitters right now who wanna tell you how to play blame others when they go down then quit. Having a headset might make a small difference but right now during this off season zombies is full of rage quitters who just dont care. They rage quit on round8-12 then go start a new game and do the same.
  3. Staffs

    Fire in Co-op because it kills the panzers instantly with a charge and when you have a team 3 spawn in the later rounds. I know ice is prob the best choice but the delayed effect of ice turns me off to it. With a team of randoms I will use anything because chances are game wont go past 25-30 before someone quits or we finish the EE.
  4. Filling the Chests Early is Overrated

    I agree with your post in the early rounds not enough zombies to even fill the chest. Most the time 3 randoms are fighting over kills for one of the boxes while im getting airstrikes with my shield. By the time they have punches I already have an upgraded staff(w/ Boomhilda for secondary) and airstrikes usually round 12. And thats even if no one rage quits during the 1st panzer round which happens more then I would like it to. What I can't stand is when someone dies and its automatically my fault because I didn't stick together with the rest of the team.
  5. Tranzit hate???

    I had it happen to me on multiple occasions both solo and with a team.First time it happened I thought my disc may have been dirty or it was something on my end but it was the game. With a team I was kicked from the game and solo I got an error code message or something like that. It wouldnt crash instantly but after about 7-10mins of training in the fog I would get kicked . To be honest I havent tried doing this since around the time Die Rise came out when I stopped playing tranzit on a normal basis. So maybe they fixed it(which I doubt) but I dont play tranzit enough to care anymore even  if they did.
  6. I honestly didnt mind the ranking system its us(the gamers) that go overboard with it. Don't know how many lobbies I went into and had to take flak for having shotguns because I either A. Had no life or B. Had to be a cheater. It was usually from skull ranks who had been talked down to by other Shotgun ranked players in the past and automatically assumed I was a douche as well. In all honestly the people who were stuck on skulls seemed to be the ones who cared about ranks more than anyone like they had a chip on their shoulder or something to prove. As long as your not intoxicated,cheating or a squeaker I will give anyone a shot reguardless of rank because you have to play with someone before you can determine what type of player they are. I seriously hope the next zombies has a ranking system ( I know i'm prob in the minority)but with wayyyy more ranks because shotguns were no challenge for Vets who have been around since WaW.
  7. I believe that rounds have to play some part in the ranking system just don't know how big of a part. The reason I say this is because ppl were glitching on Tranzit when BO2 first dropped and hitting past round 100 with 0 kills and ranking up. It was something to do with claymores in a corner from what I remember. Personally I have always believed your rank has to do with all your stats that show up next to your rank but when you play well your bound to have good stats i guess.
  8. Tranzit hate???

    I didnt mind Tranzit as much as other people I accepted it for what it was. The thing that pissed me off was the damn fog I managed to run trains in the fog w/ knuckles for the denizens and the game couldnt handle it and crashed on me multiple times so running trains in fog was not a strategy I could use when playing with a team or solo.
  9. Call of Duty Online Zombies

    I hope this ends up getting released to the masses it would be great to have this to take the edge off waiting for the next treyarch title. Hopefully if its good people will make enough nose for activison to at least consider it. I read treyarch nor infinty ward had anything to do with making this so i'm really interested to see how it turns out.
  10. I would say just play regular solo or with a team and avoid custom zombies(mainly easy) cause your rounds wont ever register. If you are getting 1500-2k kills a game im assuming that what high 30's? I read someone's post who was experimenting and said consistent high rounds plays a higher factor than kdr it was a very long post and detailed but I can't vouch for him.
  11. It is possible to get shotguns without playing co-op that's the way I achieved them. I earned mine about 2 weeks after getting the game and there was no DLC(I don't count nuketown since i deleted from my hardrive)out yet. Also before I ranked up to shotguns I NEVER played 1 game of grief. I did play Tranzit once or twice but never got passed like round 20 with a team because of finding people glitching in the tunnel with the shield or power room not to mention as soon as people would die the leaderboard would stop counting after they rage quit. At the time I didnt even know what the Rank system was just played as I normally do. The Ranking system might of changed a little from the time the game came out but I just wanted to add this to the thread so others would know.
  12. Gibs are body parts shot or blown off the zombies bodies.
  13. Not Sure what platform you played Black Ops 1 on but boy it sure had its fair share of ragequitters for xbox BO2 is not any better or worst. I remember being in games as early as 2-3 and boom Host Ended Game same for 30-40's. Majority of Zombies players moved to BO2 so things in Bo1 seem to be forgotten.Only reason I keep saying stats matter is because of the shotgun ranks with low kdrs if kdr was the only criteria alot more people would have shotties. Im starting to believe that Deaths matter more than downs as the person I said had about a .51 kdr only had about 10 deaths (yup hes a rage quitter) as where he had a few hundred downs.Only thing that stood out about his stats is he had a fair amount of revives which I have heard a few times played a decent sizes factor in Rank.Nothing is forsure but the more we discuss and compare the closer we get to kinda figuring this crap out. Also I know this is off topic but recently I ran through a few rants on the Activison Forums about how ranks runied zombies but when I read those post i scratched my head...Then I said ummmm does no one remember ppl backing out as soon as the leaderboards loaded and they didnt see what they liked? Maybe I am the only one who remembers these things idk.
  14. Keeping the pistol until round whatever isn't a bad idea but you and I see things differently which is fine but its something that works.A rage quitter will always be a rage quitter no matter what its not something that happens in one game some ppl are just rage quitters. From things I have read it seems like everything plays a factor because I have someone on my friends list with no really high rounds. He also has like 300 downs and about 17,000 kills and has shotguns (about a .51kdr)....btw Korro we are gonna have to agree to disagree because you have your way of playing and I have mine and they both seem to work for each of us and we wont be changing eachothers minds on that anytime soon.
  15. So because I'm good and don't need a legit secondary that makes me tryhard(thats about as stupid as calling someone who does better then you on multiplayer tryhard)status? Ive been doing stuff like not packing my pistol till mid 20's since BO1 because the game is so easy you have to create your own challenges.Again every single thing that is kept track of has to matter or they wouldn't of shown us these certain things such as headshots ect.No one knows exactly how the system works but having better stats cant hurt on top of getting to decent rounds.This place is not where rumors start this is where ppl try to help eachother maybe your thinking of another forum or the comment section on youtube.