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  1. Unless it's been patched, only the host needs the summoning key and gate worms and everyone else will get the rk5 also upon successful completion of the entire EE.
  2. The mechanics were changed whereby you now need to use 'in plain sight' gobblegum while shooting the 3 skeleton locations. Hope this helps
  3. Time for an unpopular list. If you said to me you wanted to play any map across treyarch zombies I would say: tranzit gorod krovi verrukt die rise This is based on the nostalgia of playing those maps. i typically play 1 map at a time and then leave it for another. I'm currently playing mob getting the old achievements. Love the atmosphere, in principle afterlife is ok but had my first experience of having 3 lives and not being in a position to escape which was shitty. MOTD and origins won't make my list and I haven't played moon enough to add it.
  4. happy christmas and new year my z slaying chums x !
  5. I believe that is the perkaholic calling card from crate drops
  6. I have no idea where i'm pulling this from but i remember reading something about how they were old assets left over in the game files as they would bring stuff from the old game into the new to work on. With that being said do not let me dissuade you from EE hunting, there is definitely stuff still to be found!
  7. Sorry the radio silence, Im unfortunately now away in South Africa for a few weeks with work so off the gaming scene (and its killing me!). Would love to hook up with you guys when im back and for those celebrating, enjoy the turkey and mac & cheese :)
  8. A really well thought out piece and just want to say thankyou, its been a while since the forum imploded. Good to see some good material to mull over! Brains for you! In regards to the 'vessel' was this simply not the device maxis brain was placed into to fly about in? In regards to the end of the EE, i presumed that the apothicans were banished back to the dark aether on the basis that if they could have been destroyed entirely they would have done that the first time round? Possibly we are yet to find out why it is Richtofen that has to track down the summoning key, surely Monty knew of its existence and possibly where or how to find it?
  9. congrats lad, well done.
  10. keep calm! The world will keep turning!! X 

  11. I think they really dug their own grave in terms of the final nail in the coffin with dash boarding. I'm not going to sit on my high horse and pretend i don't do it because I do. What I will say is that I do not do it in public matches only solo. But its annoying that people don't play pubs with shit gums or ones they don't mind losing. The only mega in my public setup in phoenix up. On a side note, I have played zombies alot since day one. I have still to date never had a secret shopper gum. That's over 300 divinium spent. I know RNG is RNG but that highlights some flaws in the system and why people will continue to dashboard in pubs to save gums.
  12. HAHA, you appear to have the same linear focus I have until you get something done. Once the map dropped I would literally not play any other game or any other map until the EE had been complete. DE solo was easily 20+ attempts, and then they weren't handing out gateworms! I'm currently doing achievements on bo1/2 just so i can get familiar with the old maps and how they influenced the story (LOL) while going back into bo3 to do any of the little bits i never did, e.g. firebow and spiderbait aswell as ZNS jumpscare.
  13. sorry for the delayed response J, I am on xbox but I have a ps3 locked away somewhere, not sure how many Christmas's I would need to unpack to find it but it is a possibility. For now just have me down for xbox. inter console games sound fun 4 vs 4. Damnit just bring back grief with cross platform functionality!
  14. @thegoldenspork115 Please do, that sounds pretty interesting and would help to keep the forums stimulated. I love to hear others perspectives on the old maps. @anonymous I'm glad i'm not the only one that has positive memories of Tranzit, its funny because others had briefly mentioned if you could bring new players into a map or game mode which would it be, I would absolutely advocate tranzit, on a basic level the whole don't miss the bus is gaming hilarity. @Mr. Jay Five is one of my least favorite maps purely because I never learnt it, the idea of the pentagon thief in my eyes is one of the worst and never played it much. However there is something very satisfying about blowing up z heads as Mr. Nix. My personal favorite old school map is actually Nacht, it is VERY barebones but if I know i don't want a game longer than 40 minutes this is my go to. Verrukt is a map i have literally only played a handful of times but its atmosphere is exactly how zombies should be. even kiting 1 zombie, you can still become apprehensive that there may be another, don't really get that feeling on the newer maps. I've spent the last week hammering Kino and Shangri la, Shang is a harder map but I really like the layout and the mine cart, its really growing on me and the amount of story/history in this map is incredible, often i spend more time looking around for all the old stuff rather than actually playing the map! Brock, Gary, you made it to the big time!
  15. hahahah, sorry i cant but feel your pain when youm end up doing the leg work but they still manage to botch stuff up. Sometimes i have thought there have been players trying to sabotage the attempt lol. One solution for you to do shadows is to do up to shadowman then invite 3 players you know that dont mind helping for 30 mins, take a fire sale and double points or if they have stuff they caa use. that way you solo all the tedious work and they spawn in for the gateworm and the end. I saw a more comprehensive post about this some time ago. Alternatively, I am happy to help but currently my connection is quite pants, then again, you are in the states maybe its a good match. I find shadows to be one of the easier EE's the hardest part of it being to grab 4 competent players. I really dont know why now that the season has finished they did not go back and make it soloable, seems a simple fix but im no coder.

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