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  1. What's Your Best Zombie Setup?

    For me, its Jug, in either single or multi. Its a must have for me, I like the extra security of having that extra 2 hits if Im ever in that scenario where your trying to revive a team mate in the middle of close quarters battle. After that its Double Tap, Speed cola and stamin up. As for guns, its the shottie at farm and then any decent AR from box not too bothered on what comes out not until the later rounds. PAP any time after 10, shottie in 1st then use when run out of ammo on AR then usually head to PAP close to twenty. Hover around the farm to pick ammo off wall for shottie.
  2. Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    The 'perma' perks are not permanent. The QR perk can be lost by going down to many times in a round, the same way its won. The Barric 'aid' (LOL) can be lost by not boarding windows.. The reverse of earning it. Not sure, but I would guess by not getting headshots (IE aiming for head) you can lost the Deadshot perk. Spider from NGT I think has confirmed this or atleast some of this