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  1. The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    I'm not dead. Rejoice.
  2. The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Sam your name is blue. Now you must post in blue.
  3. I own albums with covers gorier than this game. It could do with a little more, if that's the direction 3Arc wishes to go. Which it probably isn't.
  4. ~Inception~ Season 3: Genesis

    Being holed up in this ruined building was very representative of my life. Anyone who wanted in would have to tear down the boards, and it was equally difficult to leave. I suppose seclusion was preferable to company, if one's company had the goal of devouring you. I wasn't normally one to hide from something like this, but even I need to sleep. When I would leave, however, was a different story altogether. The longer I waited inside the more vermin would swarm outside, making leaving even harder. The more I dwelled on this, the more I realized how bad an idea this was. I should be moving, I should be finding food. I was starving. Rising up and dusting myself off, I walked to one of the boarded windows, observing the surrounding area. Apparently my fears had been simple paranoia, with none of the undead roaming the vincinity. Well, zombies present or not, my mind was made up. Today would be the day I found food. No rest until I ate something. "That's a stupid idea and you know it." I said as I began to dismantle the barricades attached to one of the windows. "Well, it's the only one we've got, so if you've got any suggestions," I said as I heaved the heavy board off the wall and onto the floor, "I'd love to hear them." I was silent as I removed another board. "Mhmm," I exclaimed. "That's what I thought." I said as I climbed out into the lava-encrusted world. "Ugh. Such a boring landscape for an apocalypse." I said, surveying the area. A thick, dense fog obscured most of my visibility, but through it there seemed to be nothing to see anyway. Blindly making my way though the mist, as I had become accustomed to in my time here, I walked forward, searching for anything to poke it's head into visibility. With only the lava in the ground to light my way, progress was slow. * * * Later on that uneventful day, the claws of sleep threatened to wrap themselves around my mind again. "Still think this was a good idea?" I said. "Better than starving to death," I replied, removing sweat-soaked hair from my face. "Not by much." I said, "Why don't we just eat the zombies?" "Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?" "Yeah, that's pretty fucked up." I said, disgusted with myself. "Why?" I asked, insulted. "It's just meat, like any other." "Yeah, but, it's people, man!" I said, appalled. "Plus tons of diseases and who else knows what are probably crawling around in there." "Ok, you have to be my least favorite mes I've seen yet. The real Dempsey would never get squeamish over this. I live a life of the flesh, why not partake in it's flavor as well?" I asked smugly. Eager to see my counter-arguments. "OW!" I exclaimed, realizing my foot had been singed in the time I was speaking. "Fucking fire." I muttered as I continued on my way to nowhere.
  5. *Undead's Art Thread*

    I liked the picture where she had that cowgirl hat on...
  6. Opinions on Greenrun characters

    Marlton was a genius character. Funny, intelligent quotes, and many subtle hints towards a past being bullied or working with other organizations. Very well voice acted to boot. Magnifique. Misty is an utter failure character-wise. Transparently trying to create a female Dempsey with none of the charm. An annoying voice is punctuated by a ton of "I'm so cool" and "I'm a masculine woman look at me" stuff. Did I mention she was trying too hard to be Dempsey? Yeah, that comes up alot. In addition to not even being well written, with seemingly fewer lines than the other characters, none of which are any fun to listen to, and lack creativity. Russman. He's actually quiet (I haven't heard many quotes from him despite playing as him alot), but he seems to be pretty cool. A murky Alzheimer-addled past gives alot of oppourtunity to flesh out the character. I hope they don't push an "I'm old and homeless, hur hur hur" thing on him because that would ruin the foundation they could build so much on. Sam is... an odd one. I enjoy him as a characcter, with many funny lines. I like the "paranoid conspiracy theorist" thing they went with, but I fear in future he may become a broken record. While I'm not sure why they decided to make his love for food so apparent, it's a nice quirk that stops him from being completely one-dimensional. Since they made him so important to the story, I very much hope he stays likeable.
  7. I don't buy this Die Rise talk...

    I'm not following you here, Murder.
  8. I don't buy this Die Rise talk...

    Mock. I think you may be the only one on the forum that "Doesn't buy the Die Rise talk". It was an official poster.
  9. The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Lemme guess. It'll be done when we go on VBulletin. Like everything else.
  10. The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    ... I... I don't get it. I still wanna know who the hell this guy is. He hasn't responded to my PM's or anything. Of course not, you idiot. Why would I?
  11. The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Ex and I should be mods.
  12. ~Inception~ (Discussion thread)

    Ah, can't you just taste that sweet creamy filler? :lol:
  13. ~Inception~ Season 3: Genesis

    "Hey Dempsey." "Yeah Dempsey?" "What's it like being crazy?" "I don't know, Dempsey, what is it like?" "Well, it's an odd experience." "How so?" "Well, for one thing, you're never alone. You always have someone to talk to." "Aww Dempsey, why would they say you're not nice?" "I don't know Dempsey, you've always been abhorred though. I guess you're used to it." "Yeah, kind of lonely, just here with you and whoever else is around here." "He heh, yeah. Remember that other guy?" "Oh him? What a control freak!" "Yeah! Good thing he left." "What were we talking about again?" "I actually don't remember." "Meh. What else is new Dempsey?" "Oh, you know, just the end of the world. "Right, that. Lava and zombies everywhere right?" "You know exactly what I'm talking about, Dempsey. You were there." "True." "So how you holding up Dempsey?" "Pretty well, I guess. I miss Tia though." "You know she's probably dead right?" ........ "Dempsey?" "Don't ever. Say that. Again." "Heh, what are you going to do Dempsey? Nothing? That's all you've ever been able to do. Nothing" "You're wrong!" "Worthless. That's all you are, Dempsey. No one cares about you, no one will, and if anyone ever did, they're obviously dead." "Shut up Dempsey." "Why should I Dempsey? If I'm saying it you know it's true." "Shut up Dempsey." "Oh, please tell me why I should." "SHUT UP YOU TWO!" ............ "D'you say that?" "No."