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  1. Did you know *Buried*

    I'll make this easy. There is 10% chance of booze respawning in Cell. I'm guessing it's mathematical then as opposed to proximity to player based. I must have missed a post somewhere.
  2. Did you know *Buried*

    Free booze spawns twice in the first round. Once to get him out and then again in the same spot or in the saloon. I've had many games where it spawned in the cage the second time. Which means you wouldn't have to buy booze or the saloon door/couch. I try to run towards the saloon after I give him the first bottle in hopes it will spawn farthest away from me ie: in the cage again. Note: I have had the booze spawn on the bar right in front of me so the above tip may not actually work for the second bottle.
  3. Did you know *Buried*

    I think he'll place chalk outlines for you as well. He'll also fetch the box for you when you give him candy next to a box location when the box isn't there. He'll kick zombie ass as well. I've lost Tombstone and regained it but I don't know how I lost it. Anyone know for sure? I can't seem to find a definitive answer.
  4. Did you know *Buried*

    This could be useful in custom easter egg game to get a 4th guy any time during the game, without having to end the round. I've had this happen to me although the next time you are revived without ballistic knife, the effect is back. Very good points Crazy and LOL I wouldn't call him stupid. Good to know about Tombstone because I thought you lost it after that. How do you lose tombstone anyway?
  5. Did you know *Buried*

    I call the big guy "Stupid" or "Dummy" "Come here Stupid" just has a ring to it ya know? 1.) It is possible to run a horde on the roof of the gunsmith shop. (lol) 2.) The cracks on the ground of the hedge maze help point to the correct route. 3.) teleporting back to beginning room, use paralyzer to shoot teammates up to catwalk you start on. Then fly yourself up. Standing in corner by the LSAT is an awesome strategy for 2-4 players. 4.) You will know when a perk bottle is available from the ghosts when all the lights on the haunted house are lit up. 5.) In a custom game if someone joins and you are running around doing stuff with a crawler. You can activate the time bomb and it will spawn the person waiting and you will still have the crawler so you can continue doing stuff. (provided you didn't set the timebomb long before etc. etc.) 6.) Reviving with the ballistic knife negates the effect of the Tombstone persistent perk. 7.) The headchopper can down a player without jug with one hit if it's in the head. 8.) If you place a part from a trap on any given table before having Dummy finish it then you can decide how you want the traps situated. 9.) A skilled paralyzer user can revive anybody anywhere on the map. 10.) You can place the headchopper on ceilings. *I've seen Big Stupid respawn out the side of the haunted house after running him off the ledge by Jug. (he doesn't just spawn at the courthouse)
  6. [DECODED] "Where Are We Going" Secret Message?

    Awesome you finally did it!!! Good job man!! My favorite theory on what this means came from Grill. This could also simply be pointing at the end of the easter egg, how you can end the game in this one..
  7. Which mobster do you want to be?

    The zombie in this picture looks awesome!!! I'm Ray Liota all the way. All of them are pretty awesome though!
  8. ZFFS: The Farm - A detailed view

    Aside from a few grammatical errors (there for their) and such, I really enjoyed this write up. Would be interesting to see the entire story presented in this way. Great job!
  9. Tips for elevators?

    In the power room I check to see that an elevator is below. Then I run the zombie in front of the power switch until the red down arrow changes to up and then I run straight for it. The elevator will be moving fast enough that you can jump on and the zombie doesn't. I've got the timing down on this pretty consistently. I never wait for the elevator on the roof by the box location. If it's not up then I drop down and hit it there. Open the 2 doors and jump onto one of the other 2 elevators to go back to roof. If you are at the area by the big hole in the floor, you can put a trampoline down at the edge and jump over to the other building and then run past mp5 up to the roof to save someone who is down. (Zombies won't follow you on this jump because the gap is too big) The only tip I haven't seen here yet is when a perk is on the same floor as you (when you can buy it) and you use a key it actually just drops it on the floor in front of the elevator. I leave keys laying so that anyone who needs it quickly can pick it up and use it. (not recommended with randoms) General strat among my group is at start one guy grabs a part and we all drop down in the big elevator. 3 of us grab a key and hop on the elevator again. Buddy with the part sends us up, grabs his part again, turns power on and catches the first elevator to the roof. He meets the rest of us at the trampoline table. Build it and have the PDW and Claymores by the 1st Jumping Jack round. Kill the Jacks with the Trampolines for a free perk and move on to whatever desired strategy we are trying at that time.
  10. Solo: Banking Points Strategy

    I make my way to town and finish the round there leaving one zombie. Deposit and when you hear him coming leave the bank and take him over to where the box spawns behind the fence. Run back towards the bank and you can deposit over ten grand before he gets to you, rinse and repeat.
  11. Solo: Banking Points Strategy

    Although its not a complete magnet they do still attack it. Set it down and run a horde by it you'll see.
  12. Ps3 I don't see the glitch where you jump up through the hatch to get knuckles and if someone is standing there it downs you both. I don't know what causes it but there is also a glitch where you can build the PaP machine with only 2 parts. IT's happened twice to me now where I was left with the battery. Glitch in the power room where the floor textures disappeared and the game started playing in slow motion until it finally locked up my ps3 so bad I had to unplug it from the wall. (prolly internet related) 2 barrier glitches in power lava room still work. Denizen glitch in cornfield still work?
  13. 2 part pap?

    Yea I tried to repeat it as well but it hasn't happened since. It was so random and I didn't realize what was happening when it happened so I'm not sure of exactly what I did or what caused it. I also had a massive glitch the other night where I dropped down through the outhouse to hit the box at power and everything was glitched. I could see right through the floor as if it was made of glass. A lot of railings and random stuff was missing and there were black boxes sticking out of the computer monitors and stuff. My buddy came there to see if he could see it and suddenly the game started goin nuts and everything was in slow motion. We played two full rounds with it in slow mo before it finally froze my ps3 so bad I couldn't even turn it off by holding the power button. I had to eventually pull the power wire out of the back to reset my ps3. Glitchy Glitcherson
  14. 2 part pap?

    I got this glitch the other day. That same battery can then be used on the electric trap. Other than that it's useless. PaP built with only 2 parts and left over with a random battery. I don't think this is intentional, I think it's some sort of glitch.