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  1. Name: Sams decapitator What is it?: it fires disks that boomerang around the area and take of the heads of a the 24 zombies (max on map at time or 48 for BO2) PaP'd name: SD3 what it does PaP'd: 1 in 4 disks return to gun, and can be changed to a 'distraction' , fired up and flys around room making zombies chase it then about 10 seconds in decapitates all zombies heads Ammon: sams decapitator: 12 plus 2 in use then PaP'd 24 plus 4 in use how it was made: sams first invention to orignally take off rictofens arms and legs and other limbs however when placed in rictofens body she uses it as a weapon to kill zombies, and adds PaP'd schemanatics then makes it.