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  1. From CharlieIntel, We might get some footage before release

    I saw that lol. I don't know why they would advertise gameplay as if it was coming out tonight haha :/ wompp.
  2. From CharlieIntel, We might get some footage before release. We don't know if he will upload tonight, tomorrow, or after release...but just in case. We recorded tons of video of the Peacekeeper on the new maps plus Zombie Die Rise footage! It'll be on the site soon! http://twitpic.com/byurhp 12:42 AM - 28 Jan 13
  3. 12 Hours to go!

    Yeah he just posted 11m David Vonderhaar ‏@DavidVonderhaar I hear the chant of Zombies. But it's just not loud enough to press the button. Collapse Reply Retweeted Favorite
  4. 12 Hours to go!

    check charlieintel.com they have a countdown on the sidebar. If 1 or 1:15 is corrects, its coming out around 1 in the U.S, 7:00 in France and Germany, and 6:00 BST in England, now, if you guys live in any other cities, here is a time converter....http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
  5. 12 Hours to go!

    @Leftoverzombie either would be fine, but if you're subscribed to them on callofduty youtube then you won't have to keep checking callofduty's website. :)
  6. What do you expect on Wednesday(zombie reveal)?

    I expect a pure gameplay trailer, showing mostly the map/maps that come on the starting disc. I would also like to see a sneak of the new wonder weapons and ALL OF THE CHARACTERS. I really want to know who the girl on the poster is, and I know she is a playable character, Mark Lamia said so in an ameatur interview at Gamescom. I'm really looking forward to it.
  7. BO2 Zombie Map in Cuba?

    never did it say L.a, it said Eastern United States.
  8. Sorry, but this was discovered and it was confirmed that FPSRussia that the Tacitus COD and FPSRussia are referring to, has nothing to do with the LLC, or the Website, orrr the Roman Emperor. Good Luck Next Time, hopefully we can figure this mystery out!
  9. Thanx, just thought maybe it had something to do with it. Ehh, anyway, did anybody else notice the fact that the April 25th classified date is missing from callofduty.com now? :?: :?: :?: It was pointed out by someone on the forums recently.
  10. I encrypted the letters of Tacitus and this is what came up. 20-1-3-9-20-21-19 Could this mean anything? If it has something to do with zombies, then it could be something referencing the Illuminati, since apparently they are hooked into numerology. They could also be coordinates. It might be nothing, maybe someone could further investigate this.
  11. You are on to something sir, I think lol. I will be looking more into rearranging letters and dates.