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  1. The Face Behind The Avatar

    I'm getting my hair cut thursday, trust me, I don't want the Bieber look..... :x I'm 14, and yes, a little chubby. Superhands should post a pic :D
  2. How Far Have you Gotten?

    Solo: Round 111 (Suicide) Zeus Cannon, MP5k Jug, Speed, Flopper, Stamin-Up, QR (iTouch) Co-Op: Still 33, see sig Porter's X2 Ray Gun, H115 Oscillator Jug, Speed, Stamin-Up, QR
  3. The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    And now this intrigues me. Found this... According to him his highest scores, the ones that would allow him into the Richtofen group, are all Solo iTouch scores. Now unless he got to round 50 something on Co-op, and didnt update his signature afterwards, then this means that the iTouch Solo leaderboards made him eligible for Richtofen... Not trying to be a stickler about this, but if this is in fact the case, that his highest rounds where iTouch, how did he get Richtofen? As previously mentioned, dont want to be "that guy", but this seems a little unfair to me. So please do explain how this is possible. Thanks for the reminder :D
  4. The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    Me and my cousin got to 57 on shi no numa iOS, so I'm applying for Richtofen.
  5. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for iPhone, iPad and iPod

    Stuff i've noticed, + bugs n stuff: -First off, never throw a monkey and then save and quit. It will crash every time, and you'll just need to restart. Trust me, it seems like a good idea (considering how laggy the game is when you load your game), but yeah... -All ammo off the wall is only 250 Points -Ray Gun has no splash damage, looks weird, and may be slightly underpowered. -Still no Thundergun, Ballistic Knife, L96A1, Dragunov, Crossbow, or M72 LAW. -Commando's sights are misaligned, but normal after upgrading. -Very laggy on high rounds, or when there are more than 8 or so zombies alive. -Shooting automatic weapons is hard, sometimes it will burst fire several times before shooting full-auto. -If you have Speed Cola, the reloading sound is the same, i.e. On the Galil, if you perform an empty reload with Speed Cola, by the time you are done reloading, the sound for the new mag being inserted is playing. -Traps have no delay before activating, meaning that you must walk through them. Also, no Ascension yet, and i think it will be awhile. Lots of things on Ascension will lag the shit out of the game, and the lag is already pretty bad. Centrifuge, Gersches, Thundergun (assuming they add it)... Plus, what will PhD Flopper do if there is no dolphin diving, or even jumping? Will they just lower its price, or what?
  6. Guns

    I agree. The Ppsh is a monster lol. But they really didn't give us a replacement for the FG either (Mid-Size mag, high RoF, Rifle Mobility), except maybe the Galil...
  7. Next map ideas....

    I want more wall weapons. In BO, it's tiring to see the same stuff over and over, in generally the same sequence... I'm thinking.... Famas HS10 CZ75 AK-47 (add) and maybe G11 would be good as wall weapons All wall weapons need more ammo, too. The M16, ecspecially. I want 10 clips for that thing. SMGs should also have 10, instead of 8(?).

    RELEASE THE COWS! Yeah lol hi welcome :)
  9. Zombie Suggestions

    Giants will avenge the Ravens I really wanna see a map where weapons are picked up off the floor rather than bought, and maybe the weapons that spawn could be sort of random. For example, when you open a door, either a Makarov, AK74u, or M16 spawns. That way, it's sort of more realistic, as what you find is unpredictable.
  10. Zombie Suggestions

    Maybe in zombie blitz, it could be almost like survival; you start with 5000 points, and you buy a gun or two, then every few "waves" you get another 2000 or so points with which you can buy more ammo, attachments, or new weapons. The bonus becomes bigger each time, maybe a 1.5x multiplier? That way, when the zombies health is that of round 50 or so zombies, the thundergun or waffe (which could cost around 50,000 or so) would be within reach. (It wouldnt be too long of a break between waves, just 25 seconds or so)
  11. More wall weapons. Be cool to have, like, an AUG or AK-47 off the wall. Also, yeah more wonder weapons and LESS BELLS AND WHISTLES coughhackercough coughzerogravitycough