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  1. What's your worst habit in zombies?

    Mines mainly with weapons like the thundergun, i'll either keep it away in case of emergencies, and then think 'I can get through this bit' and realise too late that's when I should have used itm or if i've got it out i'll just rinse my ammo on unnecessary things and be out when I actually do need it My other bad habit is if i can tell my last clip isn't going to be full when i've got a few clips left i'll always shoot off the excsess bullets to make sure my last ones full, even if it's between rounds.
  2. GRFXP

    I can't claim to know much about how these things work, but I'd imagine that this dude is selling the shirts for more than it costs to make them for a bit of profit right? what if he gets to advertise on the site in exchange for giving a percentage of any profits he gets through sales on here back to you carbon? Obviously I don't know how much he makes on each shirt so it may not really be enough to be worth getting a percentage of, but wouldn't it at least be worth talking to this guy to see if the two of you can work something out? it might not turn out that you get enough to be happy with so you don't go ahead with it, but wouldn't it be worth having a talk with the actual guy to see what could be worked out, if it can go towards maintaining site costs and whatnot? just a suggestion anyhoo :)
  3. Let's take a second look at the Ascension loading screen...

    I can tell you what happens everytime I launch it, it get blown up but that is a good question to be fair, it seens strange that you have to launch a rocket, then that's the last you really hear of it
  4. Max Ammos from Wunderwaffe kills

    yeah, it just happened to me too, was running laps at the bottom of the lighthouse, george electrified the zombies, i took them to the water at the back of the light house and got a max ammo using the wunderwaffe
  5. Has this already been looked into?

    thumbs up for the skype theory that definately needs to be looked into :P
  6. Another cotd egg? *NEW*

    Aren't those just the fog horns you use in the multiplayer EE?