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  1. Dont Mess With The Bus Driver

    I threw an EMP into the bus once... ONCE, it was pure chaos having to fight the zombies off while the driver shut down, and we had to wait until he powered up...
  2. My PSN is mwc45 , I'm up for doing the EE later today.
  3. 12 Hours to go!

    I'm going to try and decode this with google translator. So, I put ١٢ԺԲιβʹΔΙΙיב१२௧௨Ⅻ๑๒൧൨12h! in and it gave me 12 ԺԲ ιβΔΙΙ יב 1212 Ⅻ 121212h! in German.Then, I put in ԺԲ ιβΔΙΙ יב 1212 Ⅻ, and it gave me ԺԲ ιβΔΙΙ between 1212 Ⅻ in Yiddish. Then, I'll put in the ԺԲ and got of Twelve in Armanian, The rest I can't seem to work, but that seems to say 12 of Twelve ιβΔΙΙ 1212 between 1212 Ⅻ 121212h (Or at least I think, I'm confused...)
  4. The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    I don't know if anyone has pointed to this, but if you go to the waterfall area (where you press the button in the ee after plugging holes in the walls) there are mountains you can see off in the distance. And it might have just been a texture glitch on my end, but I could see white on the mountains. I don't know what to do about it because when I told my friend to look at it he saw the white stuff on the mountain, too, so I don't believe it was a texture glitch. Edit:I still see the white stuff after playing in solo, but I'll just say it's probably just a glitch. Congrats Tac, your post made it to Youtube.