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  1. Medal Request Topic

    Sweet! Thank you!
  2. 2nd Musical Easter Egg

    I hope that if they ever put out another soundtrack they'll add this rendition to the tracklist. It's so well done it would be a shame.
  3. Medal Request Topic

    Thank you, thank you. Always good to see some BioShock 2 love. Requesting 150 Headshots medal and Russman medal, por favor.
  4. Medal Request Topic

    Thank you!
  5. Medal Request Topic

    My bad.
  6. Medal Request Topic

    Just reposting in case I was missed!
  7. Medal Request Topic

    Requesting "Earn all achievements/trophies in WaW, Blops or Blops 2."I got them all in each game, so here are photos of each.
  8. Der Eisendrache: Zombies Library

    Shouldn't the phonographs be listed as another musical side quest? Or am I mixing things up?
  9. All BO2 Story Quotes Scripted

    A few spelling mistakes here and there, but this is amazing work. Can't wait for Origins. Take as long as needed.