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  1. TREYARCH leaked stuff already! Found it in game!

    What would happen if you went down at Area 51? Would you just die like normal? Edit: That was a rhetorical question... Me just thinking out loud. I think that if someone else is alive, and they teleport, you will teleport with them.
  2. TREYARCH leaked stuff already! Found it in game!

    No mans land is Area 51. It was in a description somewhere by treyarch. Also, you set a record before Round 1 on how long you can survive there before escaping to Moon.
  3. 'Cryogenic Slumber Party' + 'Perks in Spaaaaace' talk

    Having them all at once would be sweet, but I don't know.. though not being able to buy them at once would make the achievement annoying. And I don't know how it'd work, but our heroes going into cryo and reawakening in Iron Wolf would be pretty damn cool tbh.