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  1. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    Just wanted to congratulate MurderMachine and all the other people that worked on this thread, for 100 pages off Content, Theories, and Debate. If my congratulation means something that is. I'm not entirely what year it exactly takes place but I'm pretty sure its out of the 60s considering Marlton has a digital watch and I believe those were made in the early 1970s. I'm sure this was already discussed though.
  2. Tranzit hate???

    People would probably think im crazy for saying this but I actually enjoy Tranzit more than I do Der Riese and Ascension. Of course the map has its flaws but all in all I think it was a good way to start off our Black Ops 2 zombies experience.
  3. Your best zombie map idea?

    I always thought an underwater map would be pretty cool.
  4. Kino 2025 for Black Ops II

  5. Kino 2025 for Black Ops II

    I think the majorities favorite map is either Der Riese or Call of the Dead. Atleast from my experinces. But a updated Kino would be awesome. Be cool to see the Thundergun again.
  6. Player down shout button

    I think it would be a intresting idea for someone without a mic.
  7. Moon: A Detailed Guide To Round 50 Co-Op

    Never was really into strategies until recently. For the past year Ive just been doing my own thing lol. But this looks pretty good and easy. Thanks for the tips.
  8. CoDz Minecraft server now open!

    So....is this the end of are Minecraft adventures?
  9. Dempsey has a son?? and MULE KICK IN EVERY MAP IS DUMB!

    Dempseys child is very intresting in the story, due to him blowing up a good part of the earth and all, perhaps he has some self regret doing it...possibly killing his child and all. And Mule Kick adds a nice little twist to all the maps, although its your opinion if you dont like it. I however think adding it in Nacht Der Untoten is a bad idea. That map is fine just the way it is.
  10. CoDz Minecraft server now open!

    I cant get on it cause i guess im not whitelisted....idk lol.
  11. CoDz Minecraft server now open!

    I gets it!
  12. CoDz Minecraft server now open!

    This gave me a reason to download Minecraft.
  13. Abracadavre Analysis.

    Good analysis. Really builds up to a Richtofen and Samantha confrontion in the future.