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  1. dual weild ray guns or dual weild wunderwaffs

    This should be "would you rather have Duel Rayguns or a single Wonder Waffe in black ops ? " Anyway i would choose duel rays man you would kill alot of ZOMB-BITCHES :twisted:
  2. Traps, females, and lots of new zombie info!

    Umm, im not trying to sound mean but you guys are not very good at this stuff, 1:Monkeys will not be the boss round because like someone said before there is always fog, intense lights or something changed in the map. And for them to take/make the pick ups there will need to be a drop e.g: As soon as you kill a zombie and it drops a pickup a monkey will spawn to take the pickup. 2:I don't think the fire dude is the boss cause there has always been rumours there's going to be a new fire wonder weapon, cause there has been Air (Thundergun),Water (ice for winters howl), electric (wonder waffe), and now there needs to be fire. So maybe you use this "new wonder weapon" on an zombie it makes it go all flaming like that flame dude.Backuped info: The treyarch dude said theres gonna to be new guns "WONDER WEAPON" 3:I think the new boss is the weird monkey thing at 2:47 picture because the surrounding map changed and looks different, so I'm guessing every 4-5 rounds when this alien monkey thing comes the map changes to an eclipse. And im really sorry if i offended any of you :/