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  1. https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2017/21/1495801977-t7-menu-zm-loadscreen-moon-1080x1920.png The loading screen of BO3 is not the same as BO1 so can we say that the numbers are the same ?
  2. It's not Russian, it's written "INTERNATIONAL" in reverse.
  3. KINO DER TOTEN In the bedroom of Samantha
  4. Nothing more than that : But I don't see which tractor you're talking about.
  5. These are only textures reused since Ascension and the multiplayer indicating this : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chernobyl_Exclusion_Zone
  6. There is also a red star on it like other Russian machines in Gorod Krovi.
  7. It's the topic just below this one. Personally, it's what is written in Knockout that intrigues me. There is a message of Dempsey in Outlaw therefore there may have for the 3 other characters in other maps.
  8. No, the portals use another teleportation box just below Nacht Der Untoten.
  9. Under the map, there are teleportation boxes like in Der Riese, Kino Der Toten, The Giant and Der Eisendrache.
  10. The circle is not visible in theater mode with the free cam.
  11. And here in the Tank Factory.

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