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  1. PHDFlopper found....

    i haven't managed to build the trample steam yet, but i know it can fling you to places you can't jump to.. Has anyone tried using that to get up there??
  2. Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    i never play solo. I think in a two player custom game to around round 15 i had the steel board thing. They seemed to get more steel as i progressed with doing windows, ie wood with steel edge at first, but can now safely say they look completely steel. You cannot shoot through them and it makes a metallic ricochet sound. They are definitely steel (or some metallic material) for me.
  3. A Full Arsenal Of Weapons?!

    i hated the gersch. Best possible outcome of the 'thrice' thing is you can PaP weapons twice. that would be AMAZING. But, seeing as these things never turn out quiiite as good as they seem, it probably means the perk, the gun and the QED.
  4. Hate to be the bringer of bad news...

    Whichever characters they are (HOPEFULLY THA CREWWW) hopefully we'll have a cutscene seeing as 'every other' map has had one. A cutscene with the old crew would be epic :)
  5. A Full Arsenal Of Weapons?!

    Yeah i definitely agree with this. They may add some of the old guns, but i've lost faith i'll ever see the ak, stoner, and m60 in any zombie map. And an arsenal can be two things, it would just be a small arsenal, but of epic proportions due to the new gun an equipment being epiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiics.
  6. A Full Arsenal Of Weapons?!

    yeah, second that. Personally I think by 'new arsenal' they are just referring to the 'wave gun' and whatever the new equipment, whatever that may be. Very very unlikely they put more than wonder weapon in, unless it's just another wonder-esque weapon (like how they had the vr-11, and the scavenger). I think this is a lot more likely, and possibly one gun will either be for an EE or to control or go with certain physics of the map.
  7. Map Pack 4: Rezurrection CONFIRMED! WITH PICTURES

    They do don't they? only you don't get the acheivement for it??? This is amazing so happy i get moon for free yaaaaaaaaaay :D
  8. Power Switches

    yeah we were wondering if something is different if you only use one switch
  9. what an anti climax this all was tomorrow hopefully :)
  10. Traps, females, and lots of new zombie info!

    kinda looks like a statue To me I personly think it looks like stamina up Thought so possibly at first but at closer inspection it doesn't really.. possibly too bright and different patterns.. recons it's a statue tbh. possibly to do with something.
  11. sigh, do you think..

    On the trailer the dev says something along the lines of, 'a hint for you guys, shoot everything, and you may find something special'... (something like that anywayssss) Which is the one thing making me think there is more.. I mean, what could it be that's been found already? Nothing really fits properly. Especially with how the dev delivered the sentence....
  12. sigh, do you think..

    Exactly, but they probably know a lot of people wanted the wonderwaffe and so p'raps think that is a sufficient award.. I still think there's more but as the days go by it's getting more and more likely it won't be. Just want to work out the 'shoot everything'..
  13. sigh, do you think..

    ..it's slowly seeming more like this going to end up like ascension. and we'll all be soooooooooo sad and disappointed. ? i hope not so much.
  14. Underground Passage in lighthouse?

    i thought a racket is just a loud noise really, and they make a lot of that.. you can hear them banging from aaaages away.. despite saying this anyway, i think/hope it's not that as i've always thought the floor of that lovely magical lighthouse does go somewhere.
  15. Underground Passage in lighthouse?

    I asked about this about a week ago but nobody seemed interested, thought it was stupid lol Anywaysss, are we sure the whole racket from below thing isn't referring to the 4 heros?? I know they're not tecnichally IN the lighthouse so possibly not. this map is the most exciting thing, possibly ever.