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  1. Who has yet to push the button.

    Don't let this one Die Out Please. Who knows we could be right about the Button.
  2. If you had a Choice to Replace Takeo.

    Back in the day we had this topic ... who knew Ta-k.o (as most of you guys pronounce) was be such a badass. Okay, I did say in a Topic right around the Cinematic Trailer for Origins came out. I took back everything I said bad about Takeo. But we've yet to see how he is in the Game.
  3. Who has yet to push the button.

    Yeah, forgot to mention I'm on Xbox 360. But glad to see some haven't pressed the button yet. I'm kinda bummed out about how guessed right that the maps would have a Tower (Minus Mob of the Dead, didn't think they would do that) and the Nav Car and Table would have an important part. I just wasn't expecting this. So yeah, I hope there is something more to the Button and what part it will play. Heh, Heh. God forbid they don't have a final Zombie Map.
  4. Who has yet to push the button.

    I'm pretty sure everyone knows the outcome when you push the button in the courthouse for either Richtofen or Maxis. The Payoff isn't that great, but I wonder if anyone has yet to press it. I myself want to wait, I just can't believe that all that hard work was for nothing. I don't want to press it until the last map. Perhaps pushing the button will have a effect on the map. So if your ready to push the button, put your name down and be sure you add which side you choose to follow.
  5. Great Leap Forward Map. (In Progress)

    I'm having a problem, I though the "Dragon" building would be easy to map out since every room is comprised of 90 degree angles but I can't see to get it all lined up right. But I'm still working on it, so it will take a little while.
  6. Great Leap Forward Map. (In Progress)

    Okay, Finished the Escher Building (AKA: Upside Down Building) Each Floor and I also included the Elevator shaft since there are two small rooms and one has the GalvaKnuckles. For now, I'm taking a break, the "Dragon" Building is going to be a tough one, especially the Bottom Floor, its a freaking maze down there.
  7. Great Leap Forward Map. (In Progress)

    Thanks. BTW: I'll be adding something like this to each map and will edit the others when I get the Time. Its a side Map of each Building Floor. Here's how it works. There are four floors to the Starting Building, this represents each floor and included the Elevator shafts and what from the go to. Notice how each one is a different color. Say I edited the Starting Floor and added this, to it. The top floor of this mini map will be White instead of Grey. This I hope make it easier to know what floor you're on. Working on the "Escher" Building next....good name huh?
  8. Great Leap Forward Map. (In Progress)

    Done and Done. Awesome, thanks. Once I got the floors done I'll go back and take care of the little things. Mahjong Tiles and All.
  9. Great Leap Forward Map. (In Progress)

    Okay, here is the Two Floor's under the Starting Floor. Again, not accurate when it comes to little things, I'm sure I'm missing some things here and there, but right now I'm just getting the layout of the maps. Someone posted earlier that you can drop(Very Carefully) down from the Starting Floor Hole near the M14. I've tried, but 1 out of 4 tries were successful, so I added a "Caution" Bar next to all the area's that have Drops (Good or Bad. Maps are on the Original Post Now. There is one thing I think I need to include with the Maps, it comes later on but could use the Info. I know for Richtofen's side of the EE (Which I'm hoping to Complete) you need to hit the corners of the Tower in order by the Tiles. I get the Tile Part but which corner is North-South-East-West?
  10. Great Leap Forward Map. (In Progress)

    Oh, I am adding that too. You'll see what I'm doing once I upload to more map floors. I've almost down with the Starter Building and next up is the Upside Down Section.
  11. Great Leap Forward Map. (In Progress)

    Thanks, all of you. The Floor under starter is being a tad tricky. I thought the hole right by the stairs leads to a Two Story Drop, hence the Death Drop. The hole behind that were you find one of the Parts is okay to drop down, that leads to the second half of bottom floor. Which I'm almost down with. But if I'm wrong, I'll make changes later. Soon as I get the "Fun" Part out of the way, I can Re-Twink them.
  12. Great Leap Forward Map. (In Progress)

    I don’t know why I’m doing this, I really don’t think a Map is needed but I guess for me it’s more of a Challenge. It’s kind of good to have a Map with walls and no fog. I guess some are a little to big. Simply Right-Click and hit View Image. Anyway, I’m taking this slow and working on each Building- Floor by Floor. Now the map’s not accurate when it comes to Junk, specs of furniture’s and little things. This map will show the important things like Workstations, Parts, Weapons, Key Items for EE, etc. Looking at the Legend you might understand some of the Pictures mean, but here are the ones you might not understand. The S is for the Chinese Symbols, all of them. This just tells you where they are, not exactly which they are. The One-Way Access Point is for area’s that take you to an area but you can go back the same way. Hence One Way, the Letters represent the starting direction. So A means this is where you will start, B is where you end up. (Update) Got rid of "Death Drop" added Caution Bars, these will tell you where you can Drop Safely or to your Death. Again, it’s not perfect but if anyone has time to do a better one be my guess. Here is the Starter Floor of the First Building…. Well the Bottom Half that is. Now these Maps won’t be the same scale, each floor is bigger than one another and I want to keep the frame simple, some of you might want to print them out. I’m going by Order of Floor & Building, I think the Upside Down section is going to a problem but I like a Challenge. Keep checking Back. Upside Down Section Next.
  13. Were We Wrong?

    Civilization, the industrial complex, basically most of all that would be "Modern" as we know it ended in 1960's the day the Missile Strike, but that was THEN this is Now. It's 2025, or close to it. Seriously, how hard is it to come to that conclusion? But funny thing? I really don't give a crap about what Date the game is, I'm just going to continue playing and finish whatever Maxis or Richtofen wants us to do. And I think I know what that is.
  14. Green run is traversing different levels of space and time

    Five hits to the bong later and THIS is what you come up with? No offense but I think the determining the Time lime is a little easier than.....well all of that. Now I don't remember seeing any writings in russian in the Farm area but most of those I've seen were on crates/boxes. It's easy to believe they were transported there before the Missiles Hit. As to why there are future weapons in a obvious sixties era city is. Just because the world ended doesn't stop people from making some kick ass weapons....well they must of been drunk when the lined up the sites but still.
  15. Will anything happen tonight? 21/12/12?!

    So.......what's changed? I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Nothing different with the gameplay that I can tell. Well its 12am here so its the 22nd. I'm calling it. Thanks again Trollach- Dah, I mean Treyarch.