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  1. Bag in theater mode

    Hey guys, i was just goofing around in theater mode, trying to get to places I shouldn't and noticed something strange. Under the stairs in the footlight, leading up to the train station is a sandwich bag. It looks like it's something that shouldn't be there. Something of value? Or just a glitch? I snagged a video so you guys could see for yourself. Keep up the good work! http://youtu.be/Pd5gGjOJf_s
  2. Radio Locations

    there is one by stamin up under the half closed garage door thing. there is also one up by the deadshot perk, instead of turning right, turn left and go straight. its on the floor
  3. Please be a joke...

    The only other idea I can think of is that maybe the story is that Romero and the actors were going somewhere to film a new zombie movie, but 115 exposure turned the rest of the cast into zombies!!! or that the zombies were already there...
  4. Please be a joke...

    Dudes, I think people may be missing something! Im pretty sure the actors,(gellar, rooker, trejo, englund.) arent playing themselves. They gave their likeness's and voices, but they will be playing different characters. The trailer is set up just like a grindhouse movie trailer. They give the names of the "big" actors to draw a crowd.