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  1. Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    I propose we call the upgraded windows perk...Barric-Aid. Its only logical
  2. Difference between Green Run and Tranzit?

    Im beginning to think that with each new DLC, we are going to get a new area for Tranzit and 4 or 5 survival mode.
  3. Among the Dead. (Interactive story)

    Gotta go with Hellhound here, carnage and mayhem for life :)
  4. Richtofen building a UFO?

    I pseudo-made a topic on this already but mine was based on the scientists who made the Ufo
  5. Is there any more secrets in Kino i think i found everything

    Has anyone tried shooting the 2 genrators in the alley with PAP thundergun or ray gun?