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  1. Death Slide glitch at the bottom of the elevator shaft

    Every video i've seen, and i mean EVERY video of the "an-94 glitch" is because everyone JUMPS to get to the next ledge, you DON'T need to jump, just walk off the edge. I have never gone down from this area unless i've jumped, resulting in fall damage. There is no glitch just people who don't go down there carefully.
  2. Highest Round on Call Of The Dead?

    w0000t i just made it to 28 with a buddy. Our strategy was the same as the video that was posted a few posts ago. One guy runs a hoard around the bottom of the light house. My friend was on top of the cliff at the end of the long ice slide by speed cola, just above where i would hoard. We did really well and could have kept going but stupid mistakes are always the bitter end...
  3. Professional Ascension Zombie Squad Teammate Finder Here!

    Yo man, my GT is qxBatmanxp I've been to round 33 online, and 52 split screening with my bro. I've been the last man standing and hoarding in almost every game i random match lately. I can survive by myself and hoard with no problems at PHD, PaP, and the Junk yard. I also have a mic. I'll add you later today hopefully we can play together.