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  1. Elephants in Egypt? What the Zoo or what? :/
  2. I thought the spleen was there just for humor ammmm Maybe theres a reference to a mexican to provoke a response when you are playing as Machete? I did some looking up of Mexico in WW2 and all i got was their squadron was called The Aztec Eagles and they often flew Thunderbolt aircraft. Also they were centered in battles around the phillipines.
  3. Yeah that sounds fairly likely. So it's either that. Or the breaking of the fourth wall thing is actually a reference to what it seems I hope its the former. But actually.When it says Send the crew to paradise... That cant be overlooked. Obviously it must be a hint at the next map? Kino aint no paradise.
  4. This is true. Whatever the case we can assume that it's after Nacht der untoten...
  5. Back on topic guys. That's pretty good work. So Tank attacks Rictofen attempting to.. save Peter or whatever . thats whats caused his swelling yea? Russian who smells is obviously and takeo aka Subject NEWB is muttering a proverb which is very Japanese sterotypes. This is all cool.
  6. Oh yeah good point... but actually Tank mentions Gersh..? So, maybe its just after Ascension they used The Gersh to escape or something.
  7. Sadly I disagree with your theory that we "sent them" to Ascension as we know Ascension and Five take place concurrently and Call of the Dead is set in the present presumably with the modern day set actors etc. Combined with the aforementioned fact that Rictofen quotes something to the contrary it is highly more likely that perhaps after Ascension? Or immediately after Kino Before Ascension who knows? The original characters traveled into the future a bit too far. As for Paradise... http://pastie.org/private/3dnu9gbll8upbgegdpu9uq in the coding released in the update for COTD there are bare references to perhaps scrapped or future maps. One Mentioning Area 51 i.e The Paradise Ranch. However this too is merely a theory so guess we'll only know when the time comes.. and Map pack 3 BLOWS OUR MINDHOLES! --- EDIT --- I Posted wrong link. Ill go find the correct one http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/User_b ... game_files. meh got a similar one
  8. I've been making countdowns in weeks days hours minutes seconds (all separate of course) until the map pack hits the PS3 I wish someone would just put the whole easter egg thus far on youtube. I'm in dire need of some relief :(
  9. Takeo always gets sick after teleporting does he not? And Nikoli asks him to dance instead of throwing up (paraphrasing)
  10. Maybe he just likes Pooing alot?
  11. I Think Richtofen implied himself that he's gay when he grabbed Tanks..... ahem... Lever.... :/ Ps overreacting post is overreacting.
  12. Naw sure go ahead lock the forum when someone makes a semi discovery thats a good idear :)
  13. Guys .. No offence but what age are the lot of ye? These little "fights" ye all have are ridiculous I think the guy may be onto something. And I agree with him 100% And People do get all offended when someone tries to challenge a theory by "THE GREAT ALPHASNAKE" they are theories for a raisin man
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