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  1. Elevator tapping

    Oh ok i see, we"ll i'm not exactly sure. That is my best guess :)
  2. Elevator tapping

    I'm astonished that you heard it, but if you play with any more than 1 player on Five, you can look at the others characters feet when in the elevator and see that they tap their foot in anticipation. So that might be what you heard, your charcter tapping their foot.
  3. BlackOps - MapPack2 - ESCALATION - Details 05.April

    You do realize that the zombie map is called "Survive" right? The big text is the map name, just like the 4 previous multiplayer ones above it.
  4. Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    My highest round on Kino is 32...its not the best, but you can only run so many loops :)