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  1. Storing money in the bank

    Wow really? I didn't know you could get it in your next game, thanks for the tip.
  2. Official No Man's Land Records

    Awesome job, Lemonade. I hope we are still updating it because some of us are planning on getting a 350 game soon.
  3. Official No Man's Land Records

    Here is the proof of my 343 kill game. Sorry for the long wait. My GT is Mrdeerhead. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXMEGkoWJ7M
  4. Isn't it kind of calming without the brains?

    I haven't been on the forum for a while and i just noticed now that they got rid of the brains. I didn't mind having the brains function.
  5. Official No Man's Land Records

    Thanks, Super. I'm gonna take a break for now but expect to see a 350+ kill game in the future.
  6. Official No Man's Land Records

    I got 343 a couple of days ago and ill have the proof up soon. I think im done with NML, my goal was a 340+ kill game and now that i have done it, it's time to give nml a break.
  7. Official No Man's Land Records

    Thanks, Way.
  8. Official No Man's Land Records

    332 kills here. My GT is Mrdeerhead http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YGKlrnUyBU
  9. Hello! :D

    Welcome to the site. Feel free to pm me if you ever wanna play zombies.
  10. Pre-Order Transfer

    yes you can, i asked the employee before i pre ordered mine.
  11. Highest round on Der Riese?

    50 solo and 62 i think in co-op. Really fun map and i don't ever seem to get bored of it.
  12. Official No Man's Land Records

    My kill count is 317 but instead of putting "The Doctor" put Jloves2game. I think i will ask the admins to change my name next time i see them. Thanks again, mate.
  13. Official No Man's Land Records

    I felt that Chopper was the one playing it. I think he did some of those corner challenges in NML. Not sure who the person is but he should have added their names. Those were some impressive moves Haha that's me, i just checked this thread right now. Yea, someone please add me to the list. Thanks
  14. Official No Man's Land Records

    I had got 301 and a few games later i hit 317. My goal for NML is 340 and then im stopping.
  15. NML from 290 to 300, how?

    Great job man, i am currently trying to get 300+ kills myself. I thought it was hard to get 300+ kills but the more i play it the more i can say it isn't difficult at all. Just keep trying and if i reach 300+ soon i will try to help you out.