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    Professional Ascension Zombie Squad Teammate Finder Here!

    I'd be up and in for it. I reckon it would be great to Launch some new high rounds with you guys! Ok, so thats the gay stuff out of the way. I got round 28 with 4 people and like round 25 with 2 people. I had to clutch numerous times and can make Rape trains in the most unorthodox areas. I haz t33rtl3 b3achz, so I can always tell which direction zombies are coming from to avoid being flanked. I'm in Australia so I'm afraid the only requirement is connection but I'm running 100GB per month, so I should be fine. Chyeah, I'm 14, my voice isn't the lowest of pitch but its certainly not high pitched. DUN GET UP IN MAH GHREAL. - Jacob.
  2. GruBTubz


    Huge brains to you sir, they should call you Chris Hansen, because you just caught a predator! These pictures are now OBVIOUSLY fake. Its troll like these who we need to keep off the forum! Although he did give us a bit to think about. - Jacob.

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