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  1. Real Maps

    I've tried Battlefield, and its just not the same. Right after GoldenEye and Perfect Dark, CoD the third FPS game I ever played. Everybody knows, once you go CoD, you never go back. ;)
  2. Real Maps

  3. Real Maps

    'What do I mean "real" maps? Whats wrong with the maps we have already?' Can I have, by a raising of hands, a count of how many people have played the one original "Call of Duty"? (And the United Offensive Expansion Pack) If there are any vets, do you remember Hurtgen? How about Rocket and, oh yes, Pavlov's House? Or even Foy, with its tank/jeep warfare? (Yes, young'uns, we used to have tanks and jeeps) Maps where snipers can run absolutely wild, and CQC and assault rifle peoples can still move from bunker to bunker and room to room. Maps where, yes, you do actually have more than a single field of view. Take, for example, Pavlov's "House" from the map Pavlov's House (lol). All five floors (and the attic, and even the roof!) are completely available for close quarters combat. 'But people will just camp in there, and we'll all get spawn killed!' ...Or not, because all of the floors of all of the surrounding buildings are likewise suitable for sniping and counter-sniping. Yeah, I said it. Counter-sniping. Defined as, and this is a concept to some people, single bullet warfare. "One shot, one kill". Hardscoping. Nearly all windows are open and prime for support gunners if you really have a thing for your M60. Way over on the other side of the scale we have Hurtgen. With a grand total of.......two buildings. Both are bunkers. Fight well and they can be yours. Abandon them for a minute, and you'll lose them. If you like to wear a ghillie suite there happens to be ample foliage and plenty of rocks. If you prefer to settle your differnces with the enemy face to face, you can dodge trees and cover behind rocks. And right smack dab in the middle, you'll find Rocket. Appropriately dubbed, due to the rather large, hard to miss V-2 rocket in the upper left quadrant of the map. This sector frequently displays good conditions for mid-range sniping, short, medium, and large all out ballistic warfare. A system of bunker tunnels intersect around the rockets, connecting to different viewing stations. These are useful as they provide a haven from snipers, as well as provide a plethora of shotgun targets. Treyarch, as part of Activision, has easy access to these maps. I'm sure they are perfectly capable of redesigning them, as Infinity Ward did for Wasteland, which is a near clone of Brecourt. I, for one, would appreciate some larger maps, instead of practically elbowing the enemy in the sardine cans we currently sit cramped in. All of these maps can be found here: http://fmj.katusha.net/CoDmaps/allmap.html If you want more info on some definitive CQC house-to-house maps, pm me or say so in a comment. Roland out
  4. WANTED: A New CoDz Moderator

    I'm in.