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  1. The Hardened Editions usually have some value, the prestige editions are just garbage. $70 for a toy car? $20 for all the previous zombie maps is well worth it though.
  2. For your fake-enjoyment needs!

    How does it ruin lives? It's very sad if a fake screenshot of a video game ruins someone's life. I made some fake screenshots before Black Ops came out and it actually helped people.
  3. Dempsey has a son?? and MULE KICK IN EVERY MAP IS DUMB!

    He says "I'm gonna buy one of these for my five year old once this shit's over."
  4. Zombie Labs Wave Gun man is Richtofen?

    Dempsey is on the poster next to him, so that's not possible.
  5. Inside Xbox Annihilation Map Pack Preview Video

    It's solo mode. I don't think that changes the name color.
  6. I forgot today was a week form the release! I hope we get a music video.
  7. Traps, females, and lots of new zombie info!

    I really dont care if im paying $15 for one map, to me i feel like im getting my moneys worth, zombies has always been great so im not complaining This! When Der Riese came out, every time I played it all I could think was, "Man, this is way too cheap. I would pay $60 for this alone!"
  8. Will there be another Elena Siegman song in this map?

    There won't be a Relapse 2. Recovery was meant to be called Relapse 2, but Eminem wanted to retitle it.
  9. Traps, females, and lots of new zombie info!

    This looks awesome! The close release date also means that Map Pack 4 is likely. If this is released in less than two months from the previous, we definitely have time to get a fourth, sense Map Pack 3 for WaW was released in August. It's going to be a long 12 days.
  10. Best perk overall?

    1. Juggernog 2. PhD Flopper (In most situations, but I was in a situation last game where I chose Deadshot over PhD because I was using a Predator and AUG running a train in the bottom floor of the lighthouse. Everything else depends.
  11. Create ur own perk

    Thermal Soda - 1000 Points Press up on the D-Pad to use when you have it. Highlights all zombies in red so you can see them through walls. Useful for finding crawlers and such or determining how many zombies are by a downed teammate.
  12. Customization

    What do you want in terms of customization in MW3? Custom Camos - Customize from a few layers of patterns and colors to create your own camos for your guns. NOTE: Also available for secondary weapons. Also, imagine haver a camo similar to tiger, but combining chrome and gold. Custom Facepaint - Basically like custom emblems on your player's face. Knife Skins - Instead of just the generic knife, you can choose from a number of knives with the same affect. For example: have a sickle in multiplayer! Along with this, hand skins. Mask Perk Slot - A few new perks which block out radar and other HUD features when in use. For example: night vision or a gas mask. Press up on the D-Pad to activate. Clothing - Change your characters clothing and customize it with accessories such as sew-on patches. Also include other accessories, like wristbands. If you have any ideas, please share.
  13. Highest Round on Call Of The Dead?

    Haha, I have the same problem. 90% of the time I'm playing I have to go do something. I probably would've gotten past 22 if I didn't know I had to go really soon; I would have tried harder.
  14. Highest Round on Call Of The Dead?

    Hit 22 yesterday; one higher than my previous.
  15. Highest Round on Call Of The Dead?

    21 with three other of my friends (four total).