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  1. What do you think?

    I'm already suffering from withdrawal... I NEED MORE!!!!!!!!
  2. Not sure if this means anything..

    well they are showing a pic of the hallway that leads to the zombie development team and they are saying "time for a little ride..." so i'm guessing sometime this month (this week or a few more) we'll finally be seeing something either a look at whats going on, a teaser trailer of some sort, or at last a trailer for zombies? thats just my prediction i could be totally wrong and they are still teasing us
  3. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    i read a few people somewhere here about meele wonder weapons i am really liking this idea, its a bit hard to just try to imagine how this will play on call of duty zombies since its already nearly impossible to meele zombies without having an insta-kill power up.... we should have some meele wonder weapons like perhaps these few that i just came up with... Wunder-Schwert : A japanese katana crafted using element 115 stone by masters of swordsmiths in fuedal japan just before the germans over took control of areas with element 115 meteors. Sword when strikes creates a big slash of element 115 electrifying anything in its path and when it is pack-a-punched has a wider range in its strike. Donner Vorschlaghammer : A mighty sledgehammer build from a very concentrated and extremely dense element 115 meteorite. Has a primary meele which you swing and create a gore fest of zombie guts. Secondary meele attack in which you strike at the earth creating a quake knocking down zombies and those nearer to the quake are affected by the magnificent vibration and explode from the extreme high frequency the quake causes. Pack-a-punchig this weapon will only increase damage and range. Panzerhandschuh-115PT (115 prototype) : Untested gauntlet with devastating power in which those hit by it disintegrate along with those nearby, in not careful its user can receive damage. Pack-a-punching this meele weapon is not recommended as it is still in its protoype stages and is still not tested in various fields in its normal state.
  4. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    Pulse Rifle - has about same ammunition as the wunderwaffe DG-2 it would be like the thunder gun but with more of a electrifying shock wave that would disintegrate zombies and any zombie that wasn't in range but nearby the ones that were would get affected by it as if it were shot by the DG-2. Plasma gun - has an ammunition similar to the flame thrower recharging when depleted but runs out very quick unless upgraded it will deplete slower. It will shoot out a long plasma beam (similar to what the proton weapon in the movie ghost busters) but has a limit to how far it reaches and if it were possible when a zombie is hit by it it gives them a reddish glow before disintegrating. Fluency ray - shoots a harmless shock wave that sends zombies in a frenzie and causes the ones that got hit by the wave to start attacking each other, only downside to this weapon is its shot amount of ammo and another problem would be that if you shoot it twice at the same zombies that were hit by it they would only go after the person who shot them. these are just some of the ideas at the top of my head right now but i'm really liking some of the ideas the rest of you guys are putting hope someone from treyach is sneaking up on this and takes some of them!