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  1. What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?

    29 with 3 players. My brother got to 41 with 4 people.
  2. Henry is a hoax

    I'm trying to assist in making people post anything related to it, in the main thread. As it is quite annoying seeing new threads about information already posted. Rather then people posting in the main HL thread.
  3. BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    I'm more disappointed at the fact we didn't get to see any perks.. I was really hoping for atleast a small reveal of what we can expect. Ohwell, guess we'll find out eventually. :/
  4. BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    I just realised, the Camera Spike is used for the theater mode. More or less you setup a camera and record your kills?
  5. BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    So we have.. Camera Spike. Seems interesting.. But, more of a campers bestfriend. 3 Kill Streak give a radio controlled explsoive toy car? 4 Kill Streak give a care package... 5 Kill streak give what appears to be a predator missle There's a kill streak relating to an aircraft... Not sure on the required kills. But, the crossbow seems overpowered... Extremely. Those metal bar dagger things.. Not sure what they really are. Complete change of weapons.. The FAMAS is no longer 3 burst.
  6. BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    This was inappropriate in so many ways.
  7. Henry is a hoax

    I have to agree this is all a little bit of fun to many people, and well. In the build up to Black Ops. This does keep us occupied. It's nice to experience something adventurous and mysterious. An I guess we all choose to believe or not. Much like God.
  8. BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    They are releasing the footage today? And is that in like an hour from now?