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    What Is Your Highest Round On Nacht Der Untoten?

    My highest ever was 28 with a friend on splitscreen... that was an unbelievably tense match, i was shaking so uncontrollably. it looked like we were going to fail on round 26, but then we got max ammo when we were both on last mag with 30 rounds left for the MG's and then we managed to make it two more levels. good times


    Also did anyone else notice the "NOVA" gas grenades?


    I don't care whether its online or offline splitscreen (though preferably both). As long as i have the ability to go to a mates and play with them plus possibly 2 other people im happy. I sure hope they keep offline mulitplayer like they did in MW2, coz i have to say that it was awesome that offline was almost exactly like online in the fact that you could create a class etc. I had so many offline tournaments with mates because of it. it was the best :)

    More To Solve On Der Riese

    also a question.... what is that cage on top of the clock-tower for? has anyone looked up there for anything?

    More To Solve On Der Riese

    I didn't really know where else to post this, but this topic seemed as good as any zombies discussion. Well basically... i was just thinking about zombies the other day and occurred to me that maybe its not infectious. My theory is based on the fact that you never see any other zombies except for German soldiers (Obviously long dead as they are pretty badly decomposed, but no freshly killed ones). Where are all the scientists that were working in Der Riese? Surely some of them would have become zombies too along with some civilians and allied soldiers... also when you get downed by a zombie, you just die. You don't turn into a zombie. So what i'm thinking is that, although element 115 is highly radioactive and apparently is the cause of the zombies, the dead nazi soldiers were reanimated by the germans to use as more men (seeing as Germany would fast be running out of troops as they were losing the war). Therefore it seems that it is only possible to become zombified by coming into contact with 115, but not by being bitten etc. i know this is off topic a bit but i wasn't sure where it would be a good place to post it. sorry if it pisses anyone off :S

    Official Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal Topic.

    Aw shattered:cry: I got home from school all excited because i thought that there would be some news from the reveal. I completely forgot about how different the time zones are between Melbourne (Australia) and LA are. i didnt realise that it was 12 am over there and that i wont be expecting any news till after school tomorrow. Major let down.... aw well i guess ill just have to wait another day :/

    Whats ur Favorite upgraded Gun?

    Upgraded PPSH defs. "The Reaper"? i havent played in ages so i cant remember the exact names. but its just so comforting to just hold down the trigger when a horde of zombies are running at you and it feels like it will never run out of ammo also sounds wicked

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