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  1. The Pentagon Thief Solved

    Wow... just F***ing wow, his grammer is completely irrelevant to anything Wow, you fail even harder. Did I mention grammar? No, I mentioned extrapolation. You average an F -
  2. Bad choice, Treyarch.

    I LOLED. [brains] (And what you're saying is true.)
  3. The Pentagon Thief Solved

    If that's what you extrapolated, My magical powers tell me that you get an F average in English.
  4. Bad choice, Treyarch.

    This thread is trash. All I see is: "Wah Wah Wah, My exclusive content isn't exclusive anymore. It doesn't effect me in anyway, but I don't want other people to have it!" *immature sob*. Grow up.
  5. The Pentagon Thief Solved

    That's funny. I did post it, and you trolled every single page of it.
  6. The Pentagon Thief Solved

    Der Riese WAS a factory I personally think so too (because of the sign), but it's been debated because of the Teleporters.
  7. The Pentagon Thief Solved

    I rest my case.
  8. The Pentagon Thief Solved

    Wow, you're a troll. You wasted a 1000 Litres of your breath, complaining that Clarke couldn't be in FIVE because he was already dead. You've just switched your story. You're wrong. Again. The Thief has blue eyes on the PC. His face looks entirely different on PC vs Console. Have a look at his eye colour in the pictures I posted. You're wrong. Again. How many electricians' wear labcoats? A picture label in the CODE says he is an electrician. Obviously you've never programmed before. The Code also says that Der Riese is a factory. Since you've chosen to repeat all your apparent 'counter - arguments' that are supposed to be so lengthy in number, I'll repeat all the true evidance, and well see how they balance out? ________________________________ Clarke was a scientist - Thief is a scientist (evidant from labcoat) Clarke is covered in equations - Thief has identical equations (It was suggested the equations were a re-used texture. Not true, because the Thief has unique equations on his labcoat, which Clarke is not seen wearing during the campaign. Thus, it's not a re-use. It's an original - use) Clarke and the Thief share the same hairline, and hair colour. Clarke and the Thief have hair in nearly the exact same places, except the Clarke's is trimmed at the high sides. (However, this is just a hair style. If you grew Clarke's hair, you get the Thiefs. SPOT on) Clarke has a mustache and goatee combination. Thief has visible stubble in the exact same spots. Clarke has a hidden collection of stashed guns. The Thief steals your guns, and runs away with them. Clarke died. The Thief is a re-animation -- He has glowing, yellow eyes -- His sash says 'Living Dead' in illuminati cypher -- He re-spawns after you kill him. Think about it. Clarke's corpse fell a long way, the spine would have damaged. The Thief is always buckled over. Clarke helped developed Nova6. Thief appears in FIVE at the same trigger as the Nova6 zombies. Clarke is featured in the Mission 'Numbers', which also featured floating red numbers. Clarke knew the secret of the numbers. QUOTE = "Oh yes, the numbers... They're the key too" HEADSHOT The Thief is followed by a trail of red numbers. Were the numbers the key to re-animation? Clarke was shot in the side of the head, straight into hair. Hence, the Theif's hair covers the wound. Clarke mentions escaping the Ural Mountains with "Lazarus". Lazarus was a friend of Jesus' whom was brought back to Life. This biblical reference ties in with the Thief's resurrection. _________ I have more evidence. I don't know why I bother arguing over the Thief, with somebody who has probably never even managed to reach him before.
  9. The Pentagon Thief Solved

    Theres no doubt about it that the pentagon theif and clarke are the same person. Mayb he created the creepy crawlers? Don't bother, you'll only get flamed. viewtopic.php?f=68&t=12007
  10. ascension monkey's

    It all depends on your team. If you're on SOLO: - Forget all other Perks on high rounds, except Juggernog and QUick Revive. Losing other perks doesn't matter. If monkeys take these, you're officially dead and won't be able to save the other perks anyway If you're in a GOOD team: - 1 person at each of the best perks. (If somebody has a PaPed M1911s, they can take both Quick Revive and Juggernog) - The player guarding Marathon MUST use the fire trap (it kills monkeys instantly, and gets you the Achievement) If you're in a BAD team: - Protect Juggernog. You're screwed if you lose it. DON'T EVER: - Throw an uncooked grenade at a Monkey (it will throw it back) - Try to run past a line of Monkeys more than 2 monkeys long (one will slow you, the rest kill you) - Throw a Gersch device at a Monkey (they'll jump in harmlessly) - Shoot a monkey with the Thundergun (it hardly does anything)
  11. I wish we would just stop complaining about black ops

    Honestly... I've HATED Black OPs. It is easily the worst COD title since COD3!! The graphics are horrible! They're W@W graphics, but with better lighting (and fixed the Character edge / light problems)! (Seriously, I have compared them extensively!) Multiplayer just feels sucky! It feels that it's less about shooting, and more about some exterior factor that constantly fluctuates. (Hard for me to explain). For instance: If you see and enemy and start shooting first, and are deadly accurate... you can still verily easily be killed despite. (It's like an inconsistant firepower imbalance. Sometimes it's fine) I think a lot of people want to ignore it's negative qualities, to avoid feeling unpatriotic, and out of fear of other patriots response! :| EXCEPT: Nazi Zombies is EPIC It is the only feature of BO I play anymore!
  12. Your emblem

    That no-scope kill in your Signature is EPIC
  13. Create ur own perk

    Easy Way perk makes it easier to attack or aim at the zombie and able to dodge quickly from zombies side arm attacks automatically. It looks like in slow motion but youre not moving slow but regular speed. This could have time to do quick scoping at zombies and revive someone. Again: That makes no sense. Would the zombies be only slow for you? What would your team mates who don't have the perk, see? It's impossible for you to see slower but for the others to see regular speed. That literally requires a physical time warp.
  14. Create ur own perk

    I LOVE Mixmax. Best idea I've ever head (It would need to be cheap. 1.5K?) However, EasyWay makes no sense.
  15. The Pentagon Thief Solved

    All they prove is that he's a zombie.. which was pretty obvious already. Pretty obvious? Even though you laboriously argued he wasn't the Thief, because he died? :facepalm: