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  1. FalcoVet101

    Exact Fern and Temple Positioning on the Map Jungle

    Who? Me, Alpha or BlackOpsTiger? You mostly, but the others did a nice job as well. :mrgreen:
  2. FalcoVet101

    Exact Fern and Temple Positioning on the Map Jungle

    Beautiful find mate!
  3. FalcoVet101

    Acension Evidence in 'Five'

    I just remembered the computers.I forgot the map name,but it's the large beach map with the ships at the beach and then there's that underground tunnel and then computers in there. Which,now that I think of it,that underground computer area looks like a launching facility in a way...
  4. FalcoVet101

    Acension Evidence in 'Five'

    On the magazine for "2", aren't those computer controls in another multiplayer map? Same with the image of the building? Anyone investigate the multiplayer maps yet that have those settings?It's not the first time Zombie eggs have been in MP maps *cough* Nuketown and Firing Range *cough*
  5. FalcoVet101

    Telixion's hint to us? (Solution to the generator puzzle)?

    I still feel as if the Death Machines are needed for something...I heard someone suggest somewhere to shoot the moon with them?
  6. FalcoVet101


    I already posted it.I'm first post on this page.
  7. FalcoVet101


    Yo guys,i think i made a discovery! Pause at 2:29,then play and pay attention to the black hole bomb and "Tan Ops" (the white player) He jumps INTO the black hole!
  8. FalcoVet101

    Ascension MUST take place in the United States.

    Nuketown, the green house as pictures of a lighthouse and another forrested area,with a river and it also looks like a different angle of the lighthouse.
  9. FalcoVet101

    Official Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal Topic.

    I'm so happy about the return of the dogs...YES!!!GO MY HOUNDS GO!!!RUN FREE!!!!

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