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  1. Korima

    The Big Guy from Buried & Der Eisendrache

    Interesting... It's hard to say for sure, as I can see the woman when i just look at the head, but when I look at the clothing, I see Big Guy. It's definitely a White/gold dress scenario. If it is the Big Guy, it would do one of two things. One, solidify that the universes are melding together and the Big Guy of Buried somehow ended up encountering the Wolf King in this universe's past (Much like Icarus following Richtofen's "jumps" through SoE and T.G.). OR He just pulled a Pokemon X and Y and survived so long that he just grew big. lol
  2. Korima


    A raven huh? That matches us up with 4 of the Prestige icons now. Ghostly Wolf, Cthulu-like Squid, An Iron-colored Dragon, and now the Red-eyed Raven. Interesting...
  3. Korima

    Wrath of the Ancients: a closer look

    Aye, I see your point, but have to debate a bit. I agree that we can't take straight from the page of Lovecraft's works, but we can refer back to them to understand the CoDz's universes versions of his creatures. In particular, we already know SoE has a very close tie to Lovecraft's works, but takes it's own liberties (Insanity Elementals, Margwa, Apothicon, etc...). However, the way the plot is going, and if Nightmares is anything to compare by, there has to be a Greater Evil of some sort of lore. Now unless Treyarch wants to make a completely new evil being for the SoE universe, we can assume it's going to follow Lovecraft lore. Therefore, it's safe to say that The Shadow Man, with his tentacle form being pretty obvious, as well has his normal form and motives following that from a specific work that 3arc could have taken creative liberty with (Specifically "The Dreams in the Witch House"). That also explains their particular reason to add in the Parasites (as you stated, based off the Mi-Go) per creative liberty from the work of "The Whisperer in the Darkness". We could even go as far as bringing in the completely different EE song into play. Nyarlathotep is known as the one who plays the flute. If we take the song as coming from The Shadow Man, the way it brings back the jazzy feel and particularly the solo portion as his modern-version of playing a "flute"-like instrument. Another reason everyone is inferring Nyarlathotep=Shadow Man is due to the lore used in the other universes of the zombies story so far, which seem to link to mythologies in a similar fashion. Nightmares and (possibly) MotD using Greek for Deimos, Dolos, and Hades. The main having hints and clues to possible Aztec ties, even referring to Mictlantecuhtli directly in one of the loading screens. There's possibly more in there that I'm not aware of or missed/forgot in some way, but it's a strong enough case. If I missed anything however, please let me know.
  4. Korima

    Wrath of the Ancients: a closer look

    That was a theory of mine as well. It was either that, with Cthulu's influence, or Azathoth since The Shadow Man is clearly Nyarlathotep and it's right hand tentacle man.
  5. Korima

    Can we trust the Keepers?

    Edit: figured I'd throw in that I haven't played Eisendrache yet due to steam. If the Keepers from Shadows appear, then it could simply be them following Richtofen to get the summoning key back. The way I see it with this multiverse thing going on... The Keepers exist in each in different forms. Vril-ya could be the form they exist in the Origins universes, hence their strange appearance in The Crazy Place. In Shadows, they took on a more Lovecraft-friendly appearance. Their goals seem to be preventing The Gateway from being opened. The Gateway in shadows was the Pack-a-punch. In Nightmares, it was something Dr. Salim did. In Moon, it was the MPD. It's whatever has a direct link to the aetherical realm of each universe, whether it be called Aether, Agartha, or Malum. the reason being every time a Gateway is opened, a Great Evil is unleashed. Deimos, Azathoth/Cthulu, even Hades (if you count MotD keeping Nightmare's Greek God influence and its references to Cerebus). We were never introduced to what this "Great Evil" is in the original WaW/BlOps universe because maxis intervened. (Personally I think it's the maxis from Giant radios who did it, but that's another story.) If I remember correctly, the Nuketown zombies had an Aztec God on a candy bar on the loading screen or something, but I'd have to look back and see. What's really concerning is if the Nightmares ending is foreshadowing, we could see quite a showdown coming up in the future.
  6. This is great! I personally am a fan of Lovecraftian works, but never went too far into the mythology as I should have.
  7. Okay, so i had a theory, and it's not a really well thought out one, but here we go... Before the Samantha/Maxis/Richtofen shenanigans, the dead remained at peace. No zombies, but definitely some sort of afterlife sort of thing going on. Perhaps there is a hell-like dimension in this universe. If so, perhaps this dimension is the Aether. Therefore, whomever is in control controls the dead. So... in this case we know whoever was in control before Samantha was letting the dead rest per se in the real world. Now the events we know and love happen. Whomever is in control basically gets kicked out of the way for these 3 struggling for control of the aether (sam, maxis, richtofen). Perhaps this original owner would like his throne back? Enter the events of Mob of The Dead. He takes four "bad" people and interferes with them in the past. They are stuck in an endless cycle of revenge. He intervenes and discovers he can break the cycle, changing the past. Weasel is free from the cycle, and I'd like to assume he made the comic of what happened there, thus Group 935 attempting to create such weaponry with the look of the comics they read. This.. Entity realizes he can manipulate them into doing what he wants, So he plans to "assemble" a team to change the events of the past. Assuming we get 4 dlc, that leaves 2 more for new characters, and 2 for the finale. If we get multiple zombie maps, it'll probably be following The Giant's timeline and MotD and SoE timeline. The Shadow Man wants his throne back, and Samantha (Now in control after the reset again) is attempting to stop him as well as Richtofen's plan (or perhaps Richtofen is now working with her to stop him in general), hence the yellow eyes and his own appearance as a "Character", not the announcer. The creatures we see could be the remnants of the Vril (especially since we know someone or something had to create the MPD, and Vril are mentioned multiple times in the other maps). I'm wondering if their "Blood" that spews out will change colors based on the zombies eyes, just due to it being yellow with Sam in control. Not the most solid theory, but just an idea. XD -Korima EDIT: I forgot my other main point! lol. The hidden easter eggs not found are likely small ones like the brick in Der Riese or the book in Shi No Numa that hint toward future events, but are so small that they are super hard to find. I have a feeling they're likely in tranzit just due to so many unused lines by Aether-richtofen, or even in Black Ops 1 due to all the "Sighs" and comments when on Der Riese interacting with the Tac-boards, red goo, or seemingly random objects throughout the map that probably trigger a single line of dialogue or something silly.
  8. Korima

    The story so far according to me:

    Lovely theory! Never thought of it from the point Samantha was the one that created/went to the Origin's timeline. It would also explain why Richtofen looks so confused at the end of the intro cutscene. That sort of "Wait, what... DANG IT!!!" look
  9. Korima

    Nazi Richtofen missing his Swastika

    True, the ripple effect can be huge, but to entirely remove Griffin Station? That would be a bit extreme, and change Richtofen's motivation to eliminate Samantha and Maxis at that time. At this point in the story, Griffin Station is already at the peak of its success. Actually, Griffin seems to be where everything fell apart. Groph didn't apprehend Sam, Maxis was sent to the Aether with control over machines by being killed and sucked into the MPD like the zombie souls, and it's where the missiles that struck earth were stored that caused the paradox or "The Rift" to be formed. The MPD room had oxygen, judging by the radio of Richtofen accidentally teleporting to it prior, presumably without space gear due to the clarity of his voice in the recordings. EDIT: correction, it was Groph, not Schuster. But realistically it was both of them who failed to apprehend her.
  10. Korima

    Nazi Richtofen missing his Swastika

    Knowing Treyarch, it wouldn't be something so simple. He has an Iron cross on him, and uniform is still that of German Officer attire, but with all the time travel, I have a feeling they changed the course of history, hence the lack of Dots on the moon (moon base), 935 or Z-A in the Group 935 logos, and lack of swastikas or eagles on the teleporter. Ripple effect.
  11. Korima

    Die Rise Easter Egg - Progress Thread (Unsolved)

    I'm liking this easter egg! Not something too easy that people solve it before I can even get a chance to get on, but not something as open ended as Ascension. Albeit, this is complicated, but fun, because it's keeping us thinking and on our toes. I do have one question though, has anyone found a way to do it with only two players? Or solo? I've only got 3 on my team, so if it's 4.... =(
  12. Korima

    Red beam of light from Bank to Tower

    Hmm.... I wonder if there's more to Nacht then what we've seen. It looks like one of the beams goes right past the tower, then bounces back to the bank, contrary to the one that shoots to the top of the tower.
  13. Korima

    Red beam of light from Bank to Tower

    Did the mystery box usually have one of these beams coming from it when you get the orbs? Just did a box pull, had the orbs and a single blue beam coming from it, and resulted in a teddy bear. Will get pics if i can get it to happen again
  14. Korima

    Double Tap 2?

    no it doesnt. Only a few guns arent affected by it; War machine, raygun, grenades.
  15. Korima

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    Felt I should key in on this. Read through the first page and last two pages. Seems like some people came off more rude than they wanted, or were misinterpreted as another tried to add emotion to the text. Basically, if you ever dealt with Activision you would have known they were going to release it because it means money. Especially when it comes to the mainstream Call of Duty game. So basically, if you bought an overpriced code for the classic maps, that was your own impatience. Although I feel you, since I highly considered getting one off eBay. Also, to counter your statement, you basically paid to get them earlier, plus a bonus medal, in the hardened version. Yes, they weren't included in the normal game, so that's why those who didn't buy the hardened version have to pay for it, except we don't get the stuff that comes in the Hardened version. Now, if you paid for the Prestige JUST for the Classic maps, I suggest taking a step back and instead of complaining on how unfair it is and consider the priorities of Gaming in your life and consider all options available, such as "Its not worth the Prestige amount just for four maps. Maybe they'll release them later." So, in general, learn from this mistake if you bought the code seperate or are unsatisfied with wjat you got in the Hardened edition and next time, when Iron Wolf or whatever the name will be, comes out to not buy it if It comes with extremely popular maps. Wait the year for the dlc to become public. And throughout this entire speech, I do not intend to attack anyone or their beliefs; just to give advice and help people avoid being bashed on relentlessly.

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