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  1. What Is Your Highest Round On Nacht Der Untoten?

    25 online with 4 people officially and unofficially ,don't hate me for it, but my friend and I went in a private match and we did the wall glitch and got to 42........... but that was for fun so don't hate.
  2. What do you hate most about MW2?

    I hate the MW2 multiplayer. The only time I play online in Mw2 is in a private match playing Michael Myers or Cops&Robbers. A good example of perfect Grenade Launcher usage is in Bad Company 2. In Bad Company 2 all the guns are perfectly balanced. Well at least in hardcrore which is all I play. The point is in bc2 yes your gl kills in one hit and can devastate many targets but its not famously overpowered like mw2s. For instance Qwerl my family comes from a long line of military men too and I (also 15) might join the Navy to be a Marine Scout Sniper. I know what your talking about and I can confirm most of what your saying. Except however the .50 part. A .50 from a mile away doesn't blow you to bits but it does hit with more force than a .44 hollow point round at point blank, which is to say you will die and you will have massive holes in you. My grandpa (may God rest his soul) Was an old navy dog and has several (unusable) .50 rounds from his sniper and they are about 4 or 5 inches long (the actual bullet is only about an inch long) So yeah deah from a mile or so away! AND THEY ARE LOUD!!!!!!!!
  3. GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    If Treyarch is reading these, I just want them to know that this is one of the best things they could have done to keep us entertained and interested until the release. I mean c'mon they are marketing genius's. Plus I always loved to speculate what was gonna go on in the newest release of ................ or .................... So thank-you Treyarch. I know this probably doesn't belong in this forum but it seems like the most watched one.
  4. GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    O.K. I signed up because after following you guys for a few days I decided that you all need my great brain to solve your GkNova6 problems. But seriously, I was thinking(as all great minds must do) that maybe some of the drop items in the briefcase ARE THE DISTRACTION mentioned in the audio. Maybe they all are? This is all stuff I read somewhere: The CIA director has a safe in his/her office that contains all the secrets the US government has. Everything. That may be useful to you guys. The CIA director is more involved in the Government than the president in some ways. Also the CIA has looked into being able to transport a persons conscience to places in the world to view events as the persons "body" was in the US. The report stated they were mildly successful. JUST REMEMBER THIS IS ALL STUFF I FOUND RANDOMLY PLEASE DON"T TAKE IT INTO TRUTH. But since zombies aren't real I figured that maybe we could use this as a bases IF the documents aren't said distractions. Thanks for your time even though none of this likely to be useful.