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  1. Upheaval was one of my favorites from WaW. Perfect map size and nice layout for all different types of gameplay. I still hope someday there will be a full remake of WaW for this current gen.
  2. legacy

    Aloha Fellow Zombie Enthusiasts

    Welcome back Tac! I'm another old member making a bit of a return, although I was more of a lurker than poster. I kinda moved on from CoD a few years ago, but every once in a while I still fire up the nazi zombie maps on ps3 with the old crew. Hoping the new BO3 zombie mode delivers as much fun and draws me back in.
  3. legacy


    Nice to meet you Brad. Hope you have a good time on the site. Cya around!
  4. legacy

    What is your personal system for awarding brains?

    I used to give them out when someone was helpful or added to conversation.
  5. legacy

    Welcoming for New Member Introductions

    I just recovered my account, so I'll try to hang out more and welcome new people.
  6. legacy

    I don't buy this Die Rise talk...

    I don't really think "Die Rise" is the official name. It's not really even proper english (just sounds awkward) and it's too close to Der Riese. I think it might be called "Rise" but not quite sure about that either. I'm really hoping it's good and revives my interest in zombies because so far I'd say the zombie mode on Black Ops 1 had me more hooked wiht the launch maps. (Kino/Five)
  7. legacy

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    Me! :3
  8. legacy

    Highest Round on Call Of The Dead?

    ugh... im only at 22 with 4 people. we just havent put an entire round together. im typically the point horder, but we play with 1 guy who is kinda new to zombs and he gets in trouble pretty early on this map. thanks for posting all the strats guys, we gotta try to put together a plan. right now its basically every man for themselves and i run circles around 74u and then loop down the slide. my high score is 111,000
  9. legacy

    How Far Have you Gotten?

    made it to 38 started with 4 but 2 dropped out at about round 10
  10. legacy

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    I feel like the brainwashing stuff is not part of the campaign story. The "real history" talk in the second trailer seemed like just a reference to the SOG during the "Cold War". They were a deniable team that did covert operations. So the public would have never known if these missions actually happened. This is how Treyarch can have make up mission and work them into the cold war era. Maybe the enemies (Soviets/Vietcong) are trying to use this brainwashing stuff and the goal of the SOG is to stop them. I just don't get the feeling that the SOG members themselves are the ones being brainwashed to perform these missions (by their own governments) (but that might be a nice twist). I think the brainwashing stuff is either zombies or a co-op campaign that is seperate from the main story. (basically zombie campaign mode)
  11. legacy

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    Back when we got the merchandise clue and the bakersfield classified ads i researched why they used bakersfield for the post and got a couple interesting links: http://www.bakersfieldnow.com/news/national/92505144.html http://www.bakersfield.com/news/local/x1898643748/Oildales-secret-military-history
  12. legacy


    Mark that as junk (lol), this is starting to get annnoying, now that trolls are involved. Did you reply to the email Carbon?
  13. legacy


    How many days is gknova6 gonna stay like this? The PM needs to update this thing soon cause excitement is slowly fading.
  14. legacy


    uuuuuuuuuggghhhhhhh, shakes head. :facepalm:
  15. legacy


    Anyone from the UK, the Playstation Magazine UK is going to reveal Black Ops today also. after researching latest news, cvg says "New weapons include the Crossbow, which can be used for both stealthy kills and an explosive tip secondary fire shot, the M202 rocket launcher and an incendiary shotgun" At first I thought the dragonsbreath was not really a clue, but sounds like it was refering to the shotgun rounds.

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