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  1. The Face Behind The Avatar

    Since this site has gone through MANY changes over the past year, I figured I'd post a recent pic of myself. I am in my 30's and in this pic I was having a bad hair day and it was ticking me off Yes those are my new glasses for those who have seen my old pic...This is off my facebook page Can anyone find me? 8-) ;)
  2. The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    Someone would have to look at my past games and such. I am unable to play my xbox at the present time due to personal reasons. However if someone could be kind enough to check my WaW and Black Ops Zombies games, I am confident to know I am a Takeo group dweller. Again, I have no camera, no recording device of any sort. Please, could someone help out a fellow CoDZ member? Specially a Veteran? Thanks. My Xbox 360 GT = Ermac29.....IF a friends request is sent it will be to check my past games. I can accept any friends request sent on my computer for now. I am usually on my xbox around 12 midnight EST. Also, don't take it personal if you don't remain on my friends list. Though new friends would be nice. Just send me a message letting me know what you think to my GT over xbox. And if you wanna remain friends or not. I could use more Zombie friends Thanks in advance
  3. The Richtofen Shrine

    Cool pics. Now...How does one pick this up? I wanna have the stone :(
  4. Highest Round on Call Of The Dead?

    21 solo Call of the Dead...Lastnight in fact. Wish leaderboards saved solo runs. Oh well. My proudest moment yet. I almost had George killed as well. I found the LAW hurts him the fastest. Little tip I thought I'd through out there. As long as you get ammo drops, the LAW hurts him the most. Had his light going in and out. Literally going on and off. Sparking, with red flashes. Few more hits may have killed him I bet :(
  5. Next node step Must SEE\Update it works

    If only an official rep from Treyarch would give us a freaking clue here we could settle this debate once and for all. Unfortunately they won't tell us anything because they are too secretive that way. I say glitch. I fully believe getting the DMs is the end of the egg. Again, My opinion
  6. WANTED: A New CoDz Moderator

    I wouldn't mind helping out. I"m 30yrs old. I'm on the forum quite often I mainly read the forums and check what's happening. I'm very straightforward and can be very helpful where needed. However the decision is up to you of course. I may not have the Vet status but love to help out
  7. The Face Behind The Avatar

    My avatar is my pic..I try to hide nothing lol
  8. the hitlist of GKnova6

    The only thing I see that the "list" has in common is you're all the ones who have mainly solved the GKNova6.com site transmissions. They may "want" you because you know too much info and have figured out their coded messages that were not meant for us to know. That's my idea anyway.
  9. Transmission #4 Is Up On GKNOVA6!

    Excellent find! Just to illustrate what he said here's the picture Just wondering is that document JFK Jul 1961 even exist? If so, WOW! what a coincidence it can spells Treyarch. Amazing! I'm quite sure this document doesn't exist and was created by Treyarch Devs to look like it's real. All the documents are not real documents

    I just hope he is still missing his fingers that he lost during WW2. He was missing his Right Index & I think his Right Middle also
  11. Reveal Trailer Live-GKNova6 logo found

    Only question now is what does GK stand for????
  12. Request userbars for your signatures

    try, http://www.mygamercard.net/ Thanks Carbonfibah...Never knew about this...Let me know if it's too big and I'll go back to the site and select a different one
  13. Request userbars for your signatures

    This is for mainly Carbonfibah or a Moderator - I was wondering how I can include my Xbox gaertag info into my sig like callofduty.com has with their forum? I would like to share my xbox live info with people in my sig and because I see others with it as well.. Would love to have one myself and see it update whenever I play a new game or earn a new achievement. Thought I would add this here considering it made the most logical sense
  14. Do you still play?

    I still play WAW like it's the only game I have (although it's not). I can't stand MW2 most days I play it. I would love to play zombies with some of ya sometime - My gamertag is the same as my forum nickname - Ermac29 IF anyone does send me a friend request make to to include you saw me CODZ Forum

    I think the only task now is to figure out what GK is or stands for (not sure if done or not yet)..Either than that this new transmission is just some guy sitting in a chair watching the past Nova transmissions with a heart monitor beeping in the back ground with random machine/equipment noise as well. While he's/she's being watched.