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    Haha, readingthiswastesurtime.com/upyours. Nice, the Nuke symbol from MW2 was barely recognizable +1 [brains] for fooling people

    I think he'd crap his pants and his head would explode.
  3. Ascension?

    Hey guys, I'm sorry if there's already a thread on this, but I searched and didn't find anything: When you first put in the game, there is a cutscene of a woman who says the following: Ascension 7 15 1 2 19 7 25 6 13 6 7 15 14 0. What can these numbers possibly mean? And also, sometimes the cutscene pops up, sometimes it doesn't. ( P.S. I'm way behind on everything, I didn't get to play the game until 9:30 last night and I only played the first half of the first mission)
  4. WANTED: A New CoDz Moderator

    I'd like to apply. I'm on every day But Demon deserves it Maybe next time consider me? lol
  5. Surprize Attack is live!

    I pre-ordred from Best Buy too! Just follow my instructions in the OP to get a free code to participate.
  6. Surprize Attack is live!

    Sorry bout that bro, did a search and nothing came up, so my bad. Rep to you for posting it first.
  7. Surprize Attack is live!

    Hey guys! Just a little reminder: SURPRIZE ATTACK IS BACK! http://www.gamestop.com/gs/landing/surp ... rizes.aspx You can enter in for free ( if you didn't pre-order the game at Gamestop) - Just hit Online when it asks where you pre-ordered, and hit Lost/Need A Code to the right of the box Post whatever you won in here!! So far I won a free appetizer at T.G.I. Friday's. Of course, the TGI down here sucks, so But yeah, enter in whatever you won! They already gave away a nice watch, ATV, Speaker, XBOX Mad Catz Pack, and more. Stay Frosty.
  8. gknova0 - Henry Langham

    Just so you know, Slowing it down but keeping the same tempo is impossible. Just saying Aaannyyyywaaayyyyssss people use your heads. Josh Olin said to. Do you really think he'd say to use your heads if it was REAL? He'd probably just slyly evade the question.

    I feel like a weirdo, but I did that too lol Let's be honest for a sec, didnt we all? Lol I peed my pants, told my family members, screamed like a little girl UPDATE: Hey guys, while watching the New and Awesome GKNOVA6, look at the top left. There's a scientist up in a window, and later in the clip he starts becoming frantic, banging on the glass and stuff....... What's up with that?
  10. BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    Hey Guys! Just a heads up! @MTVMultiplayer tweeted today that they will have BO MP Footage at 1 PM Eastern Time! Here's The Tweet: First gameplay footage from Call of Duty Black Ops multiplayer coming at 1pm ET. Stay tuned! #callofduty #callofdutyblackops YOUR WELCOME UPDATE: h_fsM6LBi54
  11. New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    He's freaking out? .. Over a video game? After all the GKNOVA6 crap he got? ...LOL That damn near made me pee my pants :mrgreen:
  12. New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    Lol, nice one 935 ^^^^ err... SOG Sean I don't know why the Catcher In The Rye was in these packages.... It was a great book, but it was a kid running away, nearly being involved with a prostitute, and that's about it.... The book was kinda perverted..... I wonder why that's there, and only the first page?????
  13. Stimulus VS resurgence map packs

    Lol, what he said. I got Stimulus with a gift card, and I only like Salvage ( no I'm not a camper). I like the way they RE-DID the COD4 maps, but they're same old same old. Resurgence pure out sucked. Carnival wasn't all it was cracked up to be, sucky COD4 maps, waste of money
  14. Favorite CoDz Experience

    OMG, do you really not remember the movie 300?????? Yeah, I loved when this site first popped up. Listening to all the funny stuff the guys said ( Speedy SOBS lol) and theorizing every little thing in each map pack was the best ....... If you wanna talk WORST moments, Carbon going to 1st2Play and not bringing us along
  15. The Face Behind The Avatar

    Lol, minus, you BALD! qQ8g88jUGZg