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  1. Sam

    Catwalk Glitch

    Remember the glitch on asylum, you could jump into the wall on the first floor and then put a rubber band on your trigger with the flamethrower and then goto bed and it would just go on and on...
  2. Sam


    IW, doesn't even have most of their key talent that the other games were made with, so it just won't be the same no matter what. The 2 bosses that ran the show are gone, thats change enough, let alone the rest that left with them.
  3. Sam


    ok, my take on what is on the screen, if I had to take a guess, if you think about all the times you have played COD, in 1st person fashion, they look like some normal hands, poss. bloody or wrapped in bandages, sitting (or strapped) to a chair, w/ your arms sitting on the arm rests, (leaning back in my pc chair, I get similar effects) then I think of the trailer, with the mad doctor talking throughout to who ever is strapped in to, maybe that chair? :shock: Also, everything is about promoting Cod:BO, not the zombie mode, new, transmissions, interviews w/ trey in the news, Cod:Bo on the cover of OXM, ect. They have tons of content, new and untouched content, that spans post wwII to present day, and it was all full of conspiracies, so they will have no problem introducing zombies, and tying it into the story line at all. Just not before pushing the main game. (in response to "zomfg zombie hands", or to "this is for a zombie game!" post) ;)
  4. Sam


    also, the login may be for future update.
  5. Sam


    yes, it is the nova site backdrop, just with that big light on the ceiling off. If you save the pic to you pc, then open it up and resize the window and then put it in front of the nova site, you will see it is equipment that is right in the middle, just the dial is not on the jpeg (prob because its a flash site) the monitor, the box on top, and the one to the left w/ knobs, all the same from the pic. Bet a pw would light up the site though.
  6. Sam


    did anyone try to get any images from the swf when it was the other, older style tv? before it was changed?
  7. Sam


    hopefully area 51 is involved, like mentioned in the radio transmissions from the game. maybe thats how they can justify a rebirth of zombies on u.s. soil a few years later

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