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    The Shin Megami Tensei Persona Series

    That's the beauty of the persona series (aside from the P2 duology that is), they are all completely independent of each other. So don't worry about having not played that much of P4, you'll be able to get into P5 easily. Plus its theme is freeing yourself from societal restraints. So that should be interesting!
  2. Deadshock

    The Shin Megami Tensei Persona Series

    Well I'm sure in the two years since this thread died a new Persona thread most likely has popped up (If so I apologize for the bump). But if not, with the thread Resurrection of the century (and likely my last post on the forum) I present "THE SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI PERSONA SERIES" thread! Throughout my looking around the other threads, I've seen more Persona fans than there were when this thread had its heyday. So come on in and talk about the new Persona 5 news, the upcoming Persona Q, or the next Persona Arena if that's your thing! Or you can read through about how me, Blamco, and Killallzombies were a bunch of nerds two years ago! Anybody hyped for the above mentioned titles?
  3. Deadshock

    The Shin Megami Tensei Persona Series

    Hopefully the one-hit KO move will will only be available under VERY strict conditions, otherwise I'm going to be even more screwed haha Anyway have you seen this???? Its the opening for P4:G 7H5pYCw4ET4 DEAR GOD WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO P4!?!?!?! Its like a super happy fun time LSD trip with dancing teenagers and dead bodies!!! Seriously, what the hell meguro? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US!!!! Thank god I'm not getting this game. I mean I thought the skiing trip was okay but the mopeds killed it for me. and this opening was really a deal breaker.. :x Thoughts Blamco? Other than that though the new battle themes okay.... I guess it sounds like it should be the opening to me: YKeXjZbqtOw
  4. Deadshock

    The Shin Megami Tensei Persona Series

    I checked out the site, pretty awesome for us Persona fans! but my forum activity (on all forums not just this one) is seriously starting to decline so I don't think I'll make an account in case I don't end up using it. But I just wanted to come back on here let you know I'm still kicking as well as complain a little with you share some info, and make sure your still up for my Yu/Chie/Elizabeth beating the crap out of who ever your going to use in P4:A! (Not really you'll probably win since I'm only a beginner at fighting games :oops: ) So my news is this: 1. The second part of the P2 duology, Eternal Punishment, is getting ported to the PSP! I'm pumped because I just recently beat the final boss on P2:IS over spring break and wanted to play the next part but didn't want to emulate. 2. Persona 4: Arena is being released in the US on August 7. AWESOME 3. In slightly funny news Sentai confirmed that the original english voice cast for the the P4 anime is returning! The only problem... NONE OF THE VOICE ACTORS SEEMED TO HAVE BEEN TOLD! Yep Sentai did a press release assuring fans of something, WITHOUT EVEN MAKING SURE THE VA'S WERE AVAILABLE. Way to handle that one guys Finally I'd like to post a little rant here about one of the new characters confirmed for P4:A... Shadow Labrys. Okay so I approve of Elizabeth being added and I definatly approve of regular Labrys being added (its good they threw in an original character to spice things up) but they had to use the last character slot for... A DARK VERSION OF ANOTHER CHARACTER!?!?! Now I haven't seen any gameplay so I don't know if they're different play-style wise but I mean why would they do that? Why couldn't they have used that last character slot for someone like Adachi? I mean even the fox from the hermit social link would be better! or maybe someone from P3? *Cough MINATO Cough* Actually screw that bring in someone from P1 or P2! Like Tatsuya or Maya. Or Nate or The P1 MC? Thats a little overboard but what do you think of them adding a character thats pretty much identical to one they already have in the roster? Do you think that slot should have gone to someone else?
  5. Deadshock

    The Shin Megami Tensei Persona Series

    Of course We'll be destroying each other over xbox live! Your probably one of the only people I know who is going to get it! (Other than one friend whose into Persona but I don't know if he's going to shell out the cash) I'll PM you the my GT. So now the question is who are you going to use as your starter fighter? I'm probably start off with Yu/Souji/MC since he seems like a balanced character thats good for less experienced players (I'm not the best at fighters as I've said). I also might take a look into Chie and Kanji but I'd like to get one character that I'm good with rather than being not so skilled with a bunch, ya know?
  6. Deadshock

    The Shin Megami Tensei Persona Series

    Lets be honest Blamco I'm pretty sure I've spoiled the crap out of P1-P4 in this thread Most developed character? To be honest, Every character develops so much throughout the series its too difficult for me to pick just one. I like Junepi's development from slacking jokester to calm, collected mature dude that's seen the P3FES "The Answer" though. In other news... Atlus finally confirmed that the Persona 4 Fighter is coming to the US over the summer! I'm not the best at fighter games but I enjoy them to some extent and will probably pick it up if not only for the fact its more Persona haha. You thinking about picking it up Blamco?
  7. Deadshock

    The Shin Megami Tensei Persona Series

    Come on Blamco! You know just as well as I do that asking if the SMT/Persona series has anymore strange characters is almost as absurd as asking if zombies enjoy human brains! No but I understand where your coming from... I assume you are asking if there are anymore "not-exactly human" characters in the series... Well in Persona You've got: Koromaru (P3)- He's a dog... Not exactly human. and well I thought throwing in a dog in a Persona game was a strange idea... I mean I'm surprised PETA didn't try and throwdown with ATLUS after that one. I mean you are taking a some-what defenseless animal into mortal combat with you night after night and are forcing him to kill manifestations of humanity's darknesss... SOMEONE GET THAT ANIMAL SOME THERAPY!!!!!!!! Igor and the Velvet Room Attendents (P1-P4)- With igors nose and the attendents in ability to age I don't exactly consider them normal but ATLUS never revealed any backstory so... Philemon (P1-P3)- The dude's a butterfly/spirit guide/god thing who lives inside your subconscious... not exactly normal. I'm not even going to try and get into the SMT universe since no one and I mean NO ONE in that series is not abnormal in one way or another. My turn for a question... Who was your least favorite character in P3? I can honestly say that its tie between Ken/all of Strega/and akihiko. Ken was a whiny little kid who got one of the most badass characters in the game (Shinji) killed. Strega... Oh dear god where to begin with these tools. Chidori is a emo gothic lolita who exists for no reason other than to further the plot by falling for Junepi (seriously one second she can't stand him the next they're soulmates.... Really?) Jin is just a cocky arrogant loser who I hated the second I saw him. and finally Takaya is a tattooed Jesus wannabe with a revolver, who is also a arrogant asshole just like Jin. Then theres Akihiko. Lets face it his only goal in life is to do what? TRAIN... Example 1: "Yo akihiko want to go to Tartarus tonight?" "Yeah sure Minato I've got to TRAIN my TRAINING ability to achieve even greater stamina so I can TRAIN to TRAIN even more!" Example 2: "so Akihiko why do you want to fight Nyx?" "Because if the world ends I wouldn't be able to TRAIN anymore! So that means we got to TRAIN to fight Nyx!" Seriously Atlus? You couldn't have given him even a tiny bit more character? Granted I exagerated a bit but... You know its true man!
  8. Deadshock

    The Shin Megami Tensei Persona Series

    Haha Persona 3 comics by Hiimdaisy ftw That aside, you COULD try and fight your way through all of P1, but if you don't negotiate, you don't get skill cards. No skill cards= No new personas. Good luck trying to beat the whole game with the ones you get at the beginning (Spoiler their useless after level 14). Luckily there is a guide for demon negotiation that I just found recently! You can see it here: http://persona1.wikidot.com/demon As for P2, I'll be honest with the difficulty level of that game, your gonna need the grind. So I guess the high encounter rate is Atlus's way of trying to keep you a float... It still sucks though :roll: And there is an item that allows you to lower the encounter rate for a brief amount of time, but those are rare (For example I'm in the endgame of the P2 and I only have like 2 of said items... and I've had those since the middle of the game sooo...) Question! What kind of story or theme do you want in P5? Darker with hints of humor like P2 and P3 or Light hearted with a dark background like P4? Personally, I'm hoping they'll find a balance but... for some reason darker games like P2 and P3 attract me, so I'm hoping that they'll return to that. Not that there was anything wrong with P4's story/theme though! It's just a little to goofy at parts and the dark moments are consistently ruined by Teddie saying something stupid or Yosuke acting like a pervert or Yukiko having a laughing fit or...... it goes on.
  9. Deadshock

    CoDz Word Association Game

  10. Deadshock

    The Shin Megami Tensei Persona Series

    The things that frustrate me most from a gameplay perspective huh? Persona 1: Impossible Demon Negotiation. As I've said before the lack of social links in P1 and P2 was made up for in a common SMT gimmick of the time (its actually still used in mainstream SMT like Nocturne) which involved having each of the characters in your party having a unique set of speech options that they could use to try and appeal to a demon rather than fight it. The goal was to get the demons to like you and hand over their skill cards which you could take to the velvet room to have igor create more personas. Sounds somewhat simiple right? WRONG. The negotiation in P1 is nearly impossible, with speech tatics you think would match the demon's personality not working as well as being screwed out of skill cards if ONE member of your party was even ONE level lower than than the demon. Needless to say it still frustrates me. Persona 2: The extremely high random encounter rate. P2 was like pokemon. You walk around a dungeon and randomly run into enemies to fight. Unforunatly, the encounter rate in P2 was WAY HIGHER than in pokemon. I mean holy shit, it gets to the point where you can't take 5 F*CKING STEPS WITHOUT RUNNING INTO A ENEMY! This makes the dungeons A LOT longer than they should be and is probably the biggest annoyance I have with any of the Persona games. Persona 3: Tartarus was boring. You remember our earlier conversation in this thread back when I was still trying to beat P3 for the first time and I kept complaining about Tartarus? Yep, thats my biggest annoyances with P3. It's just floor after floor of the same thing... Bored me but I toughed it out. Persona 4: For P4 its a tie between the MC not being able to use every single weapon in the game like in P3 as well as the fact that if the MC dies the whole party dies. How many continues did I have to waste if an enemy got lucky with a critical or random death/light and 1 hit KO'd my MC? Other than that not too much else.
  11. Deadshock

    CoDz Musical Madness!!!!!

    So the plan is for each user to sing a small part of the song right? And posting our bit on youtube is good as well? I'd really like to see this take-off and actually happen unlike some of the stuff we talk about really excited like and then forget or get lazy :)
  12. Deadshock

    CoDz Musical Madness!!!!!

    Reminds me of the time me and faust tried to get a Gknova podcast going... Hopefully this will work out better! Don't Stop Believing for sure is my vote, lets face it everyones sung it at least once when they were either: 1. Drunk 2. In the shower 3. Karaoke with friends 4. Some other event I personally think that its the ultimate song to sing... Not to menation we can all have fun laughing at each other afterwards :lol:
  13. Deadshock

    The Shin Megami Tensei Persona Series

    Alright so in an effort to revitalize my pride and joy thread, I figured I'd try something a little different. Over the holidays, I was able to get my old PS2 working again and to my suprise found a New Game + save file on P4 just waiting to be played. So! Heres what I'm going to do... I've always wanted to tell people about my continued progress in P4 as well as my thoughts on things (Can't really do that with my friends because they think Persona is some lame book you had to read in highschool). I'm going to start posting some stats and info from my on going NG+ playthrough of P4 in this thread and you guys (and by guys I mean Blamco and Killall) can post your thoughts on whats going on, Persona/gameplay suggestions, as well as questions and anything you want really. BTW in a newsbreak, i just thought I'd interrupt and say that the Atlus Persona team is going to be announcing and I quote, "the game everyone's been waiting for!" some time within the month so keep an eye on that... Back to the Playthrough as of 1/4/12: MC Name: Hayate Narukami Lv. 25 Primary Persona: Ara Mitama Back-up Persona: Jack Frost Social links stats (Courage, Understanding, etc.): All maxed out! (God how I love NG+!) Party: Yosuke Hanamura Lv. 25 Persona: Starter Chie Satonaka Lv. 24 Persona: Starter Yuki Amagi Lv. 24 Persona: Starter Events: Okay so I started playing right before Rise's dungeon so to surmise what happened: 1. Unlocked Rise's Dungeon for exploration 2. Beat the optional boss in Kanji's BAD BAD BATHOUSE 3. Did some social links obviously (I'm typing this off the top of my head now but in the future I'll try to elaborate on which ones I'm doing) 4. Got to Floor 4 in Rise's Dungeon 5. Learned how to fish (How the hell did I miss this in my first playthrough!?!?!?) Well thats all for now. If I have time to play today I might post more later. BTW Blamco I'd be really INTERESTED in hearing about your P2:IS playthrough if you got it yet. Love that game so much, despite its annoying parts.
  14. Deadshock

    Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    Have you seen the sewers? There crawling with those... things. But theres was also something else.. something more dangerous, more cunning. It seemed like it had.. a mind of its own. *Shakes head* Damn it! I can't remember what it was. It feels like someone reached inside my head and knocked everything around! Anyway, So yeah man, we need all the help we can get if we are going to pull Blamco's ass out of their alive! BY THE WAY I STILL NEED A WEAPON HERE GUYS! UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO TRY AND DO THIS CHUCK NORRIS STYLE?
  15. Deadshock

    The Shin Megami Tensei Persona Series

    Well unless you can read Japanese and Feel like importing (not me lol), the only english titles for the PSP are... Persona 1, Persona 2: Innocent Sin, and Persona 3 Portable. Now you've already beaten Persona 3 so unless you feel like playing through the same story AGAIN with slightly different social links and a female perspective don't buy P3P. I'd start off with Persona 2 since its closer to P3 and P4 in terms of gameplay (although there is no social links and the dungeons resemble those of P1). Its a good way to "ease" you into some of the earlier entries into the series. Price is probably around $30-$40. Then if you finish P2 and are interested in seeing what the supporting cast is like as highschoolers and what their story is. You can pick up P1 for around $15. So my suggestion is pick up P2:IS first, then move onto P1. Theres no spoilers for P1 in P2:IS (Although I'm sure I've already spoiled the crap out of it), so its a good experience for all. PS congrats on picking up an PSP man!

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